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Links to media 4 - Full

July 2008
SEALS Panel July 31, KC Johnson
Nifong "Contributes" To Obama July 27, KC Johnson
Giuliani's son takes a swing at Duke July 25, Herald Sun
Giuliani's son sues Duke, golf coach July 25, Newsobserver
A new Duke suit but July 24, John in Carolina
Andrew Giuliani files lawsuit against Duke July 24, Newsday
China's sovereign-wealth fund manager becomes Duke trustee July 22, Triangle Business Journal
Justice grinds on ... and on July 22, Newsobserver
Duke names board member, observers July 22, Herald Sun
Duke-Durham defendant Linwood Wilson & attorney representation July 21, John in Carolina
Tone & Substance July 21, KC Johnson
More from the Rev. Barber July 19, KC Johnson
Lax suit sanctions hearing transcript and order July 18, John in Carolina
Sanctions hearing transcript and order July 17,
The Rev. Barber July 16, KC Johnson
Why’d McClatchy’s N&O change its ID policy for Crystal Mangum? July 16, John in Carolina
Duke lacrosse cabbie files suit July 16, Herald Sun
Duke Endowment grants $60M to university July 16, Herald Sun
N&O's “lacrosse scandal” spares Steel, others, & itself July 15, John in Carolina
Duke’s attorney Gorelick's ties to Fannie Mae and more July 15, John in Carolina
More about the Addison Motion clanger comments: my responses July 14, John in Carolina
A DIW Contest July 14, KC Johnson
Do the Duke/Durham suits have a chance? July 12, John in Carolina
Ex-prosecutor on the Addison clanger July 11, John in Carolina
The Chronicle’s Ekstrand story: my comment July 10, John in Carolina
Steel to Wachovia July 10, KC Johnson
Steel to remain chair of trustees July 9, The Chronicle
Carson's proposal to establish scholarship becomes a reality July 9, Herald Sun
The Chronicle, July 8
  • Students turn to Ekstrand, law alum, for defense and council
  • Beyond these stone walls
  • Getting the most out of Duke
    More about the Addison Motion clanger July 8, John in Carolina
    Carson suspects get new charges July 8, Newsobserver
    A clanger in the Addison Motion to Dismiss July 7, John in Carolina
    The Lying Game July 7, KC Johnson
    More felony charges expected July 6, Newsobserver
    Duke lawyers: City police had inquiry authority July 6, Herald Sun
    A nice Duke lacrosse story July 5, John in Carolina
    Defendants file responses in McFadyen et al v. Duke University et al July 4, Liestoppers
    Vengeance should not rule the day July 2, Herald Sun
    Only in Durham July 1, KC Johnson
    Lawyers seek evidence exchange in lacrosse case July 1, Herald Sun
    Details of Eve Carson's autopsy revealed July 1, Herald Sun

    June 2008
    The Perkinson Files June 30, KC Johnson
    Report says Carson shot at least 5 times June 30, Herald Sun
    Carson killed with shotgun; more charges possible June 30, WRAL
    Records opened in Carson slaying June 28, Herald Sun
    Warrant: Carson taken from home June 28, Newsobserver
    A Gorelick Essay June 23, KC Johnson
    N&O's Duke Hoax photojournalism exposed June 20, John in Carolina
    At the N&O: job cuts; then a scolding June 19, John in Carolina
    Ross, Meyer to return, Greer undecided June 19, The Chronicle
    Duke, Durham Seek Discovery Delay June 18, John in Carolina
    Deferring Discovery June 18, KC Johnson
    Duke, Durham respond to motion for mandatory discovery conference June 17,
    At the Raleigh N&O – pablum, anger, silence June 17, John in Carolina
    McClatchy cuts 1400 jobs. N&O axes 70 June 16, John in Carolina
    Jack comments again on Duke. I respond June 16, John in Carolina
    Journalistic Hit-Jobs June 16, KC Johnson
    Five people rob, assault Duke student June 14, WRAL
    News from “inside” the Raleigh N&O June 13, John in Carolina
    HBO to Unveil 'Truth' About Duke Lacrosse Scandal June 13, The Earth Times
    Trinity sees changes to top brass June 12, The Chronicle
    Items in the News June 11, KC Johnson
    Duke professor gets dean's spot June 10, Herald Sun
    Lee Baker Named Dean of Academic Affairs of Trinity College June 9, Duke News
    Kristin Butler among “The best and brightest student journalists” June 9, Uwire
    The Butler Column and Its Response June 9, KC Johnson
    Legal bills climbing for Durham June 7, Newsobserver
    Twinge of regret at City Hall June 7, Newsobserver
    Eugene Brown, Voice of Reason June 6, KC Johnson
    UNC not commenting on Lawson's arrest June 6, WRAL
    Ty Lawson charged with drinking, driving June 6, Newsobserver
    Nifong appeals latest ruling June 6, Newsobserver
    Nifong's Guitar June 5, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, June 5
  • Duke, others ask for suit dismissal
  • White named 7th athletic director
  • Kennedy operation a success
  • Duke to accept 200 students from waitlist
    Duke’s Suffocation of Due Process June 4, John in Carolina
    Bonfield is new city manager June 4, Herald Sun
    N.C. murder rate up 8.5 percent in 2007 June 4, Newsobserver
    Durham announces new city manager June 3, WRAL
    Duke’s "Barcelona defense" June 3, John in Carolina
    Attorney general says murder rate is up June 3, Newsobserver
    Duke’s Slow Suffocation of Due Process June 2, The Torch
    Players' motion for mandatory discovery June 2, John in Carolina
    Kennedy completes successful surgery June 2, The Chronicle
    Players file motion for mandatory discovery conference June 2,
    Bonfield to be named Durham city manager June 2, Newsobserver
    Reflections on the Motions to Dismiss June 2, KC Johnson
    Sen. Kennedy at Duke to undergo brain tumor surgery June 2, WRAL
    Duke installs campus emergency siren system June 2, Newsobserver
    The Other Briefs June 1, KC Johnson

    May 2008
    White introduced as director of athletics May 31, The Chronicle
    Tim Tyson & Hunt case comments: my responses May 31, John in Carolina
    Creative Writing 101 May 31, KC Johnson
    White may be Duke's new AD May 31, Newsobserver
    Dismiss lacrosse suit, Duke asks May 31, Newsobserver
    Lawyers file motions to have lacrosse suits dismissed May 31, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, May 30
  • Durham Police sex sting
  • Duke defendants file motions to dismiss
    Duke, others seek dismissal of lacrosse lawsuit May 30, Newsobsever
    Duke seeks dismissal of unindicted lacrosse players' lawsuit May 30, WRAL
    More on Tim Tyson's charges and the Hunt case May 29, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, May 29
  • Civil court can hear lax suit
  • Obeying the golden rule
  • Grateful for degree
  • Heal, don’t hamper
  • Value of “Looney” unclear
  • Blue Devils held by Hopkins
  • Off campus frat accused of hazing
    Why was Sowell right when so many at Duke were wrong? May 28, John in Carolina
    Claims against Nifong to be heard in civil court May 28, Newsobserver
    Duke grad raps NCCU; furor erupts May 28, Newsobserver
    ALERT: Judge rules Nifong can be sued May 27, John in Carolina
    Tim Tyson’s Hunt charges look bogus May 27, John in Carolina
    Judge's ruling in Nifong bankruptcy case May 27, WRAL
    Lawsuit against Nifong can proceed, judge rules May 27, WRAL
    Ex-lacrosse players can pursue lawsuit against Nifong May 27, Newsobserver
    Tyson Reinvents Some More May 27, KC Johnson
    Great news: Butler’s back; Rickards joins her May 26, John in Carolina
    Put a hold on Tim Tyson’s Hunt charges May 26, John in Carolina
    Danowski Named National Player Of The Year By The USILA May 26,
    Duke Lacrosse Legacy Lives On Despite Loss May 26, New York Post
    More concerning the N&O's Tim Tyson profile May 25, John in Carolina
    Duke lacrosse denied title shot May 25, Newsobserver
    John's Hopkins eliminates Duke in NCAA semifinals May 25, Herald Sun
    Judicial hopefuls tied to lacrosse case May 25, Herald Sun
    Duke’s dreams crushed by Penn in overtime May 24, The Chronicle
