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Links to media 3 - Full

October 2007
Lawyers react to probe request Oct 31, Herald Sun
Clarence Page: Nifong's misconduct in Duke lacrosse case Oct 31, The Daily Journal
Federal Assistance Sought in Duke Lacrosse Criminal Probe Oct 31, WRAL
Federal probe considered in Duke LAX case Oct 31,
The Chronicle, Oct 31
  • Duke needs change, better leadership
  • Bringing athletics to Allen
  • Profs speak on enhancement plan
  • 4 express interest in DA position
    AG asks for federal investigation of lacrosse case Oct 30, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, Oct 30
  • Feds Finally Coming To Durham?
  • N&O’s Hoax Editors Promoted
  • N&O Ignores Suggestion, Questions
    Candidate Cline's Extraordinary Assertion Oct 30, KC Johnson
    In Response to Pressure, Duke President Richard Brodhead Folds Like a Lawn Chair Oct 29, The Fire
    Sue & Mike Pressler inducted into the Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Hall of Fame Oct 29, LieStoppers
    Recognition helps former Duke coach move on Oct 29, The Columbus Dispatch
    Alumnae discuss Women’s Initiative Oct 29, The Chronicle
    Duke Now Quiz #3 Oct 29, John in Carolina
    Duke Announces Lacrosse Schedule; Will Face Finnerty Oct 29, WRAL
    Brodhead Review Letter Oct 29, John in Carolina
    Why the Civil Suit Matters Oct 29, KC Johnson
    Lawyers express interest in DA job Oct 28, Herald Sun
    Lacrosse case questioned as root of racial violence Oct 28, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, Oct 28
  • Favorite Duke Hoax Video
  • Sharpton Now Irrelevent?
    John in Carolina, Oct 27
  • Duke’s Hoax “conservation” policy
  • Duke Now Quiz #2
    The Chronicle’s Burness Gush Oct 26, John in Carolina
    Updates: Burness, Group in the News Oct 26, KC Johnson
    Assessing Duke's Burness Oct 25, John in Carolina
    Minister of Truth Oct 25, The Chronicle
    Come on, Cosby: Lay off talk about race Oct 25, Orlando Sentinel by Karla Holloway
    Update: McClain--Duke's De Klerk? Oct 25, KC Johnson
    Corpulent Weasel Communicator, John Burness, Was No Chubby Choirboy Oct 24, The Johnsville News
    Jena’s Myths & the Duke Hoax Oct 24, John in Carolina
    A loss, looking beyond John Burness Oct 24, The Chronicle
    Duke's 'Minister of Truth' is retiring Oct 23, Herald Sun
    Butler on Drinking Oct 23, John in Carolina
    Apocalypse now Oct 23, The Chronicle
    Pressler has hurdle to clear Oct 23, Newsobserver
    Voice of Duke during lacrosse case to retire Oct 23, Newsobserver
    Burness to vacate the VP position in June Oct 23, The Chronicle
    Duke spokesman Burness to retire on June 30 Oct 22, Herald Sun
    Burness, chief
    University spokesperson, to retire
    Oct 22, The Chronicle
    Duke Public Affairs Chief John F. Burness to Retire Oct 22, Duke News
    Reflections on the Lisker Appointment Oct 22, KC Johnson
    Duke Now Quiz #1 Oct 21, John in Carolina
    Nifong's gall knows no end Oct 21, StarNewsOnline
    Durham Committee backs Bell for mayor, Ali for councilman Oct 20, Herald Sun
    Reflections on the Piot Principles Oct 20, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, Oct 19
  • Brodhead delivers faculty talk
  • Former D.A. appeals city decision
  • Durham residents split on suit
    Racism, law discussed in N.C. Central panel Oct 19, Herald Sun
    Nervy Nifong is Bill-ified Oct 19, New York Post
    State turns down Nifong request Oct 18, Herald Sun
    Nifong appeals state's denial of aid in suit Oct 18, Newsobserver
    Duke, Dick & “Duh” Oct 18, John in Carolina
    State attorney general refuses to represent Nifong, pay fees Oct 18, Herald Sun
    State turns down Nifong's request Oct 18, Newsobserver
    State Won't Defend Nifong in Lacrosse Players' Suit Oct 18, WRAL
    The Chronicle, Oct 18
  • Nifong out of line, again
  • The duh… end the what!?!
