Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Profiles in courage

Here, we present a list of the Profiles in Courage series written by our friend Joan Collins. Joan started writing her articles a few months ago because she wanted to document the human aspect of the lacrosse case and the toll it has taken on so many individuals. In all cases, her profiles reflect the courage shown by individuals against adversity and against all odds. We thank Joan for taking the time to write these wonderful profiles and hope to see more of them.

List of Profiles in Courage

1. David Evans, August 22, 2006

2. Kerstin Kimel, September 9, 2006

3. Moezeldin Elmostafa, October 2, 2006

4. James E. Coleman, Jr., October 18, 2006

5. Beth Brewer, October 23, 2006

6. My Meeting With The Finnertys, November 14, 2006

7. The Other Duke Lacrosse Moms, January 22, 2007

8. A Conversation with Susan Pressler, April 23, 2007

9. Faith and the Duke Lacrosse Case, July 17, 2007

You may read more about the former Duke lacrosse defendants here:

David Evans

Collin Finnerty

Reade Seligmann

Below are other selected essays. To read all of the letters sent to us, visit Letters 1, Letters 2, and Letters 3.

1. Views from lacrosse parents, Sally J. Fogarty, October 4, 2006

2. Views from lacrosse parents, George K. Jennison, October 4, 2006

3. Lacrosse lessons, Boyd Eaton, October 4, 2006

4. Lacrosse lessons, Alan D. Davies, October 4, 2006

5. Scapegoating, KC Johnson, August 4, 2006