    Tyson Reinvents History May 24, KC Johnson
    Johns Hopkins, Syracuse advance to NCAA lacrosse finals May 24, AP
    Duke's focus is on lacrosse May 24, Newsobserver
    Devils vie for NCAA title berth May 24, Herald Sun
    Police investigate Duke hazing accusation May 23, WRAL
    Duke Falls In Overtime To Penn In National Semifinals, 9-8 May 23,
    No. 1 Duke Prepares For NCAA Semifinal Tilt With Johns Hopkins May 23,
    UWIRE honors Chronicle's Kristin Butler May 23, John in Carolina
    Stick-to-itiveness May 23, The Boston Globe
    Roth: Two More Title Shots May 22,
    N&O withheld Lax cooperation news; pushed “silence” lie May 22, John in Carolina
    Can Duke Be Denied? May 22, Lacrosse Magazine
    Taking back what was lost May 22, The Philadelphia Inquirer
    Duke lax players return for one more crack at NCAA title May 22, USA Today
    Lovette held, freed repeatedly May 22, Newsobserver
    Officer erred in charging Lovette May 22, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, May 22
  • Blue Devils Beantown-bound
  • Blue Devils advance to Final Four with 2nd strtaight upset
  • LSRC accident prompts inquiries
  • DA may unseal serach warrant
    Blue Devils aim for their elusive goal May 21, Herald Sun
    After Scandal, Duke Lacrosse Makes a Comeback May 21, NPR
    Moneta: “Not Really a Topic I’m Interested in Talking About” May 20, KC Johnson
    Greer leads Duke to Final Four May 20, The Chronicle
    Duke’s Lax Cancellation: What Safety Concerns? (Post 3) May 19, John in Carolina
    What about the Raleigh N&O’s Duke Lax framing? May 18, John in Carolina
    Blue Devils advance to lacrosse final four May 18, WRAL
    Duke Advances To National Semifinals With 21-10 Win Over Ohio State May 18,
    Employee's family hires attorney May 18, The Chronicle
    Lacrosse Teams Form Bonds in Durham May 18, New York Times
    Duke's defense stops UM women May 18, Baltimore Sun
    Maryland Women Upset in NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals May 18, DC Sports Box
    Duke Lax '06 Cancellation: What Safety Concerns? (Post 2) May 16, John in Carolina
    Canada's Greer brings box-game tightness to open-field lacrosse May 17, Sports Illustrated
    Preview of Duke vs. Ohio State Quarterfinal May 17, LaxPower
    The Mar. ’06 Duke trustees’ conference call May 16, John in Carolina
    Starting all over again May 16, Washington Times
    Pressler in a class by himself May 16, Washington Times
    Duke's Lax '06 Cancellation: What Safety Concerns? May 15, John in Carolina
    Employee dies in LSRC explosion May 14, The Chronicle
    Column: Summa cum loony May 14, The Chronicle
    Column: Williams: Finding gratefulness May 14, The University of Maryland Diamondback
    Column: Sensationalist media cheapen journalism May 14, Washington Times
    87-year-old Marco resident returns to Akron University May 14, Marco Eagle
    Houston Baker & "black intellectuals" May 13, John in Carolina
    Seeking a Wrap-up With Editor Graham May 13, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse civil suit ready for review May 13, Herald Sun
    Press Release: Can Legal Profession Prevent Lawyer Misconduct? Professional Responsibility Conference Explores the Challenge May 12, American Bar Association
    Blue Devils women pass lacrosse road test May 12, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, May 12
  • Duke’s Graduation: a few comments
  • Finnerty’s return to Duke: more than a game
  • NY Times spins Duke Lax eligibility
    Big day for Duke lacrosse May 11, Newsobserver
    Finnerty returns, Duke lacrosse advances in NCAA tournament May 11, Newsobserver
    Blue Devils find gear in lacrosse May 11, Burlington Times News
    Former Duke player finds comfort in defeat May 11, Burlington Times News
    Top-ranked Duke ends Loyola's season May 11, Baltimore Sun
    Newsobserver, May 10
  • Devils prolific in finding net
  • Duke lacrosse players making one more title run
  • Committee power helps slate to near sweep
    Duke takes aim at title as lax tourney begins May 10, Herald Sun
    Loyola Greyhounds look to bedevil Duke May 10, Baltimore Examiner
    Duke stands out in a crowd May 10, Boston Globe
    John Danowski helps bring Duke lacrosse back May 10, New York Newsday
    For Duke, Extra Year of Players’ Eligibility Makes a Difference May 10, New York Times
    Duke lacrosse team writing another chapter May 9, Washington Times
    Finnerty moves on at Loyola May 8, Washington Times
    John in Carolina, May 8
  • Responding to Send U.S. Justice Department to NC comments
  • Law prof to certain Duke faculty: "stop digging"
  • What did Tracey Cline know and do when?
    North Carolina!! What did she know? and if nothing, why didn’t she ask? May 8, Fox News
    Devils recall championship loss, yearn for lacrosse title May 8, WRAL
    Lost in the Groves of Academia May 8, American Thinker
    Send the U.S. Justice Department to North Carolina May 7, John in Carolina
    Cline set to become next Durham DA May 7, Newsobserver
    Durham likely taps first black, female DA May 7, Herald Sun
    ADA Tracey Cline's well known problems May 6, John in Carolina
    Chronicle’s Allison emails; I respond May 6, John in Carolina
    Durham District Attorney Election May 6, FODU by Jason Trumpbour
    Mike Szostak’s College Notes: They’re Bulldogs under Pressler in men’s lacrosse May 6, Providence Journal
    Duke Earns Top Seed In NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament
    May 5,
    Duke's Greer nets NCAA goals record May 5, Newsobserver
    Dallas County district attorney wants unethical prosecutors punished May 4, Dallas Morning News
    NCCU begins the wave of graduates May 4, Newsobserver
    The Ron Paul Revolution rolls into Durham May 3, Herald Sun
    State backs DA in De Anza rape case May 3,
    Duke AD search taking shape May 2, WRAL
    Attorney James Cooney addresses Duke University lacrosse rape case before Palm Beach County Bar Association May 2,
    A Well-Deserved Award May 2, KC Johnson
    Probation revoked for suspect in Carson case May 2, Newsobserver
    Kristin Butler Wins National Award May 1, John in Carolina
    2 opponents say Cline's lacrosse case role significant May 1, Herald Sun
    Duke honors 28 professors May 1, Herald Sun

    April 2008
    DA candidates want to restore Durham's trust Apr 30, Herald Sun
    Lawyer argues for open records Apr 29, Herald Sun
    Search for city manager down to 3 Apr 29, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, Apr 29
  • Commenter supports Chronicle’s outing; I respond
  • Editor Graham's first column; my response
    Dawkins takes helm for the Cardinal Apr 29, Herald Sun
    Stanford position excites Dawkins Apr 29, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Apr 28
  • Lax players amend suit against university
  • Blue Devils hold on for title
  • Dawkins goes West to Stanford
  • Student charged with DWI
  • Men find unique role in Women’s Studies
    Loftus Guides Duke To 11-9 ACC Championship Win Over Virginia Apr 27,
    Dawkins leaves Duke for Stanford Apr 27, Herald Sun
    Dawkins headed to Stanford Apr 27, Newsobserver
    Duke’s Chronicle Outs JinC Apr 27, John in Carolina
    More On Dawkins To Stanford Apr 27, DBR
    DA candidate Cline's Duke lacrosse "explanations" (Post 1) Apr 26, John in Carolina
    Blue Devils Aim For ACC Championship Against Virginia Apr 26,
    Deadline moved for federal lacrosse suit Apr 26, Herald Sun
    Primary to decide next Durham district attorney Apr 26, Newsobserver
    Durham DA Indy Endorsement: be wary Apr 25, John in Carolina
    LSU sports contracts approved Apr 25,
    Responding to "Reharmonizer" Apr 24, KC Johnson
    Bankruptcy judge delays Nifong ruling Apr 24, Newsobserver
    Duke's hoax-believers & "Sokal's hoax" Apr 24, John in Carolina
    Duke faculty hoax-believers are rewriting their history Apr 23, John in Carolina