    Updates October 18, KC Johnson
    The N&O & the Russians Oct 17, John in Carolina
    Profs Refute Coleman-Kasibhatla Oct 17, John in Carolina
    Lax case – tougher than it looks DBR, Oct 17
    The Chronicle, Oct 17
  • Lister to fill undergrad admin post
  • Site spoofs ‘Wonderland’ blog, lacrosse case
  • Frontline Durham
  • Time to think outside the socioeconomic box
  • The real sorority culprit
    Update: The Group's Openly Political Agenda Oct 16, KC Johnson
    A suit, two stories & a slime Oct 16, John in Carolina
    An independent review at Duke? Oct 16, John in Carolina
    The Civil Suit Arising Out of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case: How It Illustrates the Limits of Civil Rights Litigation Even When Serious Wrongs Have Been Done Oct 16, FindLaw
    The Chronicle, Oct 16
  • The lacrosse affair: call for an independent review
  • City concil honors Duke athletes
  • City seeks distance from ex-DA
    City honors 7 Duke championship-level teams Oct 16, Herald Sun
    Nifong asks N.C. attorney general to help defend him against suit Oct 15, Herald Sun
    Where's Piot's "KC - Shut Up?" Oct 15, John in Carolina
    Nifong Wants State to Represent Him in Civil Case Oct 15, WRAL
    The Chronicle, Pressler's Suit, & a Question Oct 15, John in Carolina
    Code of Conduct Oct 15, Gothic Wondering
    The Chronicle, Oct 15
  • Pressler files contract bridge suit
  • Homecoming a rousing success
  • Reserve judgment of Pressler lawsuit
  • The Devil’s in the detail
    Reflections on the Piot Principles Oct 15, KC Johnson
    Faking Comments Oct 14, John in Carolina
    Pressler’s law suit (pdf file) Oct 13
    NAACP to Discuss N.C. Court System Oct 12, WRAL
    Pressler files suit vs. Duke Oct 12, Herald Sun
    Former lacrosse coach Mike Pressler files lawsuit against Duke Oct 12, AP
    Pressler sues Duke over LAX firing Oct 12, Herald Sun
    Duke Responds to Pressler Lawsuit Oct 12, Duke University
    Standing up for Duke & KC and Taylor Oct 12, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Oct 12
  • Pressler files suit against University
  • Brodhead needs to apologize for more
  • Provost speaks on new report
  • University to sponsor Sat. tailgate
    Flexible Forthcoming Oct 12, KC Johnson
    He Just Might Be Evil After All Oct 11, Forty Questions
    John in Carolina, Oct 11
  • KC Johnson & “exploding myths”
  • Comments re: Duke Prof Starn's Reply
  • Did The N&O Fake a Police Report?
    Whoopi Calls On Sharpton To Apologize To Duke Players Oct 10, LiveLeak
    John in Carolina, Oct 10
  • The Chronicle’s Poll Results
  • A Suggestion For The N&O
    The Chronicle, Oct 10
  • Suit could bring welcome reforms
  • Coleman, Kasibhatla criticism is puzzling
  • For alums, inaction of profs and admins frustrating
  • Ex-laxers sue Nifong, city, DPD
  • Three students robbed off East Campus
    Parsing The Duke Lacrosse Suit Oct 9, The National Journal
    John in Carolina, Oct 9
  • A Kristin Butler "Classic" Oct 9, John in Carolina
  • Highlighting H-S Editor Ashley (Post 3)
  • Thank you, Ralph Phelan
    Until Proven Innocent - A DBR Review Oct 9, DBR
    Evaluate President Brodhead by October 29 Oct 8, FABDU
    But if Addision …? Oct 8, John in Carolina
    Reflections on the Civil Suit Oct 8, KC Johnson
    559 Lines about 14 People (and more) Oct 7, Blog of Convenience
    Suit filing & DPD Cpl. Addison (Post 1) Oct 7, John in Carolina
    Suit filing as Word.doc Oct 7, John in Carolina
    Let's look to a history of injustice Oct 7, Herald Sun
    Duke Prof. Starn’s Reply Oct 6, John in Carolina
    Commenters, Ls v. Cs, & RFK Oct 6, John in Carolina
    What do the exonerated players want? Oct 6, Newsobsever
    Duke lacrosse players suing for $30 million Oct 6, The Washington Times
    Ex-lacrosse players file civil rights suit Oct 6, Herald Sun
    Durham Faces Federal Lawsuit From Ex-Lacrosse Players Oct 6, WRAL
    How it came to this: A lacrosse case recap Oct 6, Newsobserver
    Lawsuit seeks review, powerful post Oct 6, Newsobserver
    Civil suit in lacrosse case filed Oct 6, Newsobserver
    Lax families file suit against Durham, Nifong, policeThe Chronicle, Oct 5
    John in Carolina, Oct 5
    Durham Suit filing “highlight”
  • The Coleman-Kasibhatla Letter
  • Suits Filed
  • Suits: Best reporting so far
    Duke lacrosse players file civil rights suit Oct 5, Newsobserver
    Durham Promises 'Vigorous' Fight Against Ex-Lacrosse Players' Lawsuit Oct 5, WRAL
    Civil law suit document Oct 5, Newsobserver
    Lawsuit Demands Oct 5, KC Johnson
    Evans, Finnerty, and Seligmann have filed suit against the city of Durham Oct 5,
    The Chronicle, Oct 5
  • Lacrosse apologies already came
  • Criticism of Brodhead, faculty disheartening
  • “Lacrosse players” not a homogeneous group
  • The real dirt on CCI
  • Thompson to step down in August
    Lacrosse lawsuit filing expected Oct 5, Herald Sun
    (Semi-)Hiatus Oct 5, KC Johnson
    Duke’s Friends Speak Oct 4, John in Carolina
    Too Little Too Late Oct 4, FODU
    Apologies Oct 4, KC Johnson
    Holsti Letter, Munger Response Oct 4, KC Johnson
    Durham Could Decide to Settle Pending Lacrosse Lawsuit Oct 4, WRAL
    John in Carolina, Oct 4
  • DPD March 29, 2006 Press Release
  • Starn's Distortion & Duke's Standards
    The Chronicle, Oct 4
  • More apologies necessary in lacrosse case
  • Students need rights, not education
  • Paper ethics
    Connect the Dots Oct 4, KC Johnson
    Mayor Bells addresses new Duke lacrosse document Oct 3, abc11 News
    And The Beat Goes On Oct 3, Blog of Convenience
    News Today From Durham Oct 3, John in Carolina
    Duke President Brodhead--repentant? Oct 3, LawCataBlog
    The Never-Ending Lax Case Oct 3, DBR
    Anti-Lacrosse Extremist: No Apologies Oct 3, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, Oct 3
  • All over-almost
  • Remember the students
    (Some) Good Things Did Happen in Durham Oct 3, KC Johnson
    No apology necessary Oct 2, Herald Sun by Orin Starn
    Police document details lacrosse events Oct 2, Herald Sun
    HBO grabs 'Duke Rape Case' book Oct 2,
    The Chronicle, Oct 2
  • Apologize this Oct 2, The Chronicle by Kristin Butler
  • Criticism of apology’s timing misplaced
    The N&O, Newsweek & plagiarism Oct 2, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse case stirs Duke introspection Oct 2, Herald Sun
    Reflections on the Law School Conference, II Oct 2, KC Johnson
    Columbia, Duke and the Media Oct 2, Townhall by Thomas Sowell
    What Brodhead Meant To Do Oct 1, John in Carolina
    How You Can Participate In President Brodhead’s Review Oct 1, DBR
    The Chronicle, Oct 1
  • Brodhead apologizes
  • Some laud decision; others question timing, sincerity
  • Apology welcome and needed, but flawed
  • President’s actions post-lacrosse unbelievable
    Reflections on the Law School Conference, I Oct 1, KC Johnson

    September 2007
    Brodhead’s Statement: Why Now? Sep 30, John in Carolina
    Duke leader apologizes in lacrosse case Sep 30, Newsobserver
    Duke President Issues Apology in Lacrosse Case Sep 29, WRAL
    Brodhead apologizes to lacrosse players Sep 29, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, Sep 29
  • Brodhead’s Latest Failure
  • Duke Suits & N&O’s “not clear”
    Brodhead apologizes to lax players, families Sep 29, The Chronicle
    Duke president apologizes to lacrosse players Sep 29, AP
    Duke University President Apologizes To Lacrosse Players Sep 29, Fox News
    Brodhead Apologizes Sep 29, DBR
    Duke president apologizes Sep 29, Newsobserver
    Duke President Shares Lessons Learned, Regrets About Lacrosse Case Sep 29, DukeNews
    The Court of Public Opinion Sep 28-29, DukeLaw
    Duke still trying to stave off lawsuit Sep 29, Newsobserver
    Duke discussion signals lingering vulnerability Sep 28, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, Sep 29
  • Jesse Jackson Dissembles
  • Misc.