    Follow up on Duke's Motion and Two Other Items Apr 23, FODU by Jason Trumpbour
    A Lubiano "Publication" Apr 23, KC Johnson
    Former police officer focus of lacrosse lawsuit Apr 23, Herald Sun
    Amended lacrosse suit harsher on Duke trustee Apr 23, Herald Sun
    Candidates distance selves from scandal Apr 23, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Apr 23
  • DUPD attrition may be higher
  • In Allen, a promising road ahead
  • Four vie for Nifong’s old post
    Butler's last Chronicle column: Comments April 22, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Apr 22
  • Charges affect grad prospects
  • Goodbye, farewell and amen by Kristin Butler
  • Bursting the bubble
    DNA evidence: the ideologues “enemy” Apr 21, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Apr 21
  • Read rules for Duke lawsuit motion by Jason Trumpbour
  • Brodhead names search committee
  • Duke survives stern test from Black Knights
    Duke: Why the DNA Mattered Apr 21, William L. Anderson
    If Nifong's not involved before Mar. 26, then what? Apr 20, John in Carolina
    No. 2 Duke Defeats No. 8 Army, 10-6, At Lacrosse Day of Champions Apr 19,
    Duke blames extremists for attacks Apr 19, Herald Sun
    3 Duke Players Amended Complaint (pdf file) Apr 18, Ekstrand Law Offices
    John in Carolina, Apr 18
  • Chronicle’s DUPD edit & citizen journalism
  • Burness confirmed as defendant in Pressler suit
    Duke Trio Named Tewaaraton Trophy Nominees Apr 17,
    John in Carolina, Apr 17
  • Chronicle edit shows poor judgment
  • President Brodhead’s “Marley problem”
    Chinese Student in U.S. Is Caught in Confrontation Apr 17, The New York Times
    Ex-Duke coach's suit gets go-ahead Apr 17, Herald Sun
    Ruling clears way for Pressler lawsuit Apr 17, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Apr 17
  • Courts allow Pressler to bypass arbitration
  • Brodhead responds to threats on student
  • Officers worry losses endanger security
    Slander Lawsuit Against Duke Can Go to Court Apr 16, WRAL
    Former Duke lacrosse coach will get his day in court Apr 16, Newsobserver
    Judge says Pressler not bound to arbitration Apr 16, Herald Sun
    Distressed Students Find Comfort and Safety on a Confessional Web Site Apr 16, The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Duke, city lose bid for sanctions in lacrosse case suit Apr 16, Herald Sun
    Ruling favors Duke players Apr 16, Newsobserver
    Judge keeps site online Apr 16,
    The Chronicle, Apr 16
  • Judge denies Duke, Durham motions
  • Student’s home in China vandalized
  • Douglas cherishes role as assistant coach
    Court Rules Against Duke Apr 15, John in Carolina
    Judge rejects requests from Duke, Durham in lacrosse suit Apr 15, Newsobserver
    See It To Believe It Apr 15, KC Johnson
    Court rules on motion Apr 15,
    Judge denies Duke, Durham motion to silence lacrosse lawyers Apr 15, Herald Sun
    Judge refuses to shut down Duke lacrosse case Web site Apr 15,
    Duke Lawyers Want Web Site Shut Down Apr 15, WRAL
    Hearing set today on lacrosse lawsuit Apr 15, Herald Sun
    A welcome transformation Apr 15, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Apr 15
  • Erase racism, take 3
  • DUPD plagued by attrition
  • Alleva’s tenure saw Duke’s bets and worst
    Editing the N&O’s Mar. 25 framing story (Post 1) Apr 14, John in Carolina
    Party houses no more Apr 14, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Apr 14
  • City attorneys argue for ethics rule in lax suit
  • Blue Devils use 10-0 spurt to foil Cavaliers
  • Prez speaks to alums on aid, projects
    No. 2 Duke Clinches ACC Regular Season With 19-9 Win Over No. 3 Virginia Apr 12,
    No. 1 Duke runs away from No. 2 Virginia, 19-9 Apr 13, Baltimore Sun
    Nifong's specter shadows DA race brought on by his downfall Apr 13, Herald Sun
    Warrant woes Apr 13, Newsobserver
    More N&O Duke Hoax coverup Apr 12, John in Carolina
    N&O still stonewalls on Mar. 25 frame story Apr 12, John in Carolina
    DA: Chance to nab Lovette was long shot Apr 12, Herald Sun
    Duke students charged in police raid Apr 12, Herald Sun
    Lamade enjoying final-season encore at Virginia Apr 12, The Washington Times
    Durham answers players' reply to its gag motion Apr 11,
    H-S’s Ashley: “there was no case at all” Apr 11, John in Carolina
    Durham presses hard on Lovette Apr 11, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Apr 11
  • Frosh deny ‘drug ring,’ decry raid
  • DPD arrests 12 at site of drug raid
  • Duke takes on rival, ex-teammate
    John in Carolina, Apr 10
  • What did N&O editor Ford know? When did he know it?
  • Remember "Pick the prof?"
    The Chronicle, Apr 10
  • Durham Police officer shoots man near East
  • 3 laxers ask court to reject Nifong bankruptcy stay
  • Why I’m not giving my senior gift
    What will Duke’s trustees do? Apr 9, John in Carolina
    Kevin Finnerty Letter Apr 9, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, Apr 9
  • Oats gets six more
  • Duke in balance
    A troubling press release re: H-S's Bob Ashley Apr 8, John in Carolina
    Web site at issue in lacrosse case Apr 8, Newsobserver
    Lawyers decry effort to block publicity on lacrosse suit Apr 8, Herald Sun
    Joe Alleva is off to LSU Apr 8, Herald Sun
    Durham needs a review of cab rules Apr 8, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Apr 8
  • Lax plaintiffs respond to media motion
  • Alleva made strides, but it’s time for change
  • Notorious… Trustees?
    Raleigh N&O Arrogance (Post 5) Apr 7, John in Carolina
    Opposition to Durham's gag motion filed with court Apr 7,
    Duke Names Kennedy Interim AD; Bostock to Head Search Apr 7, WRAL
    The Chronicle, Apr 7
  • Bon voyage, Joe
  • Geaux Joe: Alleva bolts for LSU
  • Blue Devils blow past Blue Jays
  • DUPD raids East Campus room
  • No charges in sexual
  • Coach’s decisions prove lucrative in big victory
    Fellowship to honor slain Duke graduate student Apr 6, Herald Sun
    Suspected drugs seized in dorm Apr 6, Herald Sun
    Duke hands Hopkins its fifth straight loss Apr 5, Baltimore Sun
    Greer's Six Goals Lead No. 2 Duke Past No. 11 Johns Hopkins, 17-6 Apr 5,
    Remarkable Apr 5, KC Johnson
    Alleva leaving Duke to take same job at LSU Apr 5, Herald Sun
    Duke's Alleva hired by LSU Apr 5, Newsobsever
    Take the N&O’s “big hockey game” quiz Apr 4, John in Carolina
    Raleigh N&O Arrogance (Post 4) Apr 4, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Apr 4
  • Blue Devils get shot for revenge
  • Butler generalizes SOCA
    Recanted report won't bring charges Apr 4, Newsobserver
    Court system failed to curb Lovette Apr 4, Newsobserver
    Raleigh N&O Arrogance (Post 3) Apr 3, John in Carolina
    Duke AD Alleva – LSU Update Apr 3, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Apr 3
  • LSU search chair: Alleva is impressive
  • Report: Errors in suspect’s handling
  • Sharing the cake over 75 years
    Understanding the N&O's Vigilante poster photo Apr 2, John in Carolina
    Probation Director: Oversights 'Flat-Out Embarrassing' Apr 2, WRAL
    Raleigh N&O Arrogance (Post 2) Apr 2, John in Carolina
    Demand answers from DPD Apr 2, The Chronicle
    Duke's Alleva a finalist for LSU AD post Apr 2, Newsobserver
    "Disagreeing" with Butler; "defending" humanities profs Apr 1, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Apr 1
  • LSU names Alleva finalist for A.D. job
  • Nickeled and dimed
    Two men indicted in Eve Carson murder Apr 1, Herald Sun

    March 2008
    Raleigh N&O Arrogance (Post 1) Mar 31, John in Carolina
    Duke files brief in ethics complaint Mar 31, The Chronicle
    Reflections on the Duke Reply Mar 31, KC Johnson
    Danowski scores four for Duke in win Mar 31, Newsday
    Questions of coverage in student slayings Mar 30, Newsobserver
    Greer & Danowski Pace No. 3 Duke Past Dartmouth, 16-9 Mar 29.
    Duke attorneys lower bar and stumble Mar 28, John in Carolina
    Duke Lowers The Bar Again Mar 28, Powerline
    What's the future of The N&O? Mar 28, John in Carolina
    Duke cites high court ruling in bid vs. lacrosse players' publicity effort Mar 28, Herald Sun
    N&O hyped potbanger rally; didn't mention CASTRATE Mar 27, John in Carolina
    Elmo’s “Hero of the year” award (video) Mar 27,
    Durham police chided for marijuana case Mar 27, Newsobserver
    Probation officer never met with murder suspect Mar 27, The Chronicle
    Warrant seeks suspect's DNA Mar 27, Herald Sun
    N&O editors’ false “police report” claims Mar 26, John in Carolina
    Duke files reply in fight over informational website Mar 26,
    Department of Correction 'Disturbed' by Findings in Probation Probe Mar 26, WRAL
    Probation officer never met Lovette Mar 26, Newsobserver
    Marijuana charge against Duke student dismissed Mar 26, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Mar 26
  • Duke in the balance
  • Charges in drug case dropped
  • The incident on 1026 W. Trinity Ave
  • Danowski lifts Duke, joins elite club
    Duke lawyers ask judge to dismiss suit Mar 25, Herald Sun
    Duke mourns death Mar 25, The Daily Tar Heel
    The Chronicle, Mar 25
  • Cheaper, weaker, slower
  • Mahato, Carson cases marked by uneven responses
  • Race, sex may affect news
  • Blue Devils aim to rebound after loss
    Regular disputes Brodhead rating; JinC reaches out Mar 24, John in Carolina
    N&O editor: “my color” disturbs readers Mar 24, John in Carolina
    Two very different university presidents Mar 24, John in Carolina
    Prayers to Be Said at Site of Slaying of Duke Grad Student Mar 24, WRAL
    Durham trial opens window on police work, gangs Mar 24, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Mar 24
  • Thief lifts goods from student’s apartment
  • Blue Devils handed 1st loss of the year
  • Duke’s year comes to a bitter end
    The Durham Justice System: A "State of Emergency" Mar 23, KC Johnson
    The Nifong “Holy crap” lie (Post 1) Mar 23, John in Carolina
    Probation system fell short in Carson slaying Mar 23, Newsobserver
    Legal officials staying quieter Mar 23, Charlotte Observer
    Prayer vigil scheduled for slain Duke grad student Mar 22, The Durham News
    Hateful ideologies have no place in universities Mar 22, The Durham News
    Nifong bankruptcy claim: the latest Mar 12, John in Carolina
    Nifong can claim bankruptcy, court decrees Mar 21, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Mar 21
  • Law students try to free NC convicted murderer
  • Blue Devils survive upset bid
  • No. 1 Duke travels to capital
    N&O, H-S Duke Hoax & Obama editorials Mar 20, John in Carolina
    The N&O's Saunders: “an embarrassment.” Mar 20, John in Carolina
    Lovette evaded burglary charge? Mar 20, Herald Sun
    Should Lovette have been in jail? Mar 20, Herald Sun
    Court gave Lovette plea deal Mar 19, Herald Sun
    10,000 pay tribute to Carson Mar 19, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Mar 19
  • 2 murders bring repeat offenders into spotlight
  • Repeatedly senseless
  • Students question judicial affairs committee suspension
  • Top ranked Blue Devils rock Raiders
    Durham's Mayor can act now Mar 18, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Mar 18
  • Plaintiffs will face dual role
  • Lovette indicted in Mahato case
  • No justice, no peace
    Bell asks for review of Lovette case Mar 18, Herald Sun
    Durham grand jury indicts 2 on homicide charges Mar 18, Herald Sun
    Selena Roberts: Still Misleading Mar 17, KC Johnson
    Suspect in Duke Grad Student's Death Next in Court in April Mar 17, WRAL
    Ferraro's truth & Durham H-S's race pandering Mar 17, John in Carolina
    Vigil scheduled for slain student Mar 17, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Mar 17
  • Lax attorney: Duke motion has no merit
  • Learning from Women’s Initiative
    Ferraro, the Duke Hoax & truth-telling March 16, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse case witness honored Mar 16, Herald Sun
    How long will the outrage last? Mar 16, Herald Sun
    Robbery victims chilled by arrests Mar 16, Newsobserver
    Called to account Mar 16, Newsobserver
    Cabbie’s truth-telling honored Mar 15, John in Carolina
    2 deaths and one flawed system Mar 15, Los Angeles Times
    Herald Sun, Mar 15
  • Lacrosse players counter Duke claim
  • Magazine names cabbie Hero of the Year
  • Teen went free 2 days before Duke slaying
  • A $3M bond in Durham -- none in Orange
    Newsobsever, Mar 15
  • Grad student was shot once, autopsy reveals
  • Lovette will not face the death penalty
  • Court official: We erred on Atwater
  • Deserving of cells
  • Rivals set for lacrosse showdown
    Plaintiffs Respond to Duke’s Motion Mar 14, John in Carolina
    UNC Murder Suspect Held on $3M Bond in Duke Slaying Mar 14, WRAL
    Teen seized in UNC leader's slaying Mar 14, Herald Sun
    Break in a case Mar 14, Newsobserver
    Carson's killing jolts NCSU and Duke, too Mar 14, Newsobserver
    Carson killing suspects were on probation Mar 14, Newsobserver
    Response to Duke's motion Mar 13,
    Iran's Eliot Spitzer & Duke's Dick Brodhead Mar 13, John in Carolina
    Spitzer, Nifong & Their MSM Enablers Mar 13, John in Carolina
    Death Penalty Unlikely for Students' Suspected Killers Mar 13, WRAL
    Murder Suspect Was in Court 2 Days Before Carson's Death Mar 13, WRAL
    UNC suspect charged in Duke killing Mar 13, AP
    Police Capture 2nd Suspect in UNC Student's Slaying Mar 13, WRAL
    2nd man still sought in UNC slaying Mar 13, Herald Sun
    Some of murder suspect's neighbors express shock -- some don't Mar 13, Herald Sun
    Don't let the evil divide us Mar 13, Newsobserver
    Profile in Courage - Moezeldin Elmostafa Mar 13, LieStoppers
    For those following the Carson murder story Mar 12, John in Carolina
    One charged, second sought in Carson murder Mar 12,
    1 Charged, Another Sought in Eve Carson's Shooting Death Mar 12, WRAL
    Suspect charged in UNC student slaying Mar 12, AP
    Sympathy for Duke disappears thanks to NCAA Mar 12,
    Woman recants sex assault report Mar 12, Newsobserver
    Possible break in UNC slaying Mar 12, Newsobserver
    Raleigh N&O’s 3/11 Spitzer Coverage Mar 11, John in Carolina
    Nifong to keep bankruptcy protection Mar 11,
    Woman made up assault report: Duke Mar 11, Newsobserver
    Carson case photos multiply Mar 11, Newsobserver
    N&O Beats On Bloggers. Again! Mar 10, John in Carolina
    John in Carolina, Mar 9
  • Did Barry Saunders lie? Or did the N&O?