    Jay Bilas calls for departures of Brodhead, Steel Sep 28, Herald Sun
    Brodhead’s Failed Duke (Post 2) Sep 28, John in Carolina
    A Perfect Storm Of Disgrace Sep 28, Power-Line News by Paul Mirangoff
    The Chronicle, Sep 28
  • The academic, athletic non-divide
  • Admins to fund next tailgate
  • State of Judicial Affairs is Outrageous
    More Big Red Sep 28, KC Johnson
    Economist wins top Duke teaching award Sep 28, Herald Sun
    Official: Duke discussing settlement with other lacrosse players Sep 27, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Sep 27
  • Dude, where’re my rights (the coup de grace)
  • Duke may be hit with lacrosse suit
  • Black, female faculty lacking in sciences
    Jackson, Sharpton & Dumb Sep 27, John in Carolina
    A Tale of Two Letters Sep 27, KC Johnson
    Lacrosse: The Latest Round Sep-Oct 2007 Issue, Duke Magazine
    Duke Lacrosse Players, Families Consider Lawsuit Against University Sep 26, ABCNews
    KC Johnson, Sep 26
  • Denigrating Procedure
  • More Bryan
    Site unifies Duke diversity pushes Sep 26, The Chronicle
    John in Carolina, Sep 25
  • Duke Suits and “Chains”
  • Commending Kristin Butler
    Bilas: Brodhead, Steel Should Resign Sep 25, KC Johnson
    Memo to: Editor Ashley Sep 25, KC Johnson
    The neverending story Sep 25, The Chronicle
    Brodhead Supports Athletic Program, To Push For Football Excellence Sep 25, DBR
    Duke president plans changes to athletics Sep 24, Herald Sun
    UCI's new law dean known as gentleman, scholar Sep 24, OC Register
    Medical center given $35M Sep 24, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, Sep 24
  • "Hip, hip, hypocricy"
  • To NCICU President Williams
    Billionaire funds $35M disease prevention project Sep 24, The Chronicle
    The Hypocrisy of Durham "Activists" Sep 24, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Sep 23
  • Why’s the N&O Attacking Newsweek?
  • Holloway's Two Race Standards
    Lax Case - Civil Suit Misconceptions Sep 23, DBR
    Sunday Roundup Sep 23, KC Johnson
    Murdock to make large gift to Duke Sep 22, The Chronicle
    From the Quotes File Sep 22, KC Johnson
    Lax Case - Who’s Responsible? Sep 21, DBR
    New plan for Duke athletics mission revealed Thursday Sep 21, The Chronicle
    N&O Now Lashes Out at JinC Sep 21, John in Carolina
    Top 32 Countdown, IV Sep 21, KC Johnson
    Chancellor apologizes for withdrawing offer to Duke scholar Sep 20, Herald Sun
    N&O Lashes Out at NewsweekSep 20, John in Carolina
    Durham's debate: Pay or fight Sep 20, Newsobserver
    Duke to invest $1.25M in center Sep 20, Herald Sun
    Top 32 Countdown, III Sep 20, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, Sep 20
  • Law school gets center for justice
  • Norwicki to address judicial policy
  • Admin starts 1st round of CCI talks
  • Dude, where are my rights (part po-po)
    Newsweek stretches on Duke lacrosse Sep 19, Newsobserver
    Various essays by Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson Sep 17-19, Volokh Conspiracy
    Why Durham’s In Trouble (post 1) Sep 19, John in Carolina
    Top 32 Countdown, II Sep 19, KC Johnson
    E-mails mostly nays on lacrosse settlement Sep 19, Herald Sun
    Focus on Duke's campus culture Sep 19, Herald Sun
    Who foots the bills for mistakes? Sep 19, Herald Sun
    Letter to N&O Editor Williams Sep 18, John in Carolina
    Take a bow, La Shawn Barber Sep 18, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Sep 18
  • Is $30 million too much?