  • More on Duke's Motion to Suppress
    Duke can’t finish down stretch Mar 9, The Chronicle
    Devils win in lacrosse Mar 9, Newsobserver
    Suspect is sought in Duke assault Mar 8, Newsobserver
    Police examine a photo in killing Mar 8, Newsobserver
    2 lacrosse case detectives quit Mar 8, Durham News
    Loyola’s Finnerty hounded by past, Duke Blue Devils Mar 8, Examiner
    Duke police seek sexual assault suspect Mar 7, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle Isn't Standing Up For Duke Mar 7, John in Carolina
    Convicted Without Trial Mar 7, Men’sHealth
    The Chronicle, Mar 7
  • UNC student body prez shot dead
  • Media again a player in lax case
    Police find slain student's vehicle Mar 6, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Mar 6
  • DUPD head to end four-decade stint
  • Gender committee begins initial work
    Mar 5, John in Carolina
  • Law Prof on Duke’s Motion
  • Jason Trumpbour bio information
    What grinds my gears Mar 5, The Chronicle
    Two lacrosse case detectives off force Mar 5, Herald Sun
    Candidates can't avoid Nifong case Mar 5, Herald Sun
    2 in lacrosse case quit police force Mar 5, Newsobserver
    Duke's Motion Mar 4, FODU by Jason Trumpbour
    Is Dean Wasiolek a State Bar Member? Mar 4, John in Carolina
    Duke lacrosse: After the rape scandal Mar 4, The Philadelphia Inquirer
    DA hopefuls try to avoid infamous lacrosse case Mar 4, Herald Sun
    Lacrosse suit hotly defended Mar 4, Newsobserver Mar 3, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Mar 3
  • Duke motion: Lax suit plaintiffs broke ethics rule
  • Board OKs 5-percent tuition hike
    Duke’s Motion a Stumble Mar 2, John in Carolina
    Duke's boundless chutzpah Mar 1, American Thinker
    President Reagan & Duke’s Web Site Motion Mar 1, John in Carolina, Mar 1
  • No. 2 Blue Devils Handle No. 3 Maryland, 15-7
  • 800! Duke Tops N.C. State In 87-86 Thriller
  • No. 3 Duke Pulls Out 14-13 Thriller Over No. 5 Maryland
    Duke says lawyer in lacrosse case violating bar rule Mar 1, Newsobserver
    Duke contests publicity of lacrosse suit Mar 1, Herald Sun
    More on Duke's Peculiar Motion Mar 1, KC Johnson

    February 2008
    Duke lawyers allege rule-breaking in lax lawsuit Feb 29, Newsobserver
    Peculiar Duke Motion Feb 29, KC Johnson
    Duke defendant’s motion to limit defense attorney’s media contact (pdf file) Feb 29, DukeLawsuit
    Duke Degrees Get More Pricey Feb 29, WRAL
    Duke Files Motion to Take Down Lawsuit Web Site Feb 29, WRAL
    Duke files motion to take down this website Feb 29, DukeLawsuit
    John in Carolina, Feb 29
  • 3rd Request re: N&O misrepresentation in suit story
  • Durham Police Raid Media Coverage
    Police charge Duke senior after marijuana shipment delivered Feb 29, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Feb 29
  • Student IDed in 27-lb drug bust
  • Influx of ABC agents at parties surprises students
  • Alumna’s cheating suit appears unprecedented
    Members of the Duke 38 Suit - a parody Feb 28, John in Carolina
    Reports: Police raid Duke students' home Feb 28, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Feb 28
  • Off East drug arrest nets a student
  • DSG may hire lawyer for students use
  • Fame -Infamy
    Finnerty Finds New Life At Loyola Feb 27,
    Butler’s “A House Divided” Feb 27, John in Carolina
    Lawsuit Q&A Feb 27, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Feb 26
  • Why the N&O fears the 38 suit
  • Students Serving Duke
    The Herald-Sun--Unsurprisingly--Defends the Status Quo Feb 26, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, Feb 26
  • The quit after the media storm
  • Survey says Duke crime among worst
  • A house divided
    What the devil! Are they real? Feb 26, Newsobserver
    Seligmann '09 debuts before former coaches Feb 25, The Brown Daily Herald
    Lawsuit stretches damages concept Feb 25, Herald Sun
    New Revelations from the Civil Suits Feb 25, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Feb 24
  • NY Times Duke Hoax & McCain Smear “reporting”
  • N&O correction requests re: lawsuit story
    From the Editorial Page Feb 24, KC Johnson
    News conference Feb 24, DukeLawsuit
    Feel good” & the N&O’s shameless news suppression John in Carolina, Feb 23
    38 more lacrosse players file suit Feb 23, The Durham News
    Four Blue Devils named to Tewaaraton Trophy watch list Feb 22, Inside Lacrosse
    John in Carolina, Feb 22
  • The Raleigh N&O’s suit story needed correction and
  • Chronicle Suit Report Confused, Avoids Duke Questions
    Lawsuit Summary Feb 22, KC Johnson
    38-player lacrosse suit gets fanfare Feb 22, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse players file third lawsuit Feb 22, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Feb 22
  • Lax lawsuit targets Duke, Durham
  • Poll: How safe to you feel living off-campus?
  • Distress causes alum to file suit
    Cooper Lawsuit Takes Dead Aim at Brodhead Feb 21, DSED
    Duke, Sued by Lacrossers Should Fight Back, says Law Prof Feb 21, John F. Banzhaf III
    Statement from Duke University Attorney in Response to Lacrosse Lawsuit Feb 21, DukeNews
    National Press Club conference on the latest Duke lawsuit (video) Feb 21, WRAL
    Duke Remained Silent, Lawsuit Alleges Feb 21, WRAL
    John in Carolina, Feb 21
  • Case Summary of Latest Duke Suit
  • Noted attorney to represent 38 former lacrosse players in suit
    Dozens Of Unindicted Lacrosse Players File Federal Lawsuit Against Duke Feb 21, FoxNews
    Another lacrosse lawsuit coming Feb 21, Newsobserver
    38 Duke Lacrosse Players Plan to File Federal Lawsuit Feb 21, WRAL
    Duke graduate suing over accusations Feb 21, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Feb 21
  • 38 former laxers to file suit today
  • US official challenges Nifong claim
  • Attention, Duke employees
    John in Carolina, Feb 20
  • Pick the Duke Prof
  • Duke's Tyson: shameless then and now
    Unindicted Duke lacrosse players plan federal lawsuit Feb 20, Herald Sun
    Nifong's income is hurdle Feb 20, Newsobserver
    Sex workers art show violated policy Feb 20, The Chronicle
    John in Carolina, Feb 19
  • W&M newspaper: Nichol’s removal “was right”
  • Questioning Duke’s “healthy lifestyle” sex show
    Administrator: Nifong too rich for bankruptcy Feb 19, Newsobserver
    Court Recommends Against Allowing Nifong to Obtain Bankruptcy Feb 19, WRAL
    The Chronicle, Feb 19
  • In case of emergency
  • Returning meaning to the sex workers’ show
  • The gender equality
  • 5th year seniors get another shot at the title
    N&O Publisher's response to Nifong anon source questions Feb 18, John in Carolina
    Blue Devils sweep opening weekend series Feb 18, The Chronicle
    Duke's "don't ask, don't tell" Chronicle Feb 17, John in Carolina
    Danowski, Greer power Blue Devils Feb 17, Newsobserver
    Times Sports Editor: "Regret" Coverage Feb 16, KC Johnson
    Men's Lacrosse: Danowski & Greer guide No. 2 Duke past No. 15 Bucknell, 16-4 Feb 16, Inside Lacrosse
    John in Carolina, Feb 15
  • Duke Hoax & Unintended Help
  • To N&O publisher re: Nifong as anon source
    Duke, UNC rank low for safety Feb 15, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Feb 15
  • Student dies after collapsing in Wilson
  • Remembering Abhijit
  • Schoenfeld edit off mark on two points
    Letter to the Editor: Response to Sex Show Article Feb 14, DSED
    Citizen journalist helps Chronicle readers Feb 14, John in Carolina
    Welcome back, Mike Feb 14, The Chronicle
    John in Carolina, Feb 13
  • The Chronicle's Sex Show Coverage
  • Gene Nichol & the Bias Incident Reporting System
    The Chronicle, Feb 13
  • Redefining ‘obscenity’ and ‘hypocrisy’
  • No scandal, but show raises questions about rules
    Feb 13, Newsobserver
  • Durham DA field expands
  • A voice misused
  • Vulgarity as art
  • Downhill Duke
    Statements from Nichol and the BOV regarding the president's resignation at the College of William and Mary Feb 12, W&M website
    Duke alumnus to replace Burness Feb 12, Herald Sun
    Duke's "healthy lifestyle" hypocrisy Feb 12, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Feb 12
  • Return of the stripper
  • Sex workers’ art show arouses media frenzy
    Taylor on "Sex Workers'" Show Feb 11, KC Johnson
    The University Has No Clothes Feb 11, National Journal by Stuart Taylor
    Nifong gets bankruptcy hearing, no decision made Feb 11, The Chronicle
    Nifong-Gurney Property Questions Feb 11, John in Carolina
    Nifong says he'll dispute malice claims Feb 9, Newsobserver
    Raleigh N&O, Duke Lacrosse & Defamation (Post 2) Feb 9, John in Carolina
    Larry Moneta Responds to Sheehan on SWAS Feb 8, DSED
    Nifong bankruptcy hearing reveals more assets Feb 8, Newsobserver
    Nifong faces first bankruptcy hearing Feb 8, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Feb 8
  • Judicial affairs reform necessary
  • Unfinished business
  • DPD criticized for late notifications
    A “hiring announcement” Duke didn't make Feb 7, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Feb 7
  • Blue Devils triumph over Tar Heels
  • University hires lawyer for civil suit
  • A little sunlight, please
    Is the N&O public editor's job about the truth? Feb 7, John in Carolina
    Letter to the Editor: Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Review Committee Feb 6, DSED
    Brodhead addresses GPSC questions Feb 6, The Chronicle
    Duke bolsters legal team in fighting lawsuit Feb 6, Herald Sun
    Duke shows it's clueless Feb 6, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, Feb 5
  • Raleigh N&O, Duke Lacrosse & Defamation (Post 1)
  • Kristin Butler news & highlights
    Duke murder suspect one of five indicted Feb 5, Herald Sun
    Counsel axes judicial policy panel Feb 5, The Chronicle
    The Chronicle, Feb 4
  • Black to enter race for DA
  • Sex workers showcase ‘art’ in BC performance
    N&O Editor’s Nifong reply & “small errors” Feb 3, John in Carolina
    Sex Workers Art Show Feb 3, DSED
    Durham ADA Changes NTO Story Feb 2, John in Carolina
    Black raises Nifong specter in DA race Feb 2, Herald Sun
    Another Mosteller Article Feb 2, KC Johnson
    Ex-rival makes new bid for Nifong's old seat Feb 2, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse Case Likely to Play Role in Durham DA's Race Feb 2, WRAL
    N&O editor's response re: Nifong as anonymous source Feb 1, John in Craolina
    Duke linebacker gets suspended sentence Feb 1, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Feb 1
  • An open letter to President Brodhead
  • Friends, colleagues honor Price’s career

    January 2008
    N&O still silent on stripper ads, Nifong Jan 31, John in Carolina
    Woman's body found off I-540 Jan 31, Newsobserver
    Trustee makes 20M gift for international aid Jan 31, The Chronicle
    John in Carolina, Jan 30
  • Nifong bankruptcy plea unlikely to shield him
  • Who doubts Nifong was an N&O anonymous source?
    Judge orders Nifong removed from suit Jan 30, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Jan 30
  • Nifong may get reprieve in civil suit
  • Film attacks campus’ liberal atmosphere
    To The Chronicle re: Indoctrinate U? Jan 29, John in Carolina
    Judge: remove Nifong from suit, for now Jan 29, Newsobserver
    Nifong off the hook for now Jan 29,
    The Chronicle, Jan 29
  • 2 football players cited in Friday fight
  • Confusion, calm, fear follow death
  • Hail the chief by Kristin Butler
    Indoctrinate U is “funny, humane and powerful” Jan 28, John in Carolina
    Robbery suspects face more charges Jan 28, Herald Sun
    Former coach has thin slander suit Jan 28, Herald Sun
    Two violent deaths, a shared heartache Jan 28, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, Jan 27
  • Indoctrinate U showing at Duke Tuesday, Jan. 29
  • Two “must read” posts at Liestoppers
    Concerns shared about lack of facts as Duke community gathers for slain student's service Jan 26, Herald Sun
    Slaying victim's optimism recalled Jan 26, Newsobserver
    Those Raleigh News & Observer’s stripper ads Jan 26, John in Carolina
    Q&A with KC Johnson – Author explores injustices of Duke rape case Jan 25,
    Duke campus mourns student's slaying Jan 25, Newsobserver
    Lopez defends robbery response Jan 25, Herald Sun
    Two face 15 more robbery counts Jan 25, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Jan 25
  • Prez pay hikes reflect new duties
  • Building walls not the answer to crime
  • Detzel raises important security issues
    Teen Charged in Duke Student's Death to Appear in Court Jan 24, WRAL
    Responding to Addison's Motion (Post 1) Comments Jan 25, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Jan 24
  • DPD announces arrest in Mahato case
  • Officials address security concerns
  • Chase nets suspect in grad murder
  • Pressler files suit of defamation
    Man arrested in Duke student's slaying Jan 24, Herald Sun
    Arrests made in robberies Jan 24, Newsobserver
    Ex-Duke coach files slander lawsuit Jan 24, Herald Sun
    What's really hurting the Raleigh N&O Jan 23, John in Carolina
    Ex-Lacrosse Coach Files Slander Suit Against Duke Jan 23, WRAL
    The Chronicle, Jan 23
  • DPD: Mahato murder not tied to gangs
  • West, Central to make up 271 few beds
    At DSED: Comments & Suit Breakdowns, Too Jan 23, John in Carolina
    N&O headline framing on 4/19/06 Jan 22, John in Carolina
    Patrols step up in Duke vicinity Jan 22, Newsobserver
    Crime 'definitely on minds' at Duke Jan 22, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Jan 22
  • Crime wave sweeps Durham
  • Spate of robberies hits area around campus
  • Change needed after tragic weekend
  • 8 Seniors names young trustee semifinalists
    Postscript: Reflections on the Responses Jan 21, KC Johnson
    John in Carolin,a Jan 20
  • Addison's Motion to Dismiss (Post 1) Comments
  • What about the Durham H-S’s ad revenue?
  • Newspaper corrections I laughed at
    Duke graduate student slain Jan 20, Herald Sun
    First two Durham slayings of 2008 reported Jan 20, Newsobserver
    Shooting Victim Identified As Duke Grad Student Jan 19, DukeNews
    Grad student shot at off-campus apartment complex Jan 19, The Chronicle
    John in Carolina, Jan 18
  • Addison’s Motion to Dismiss (Post 1)
  • H-S, Stevenson Get It Wrong. Again!
    Ex-Duke coach plans slander suit Jan 18, Herald Sun
    Fired lacrosse coach will sue Jan 18, Newsobserver
    Judge allows former lax coach to change charges The Chronicle
    Postscript: Durham Officials, DNA Security Jan 18, KC Johnson
    Lawsuit Breakdown: Duke's Treatment of Breck Archer Jan 17, DSED
    Postscript: Various Items Jan 17, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Jan 17
  • Look! It's Sergeant Addison ( reposted)
  • Excellent H-S Pressler Claims Story
  • NTO Battle - Durham DA v. Police
    Nifong's bankruptcy filing seen just buying time Jan 17, Herald Sun
    Players still after Nifong's assets Jan 17, Newsobserver
    Former lacrosse coach wants suit changed Jan 17, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Jan 17
  • Defendants say lax suit lacks merit
  • Pressler amends Duke suit
  • Duke draws record 20K applicants
    N&O’s Blythe: Biased From the Beginning Jan 16, John in Carolina
    DSED, Jan 16
  • Lawsuit Breakdown: Duke's Treatment of Matthew Wilson
  • Lawsuit Breakdown: Duke's Treatment of Ryan McFadyen
    More Motions Filed in Duke Lacrosse Case Jan 16, WRAL
    Postscript: City of Durham Response Jan 16, KC Johnson
    Ex-DA Nifong files for bankruptcy Jan 16, Herald Sun
    Nifong files for bankruptcy; city replies to suit Jan 16, Newsobserver
    Duke official honored for service to community Jan 16, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Jan 16
  • Filing may seek to soften the blow of future suits
  • Lax filings due at midnight; Nifong files for bankruptcy
    Nifong files for bankruptcy as filings are due in Duke civil suit Jan 15, North Carolina News
    John in Carolina, Jan 15
  • Nifong files for bankruptcy - Updated
  • Duke won’t let us “move on”
    Postscript: Wilson Response Jan 15, KC Johnson
    Ex-lacrosse case investigator asks for dismissal of suit Jan 15, Newsobserver
    Mike Nifong Files for Bankruptcy Jan 15, WRAL
    Mike Nifong’s Bankruptcy filing (pdf File) Jan 15, WRAL
    The end of the affair Jan 15, The Chronicle by Kristin Butler
    Duke’s Tyson Is Still Race Hustling Jan 14, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Jan 14
  • Weekend sees three robberies
  • UNC athletes allegedly attacked over break Jan 14, The Chronicle
    Barry Scheck at UNC – Chapel Hill Jan 13, John in Carolina
    Lawsuit Breakdown: Q&A between DSEDuke and KC Johnson Jan 13, DSED
    Who “Owns” That “Toxic” NTO? Jan 12, John in Carolina
    Lawsuit Breakdown: University's Effort to Force Waivers of 5th and 6th Ammendment Rights Jan 12, DSED
    Durham sheriff's audit confirms missing funds Jan 12, Newsobserver
    Linking Duke to Kelly Tilghman's "lynch" Tiger Woods' comments grossly unfair Jan 12,
    Nifong’s Copier “Discovery” Is A False Story Jan 11, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle Disappoints Again Jan 10, John in Carolina
    $40M gift to add 30 new faculty Jan 10, The Chronicle
    Assistant DA gets harassing messages Jan 10, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Jan 9
  • 3 unindicted laxers sue university
  • Case casts wide net, but could bring closure
    Where Duke Is Now Jan 8, John in Carolina
    Duke’s Simple Questions Problems Jan 7, John in Carolina
    N&O says, “believe us” Jan 6, John in Carolina
    City's legal team in lacrosse suit has history of success Jan 6, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, Jan 4
  • Responding to "Call home immediately" comments
  • N&O Series Notes (Post 2)
    Stories that clicked with you Jan 4, Newsobserver
    “Call home immediately” Jan 2, John in Carolina
    Judge to hear lacrosse arguments Jan 2, Newsobserver
    Plenty to look forward to in 2008 Jan 1, Herald Sun

    December 2007
    Pressler, Duke court date set for Jan. 17 Dec 31, Newsobserver
    N&O Series Notes (Post 1)
    Dec 31, John in Carolina
    Durham H-S Looks at 2007 Dec 31, John in Carolina
    The year in news: Nifong in 'amazing fall from power' Dec 31, Herald Sun
    A last look back at '07 Dec 31, Newsobserver
    Black and white terms Dec 31, Newsobserver
    Duke Suit Story & Citizen Journalism Dec 30, John in Carolina
    The year in news: Lacrosse players declared innocent Dec 30, Herald Sun
    New Duke suit puts focus on police Dec 30, Herald Sun
    Duke, Durham make history with cooperation pact Dec 30, Herald Sun
    Exonerated prisoners in North Carolina Dec 30, Newsobserver
    Chicago Trib Got It Wrong Dec 29, John in Carolina
    Duke’s CMT’s Silence is Sickening: A Parody Dec 28, John in Carolina
    John in Carolina, Dec 27
  • Duke 3 Win Political Incorrectness Award
  • Duke's Exemplary Friends
    Baker gets extension in Duke Lacrosse case Dec 27,
    A nice Munger wrap Dec 26, John in Carolina
    For the Record: Group of 88 Dec 24, KC Johnson
    BOT Chair Steel Questions Dec 23, John in Carolina
    John in Carolina, Dec 23
  • The Duke Hoax: Time for a name change?
  • Remember "Nifong Roasting?"
    Upcoming Series on Duke Hoax/Frame Dec 22, John in Carolina
    John in Carolina, Dec 21
  • Latest Suit & Reader Comments
  • Latest Suit & Reader Comments (Post 2)
    Kim Curtis Gone Dec 21, DSED
    House cleaning needed at Police Department Dec 12, Herald Sun
    The N&O's Duke Hoax Role Dec 20, John in Carolina
    Gottlieb Faces Sexual Harassment Charge Dec 20, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse case rises yet again Dec 20, Newsobserver
    No feds, so lacrosse probe in doubt Dec 20, Herald Sun
    Who’s Defendant Allison Haltom? Dec 19, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse Players Sue Nifong - Is Duke Next Plaintiff? Dec 19, Professor John Banzhaf, GWU
    Local Coverage of Latest Suits Dec 19, John in Carolina
    Duke Lax players lawsuit (pdf files)
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
    3 more players file suit in Duke lacrosse case Dec 19, Newsobserver
    More lacrosse players file lawsuit Dec 19, Herald Sun
    Duke's medical requests denied Dec 19, Herald Sun
    Three More File Suit, Name Brodhead Among Defendants Dec 18, DSED
    3 More Duke Lacrosse Players Sue Dec 18, AP
    Three unindicted laxers sue Duke, Nifong, Durham Dec 18, The Chronicle
    Unindicted Duke LAX players sue Duke University Dec 18,
    Three more lacrosse players file suits Dec 18, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, Dec 18
  • "Their fight is our fight"
  • Nifong discovery: An N&O Worry?
  • Responding To Professor Munger
  • The N&O’s Baker Editorial (Updated)
    What’s the N&O Saying? Dec 17, John in Carolina
    Column: Rash judgments backfire Dec 16, Newsobserver
    Duke leader looks ahead Dec 15, Newsobserver
    Lawyers in the news Dec 15, Newsobserver
    Letter to KC Johnson Dec 14, John in Carolina
    How to Legally Live a Life of Crime, or Whitewashing the Real Crimes in the Duke Case Dec 14, William L. Anderson
    Durham official goes public about year of turmoil Dec 14, Newsobserver
    Cheek apologizes for absences Dec 14, Herald Sun
    Durham officer dropped from Duke LAX suit Dec 13, WTVD
    Professor Munger Responds To Questions Dec 12, John in Carolina
    UPI’s on Sowell’s Christmas Gift List Dec 12, John in Carolina
    Baker added as defendant in lacrosse lawsuit Dec 12, Herald Sun
    Suit adds Durham city manager Dec 12, Charlotte Observer
    University says Pressler cannot sue Dec 12, The Chronicle
    Duke admits 472 in early admissions Dec 12, The Chronicle
    Duke: Ex-lacrosse coach can't sue school Dec 11, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson Responds to UPI Questions Dec 10, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Dec 10
  • Brodhead review is positive
  • Lax cop Gottlieb reassigned
  • Opinion: A federal failure
    Richard Brodhead's second chance? Dec 10, National Review
    Questions for Professor Munger Dec 9, John in Carolina
    Questions re: Until Proven Innocent Dec 9, John in Carolina
    Duke trustees stand behind Brodhead's performance Dec 9, Newsobserver
    Duke to offer more financial aid Dec 9, Newsobserver
    Brodhead holds on to support at Duke Dec 9, Herald Sun
    Editorial: Uncovering corruption Dec 8, Charlotte Observer
    Talking to Regulars & Commenters Dec 7, John in Carolina
    Investigator in lacrosse case reassigned Dec 7, Herald Sun
    Duke's impact: $3.4B for 2006-07 Dec 7, Herald Sun
    AG seeks tools to help investigators in public corruption cases Dec 7, Newsobserver
    DOJ’s No To Nifong Investigation Dec 6, John in Carolina
    U.S. steps aside on Nifong Dec 6, Newsobserver
    Justice Department says it will not investigate Nifong Dec 6, Newsobserver
    Feds not launching lacrosse probe Dec 6, Herald Sun
    US Naval Academy graduate Victoria Moore and renowned journalist Ryan McCartney selected to study at DCU
    Dec 5, Dublin City University websiste
    Not About the Truth Dec 5, The Chronicle
    John in Carolina, Dec 5
  • Duke Prof OK With Rove's Treatment
  • What's with The Chronicle? Where's Kristin Butler?
  • Kristin Butler on Duke’s BOT
    If Attacks On Rove: Reactions Dec 4, John in Carolina
    Lax suit date pushed back Dec 4, The Chronicle
    Details spotlights laxers, Giuliani Dec 3, The Chronicle
    John in Carolina, Dec 2
  • Take a Bow, Bill Anderson
  • Charns on WUNC Monday

    November 2007
    The Chronicle Should Be Asking Nov 30, John in Carolina
    If Sheehan Writes Two More Nov 30, John in Carolina
    Spilbor, Brodhead & "uglier and Dukier" Nov 30, John in Carolina
    Judge gives city more time to respond to lacrosse lawsuit Nov 30, Newsobserver
    Running around for a cause and a teammate Nov 30, Providence Journal
    The Price of Duke's Stinginess Nov 30, Chronicle of Higher Education
    Duke Fundraising Nov 29, John in Carolina
    Prosecutors Out of Control Nov 29, Town Hall
    CNN's Nancy Grace & the Duke Lacrosse Case Nov 28, Men's News Daily
    The Disgrace of CNN's Nancy Grace Nov 28, Men's News Daily
    John in Carolina, Nov 28
  • Is Kingsolver Right For Duke (Post 2)
  • A Chronicle Double Standard
    Those sued by players seek delay Nov 28, Newsobserver
    Duke Lacrosse Suit Lawyers Want More Time Nov 28, WRAL
    M. lax jogs to help innocent prisoners Nov 28, The Brown Daily Herald
    Is Kingsolver Right For Duke? (Post 1) Nov 27, John in Carolina
    Roof shown the door Nov 27, Newsobserver
    Checking in with . . . Claire Potter Nov 27, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, Nov 27
  • Dukepays, part deux
  • Commencement about closure, not clout
    John Danowski Named LM Person of the Year Nov 26, Lacrosse Magazine
    Brodhead listens to only some students Nov 26, John in Carolina
    Nifong & Prosecutorial Misconduct Nov 26, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, Nov 26
  • Administration response to criticism arrogant, flawed
  • Duke nets 1,246 early applicants
  • Kingsolver is distinguished
  • Zack Braff and Barbara who?
    John in Carolina, Nov 25
  • Could H-S Editor Ashley Do Worse?
  • Previous Owner Criticizes Durham H-S
  • Durham Deck; H-S editorial both weak
    NAACP 'alert' reeks of hypocrisy Nov 24, Baltimore Sun
    John in Carolina, Nov 23
  • Durham Parking Deck Problems: Comments
  • With tongue in cheek
    Ironies Nov 23, KC Johnson
    Lawyers to speak on lacrosse case Nov 21, Herald Sun
    Durham Parking Deck Problems: Who Know When? Nov 21, John in Carolina
    N&O, Sheehan Give Warning Nov 20, John in Carolina
    Norwicki sets judicial review body Nov 20, The Chronicle
    What’s a newspaper column for? Nov 19, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Nov 19
  • Apologies for a possible misstatement
  • Wolf’s DSED column damaging, inaccuarte
    Attorney Spilbor Knew; So Did Duke Nov 18, John in Carolina
    The Academic "Street"Nov 18, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Nov 17
  • When’s Duke’s Turn?
  • What "lynch mob" at Duke?
    N&O’s Sheehan & Community Silence Nov 16, John in Carolina
    Council discusses student-athlete standards, issues Nov 16, The Chronicle
    Elliott Wolf's Column Nov 15, DSED
    Chronicle Clarification Nov 15, Gothic Wondering
    John in Carolina, Nov 15
  • Chronicle’s Taylor blackout: Who? Why?
  • Kristin Butler Wins Journalism Award
  • N&O's new exec's "love-hate"
    Physician, heal thyself by Elliott Wolfe Nov 15, The Chronicle
    DSED Department of Attributions/Clarifications/Corrections/Proper MLA citations Nov 14, DSED
    Congratulations Kristin Butler! Nov 14, Gothic Wondering
    The N&O & Evidence Destruction: Questions Nov 14, John in Carolina
    Judge Rules Durham Officers' Names Can Be Withheld Nov 14, WRAL
    Look! It’s Sergeant Addison Nov 14, John in Carolina
    Politics (As Usual) Nov 14, Gothic Wondering
    Durham to hold onto lacrosse DNA samples Nov 14, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Nov 14
  • Melcher awarded to Butler
  • Suit, lax case fade from voter minds
    Duke Senior Kristin Butler Wins Melcher Award for Excellence in Journalism Nov 13, Duke News
    DNA lab faces suit without accused chief Nov 13, Herald Sun
    Area lawyers join fight vs. lacrosse suit Nov 13, Herald Sun
    “Governor Nifong” Questions? Nov 13, John in Carolina
    DNA lab director out of job Nov 13, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Nov 13
  • PAC attack
  • Duke stays 13 in THES rankings
  • 2nd suspect arrested in grad assault
    Former suspect in Jovin ’99 case calls for revisiting Nov 12, Yale Daily News
    President Sanford’s Military Service Nov 12, John in Carolina
    John in Carolina, Nov 11
  • When Words Fail
  • A Chronicle news blackout
    Durham Police Target of Internal Investigation Into Misconduct Nov 10, WRAL
    Durham police inquiry involves cops, prostitutes Nov 10, Newsobserver
    Police: Durham Man Assaults Woman in Apartment Nov 9, WRAL
    Bob Harris didn't fail Duke Nov 9, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Nov 9
  • Graduate student assaulted
  • Team faces scheduling lawsuit
  • 10-inch noose causes stir at NCSU
    Updates Nov 9, KC Johnson
    Durham officers suspended in sexual misconduct case Nov 9, Newsobserver
    Man Arrested in Connection With Assault of Grad Student Nov 8, DukeNews
    Several police officers suspended Nov 8, Herald Sun
    Durham Officers Placed on Leave Amid Investigation Nov 8, WRAL
    John in Carolina, Nov 8
  • Chronicle Editorial “Untenable”
  • Failing and Serving Duke
    Minorities call for new committees Nov 8, The Chronicle
    Follow up on Chronicle Editorial Nov 7, DSED
    The Key Witness Nov 2007, Reader’s Digest
    John in Carolina, Nov 7
  • What about John In Carolina?
  • Duke Now Quiz # 4
  • Duke Mom in Tight Race
    Chronicle Intentions Become Clearer Nov 7, DSED
    Update: Resounding Vote for Status Quo Nov 7, KC Johnson
    Bell Wins; Transfer Tax Loses Nov 7, WRAL
    John in Carolina, Nov 6
  • Chronicle Editorial: Parody or Bloviation?
  • Duke Ignores Its Brave Defenders
    A chance for Brodhead to do the defining Nov 6, The Chronicle
    From the Comment Thread Nov 6, KC Johnson
    What's Really Behind Brodhead Nov 5, John in Carolina
    Stuart Taylor’s speech at Duke Nov 5, DSED
    The Chronicle, Nov 5
  • Prez’s Yale tenure may offer glimpse into Duke’s future
  • Council report lays groundwork
    Where Are They Now? Nov 5, KC Johnson
    Is Duke Partnering With Repression? Nov 4, John in Carolina
    Stuart Taylor At Duke Nov 3, Gothic Wondering
    Coverage of Taylor’s Duke Talk Nov 3, John in Carolina
    Lessons From the Top (subscription)Nov 2, The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Author: Lacrosse case will 'get uglier' Nov 2, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, Nov 2
  • What’s a private attorney general?
  • Taylor on Duke's "Rogue's Gallery"
    The Chronicle, Nov 2
  • DCU advertisement (pdf file)
  • Council responds to interim report
  • Parents’ Weekend: the second Halloween
    Updates: Linwood--No To Feds! Nov 2, KC Johnson
    Tennis player charged with sex crime against teammate Nov 1,
    Funderburk hopes to shake up city council Nov 1, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, Nov 1
  • In Time, The Feds Will Come To Durham
  • UPI Author At Duke Friday
  • Feds, Durham & Duke


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