  • WSJ drops Fuqua to 13 in ranking
    Top 32 Countdown, I Sep 18, KC Johnson
    Duke prof's deanship on again Sep 17, Herald Sun
    The Volokh Consipacy, Sep 17
  • Nifong: The Banality Of Evil
  • Nifong Before Lacrosse
    The N&O's "only a few days" fiction Sep 17, John in Carolina
    The Civil Suit Sep 17, KC Johnson
    The Herald-Sun - Weak, Weak, Weak Sep 17, DBR
    The Chronicle, Sep 17
  • Long-awaited win sparks jubilation, near-stragedy
  • Selective plan garners praise
  • $30M lax settlement with Durham justified
    N&O’s 9/15 Suit “recap:” My take (Con’t) Sep 16, John in Carolina
    Settlement OK, but within reason Sep 16, Herald Sun
    Should Durham settle with the lacrosse players? Sep 16, Newsobserver
    Sunday Roundup Sep 16, KC Johnson
    Student injured in revelry after football victory Sep 16, The Chronicle
    Cooper election funds disputed Sep 15, Herald Sun
    Committee endorses 2 city candidates Sep 15, Herald Sun
    N&O’s 9/15 Suit “recap:” My take Sep 15, John in Carolina
    Remembering the Good Sep 15, KC Johnson
    Now about that $30 million Sep 15, The Durham News
    Lawsuit threat revives lacrosse questions Sep 15, Newsobserver
    Times Review Sep 15, KC Johnson
    Opinions Differ About Duke Lacrosse Settlement Sep 14,
    Duke Lacrosse Case Took Its Toll on DA's Office Sep 14, WRAL
    NYT’s Until Proven Innocent review Sep 14, John in Carolina
    Wrongly Accused Sep 14, The New York Times
    An N&O news story or ad? Sep 14, John in Carolina
    Sources: Feds Making the Rounds in Duke LAX Case Sep 14,
    The Chronicle, Sep 14
  • Lax suit outcome still murky
  • Report’s recs for housing creative, on target
    Not from around here Sep 14, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse panel stuck in idle Sep 14, Newsobserver
    More Unanswered Questions Sep 14, KC Johnson
    Presumed guilty Sep 13, The Economist
    Until Proven Innocent questions Sep 13, John in Carolina
    Student groups at Duke backed Sep 13, Herald Sun
    Sweeps net charges for 22 at Duke, complaintsSep 13, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Sep 13
  • For taxpayers, lax settlement doesn’t make any sense
  • Dean Nowicki lays out plans for a fall agenda
  • Provost’s report begin to pick up CCI ‘s slack
  • Dude, where’re my rights (Part II)?
    Prof too divisive for deanship? Sep 13, Newsobserver
    Letter-Writers On The Prospect Of Durham Being SuedSep 13, DBR
    The Path Not Taken Sep 13, KC Johnson
    Durham must take responsibility Sep 12, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, Sep 12
  • 2nd CCI report offers prompts, few answers
  • Johnson chastises, lauds lax case actors
    John in Carolina, Sep 12
  • Durham's West Coast Friend
  • N&O: Students “may not have a civil case”
  • Durham Suit Costs (Post 1)
    Cost of justice Sep 12, Newsobersver
    More Blue Committee Questions Sep 12, KC Johnson
    Lacrosse case critic blasts Nifong Sep 12, Herald Sun
    Blogger calls for Duke inquiry Sep 12, Newsobserver
    Prosecution oversight: Beyond the Duke lacrosse case Sep 11, Herald Sun
    New Durham district attorney may be ineligible for the office Sep 11, AP
    Butler’s Column & My Comments Sep 11, John in Carolina
    They seek payback, not pay Sep 11, Newsobserver
    Metro: Cheshire, Bannon, Finnerty Sep 11, KC Johnson
    Only in Durham Sep 11, The Chronicle
    Open File Discovery, Grand Jury System on Trial Sep 11, Metro Magazine
    KC at Duke: A Q&A, DAs & taping Sep 10, John in Carolina
    Duke of all has his say Sep 10, Newsday
    Legal Reforms requested for prosecutorial misconduct in Durham & Supreme Court rewrites pleading requirements Sep 10, LawCataBlog
    John in Carolina, Sep 10
  • So how’s a suit made?
  • KC Johnson at Duke Tomorrow Night
  • Durham Suits & Readers’ Comments
    The Chronicle, Sep 10
  • Durham received lax settlement offer
  • $30M lax settlement appears misguided
  • Bars see return of ALE
    Lessons from Runaway Justice at Duke Sep 10, RealClearPolitics
    Unanswered Questions Sep 10, KC Johnson
    Nifong picks up where he left off before jail Sep 9, Newsobserver
    Sunday Roundup Sep 9, KC Johnson
    Sentence Over, Nifong Is Out Sep 8, WRAL
    Nifong leaves jail after ending sentence Sep 8, Herald Sun
    Nifong a free man again Sep 8, Newsobserver
    Nifong To Prison? I Think So Sep 8, John in Carolina
    Duke Prosecutor Jailed; Students Seek Settlement Sep 8, New York Times
    Nifong Released From Jail Sep 8, WRAL
    Nifong spends night in jail Sep 8, Herald Sun
    More State NAACP Hypocrisy Sep 8, KC Johnson
    McLendon Encourages Duke Community to Rebuild Mutual Trust Sep 7, Duke News
    John in Carolina, Sep 7
  • Pricing Durham Suits
  • Cheshire's Nifong Jest
    Nifong Serves His Sentence Today Sep 7, AP
    Nifong reports to Durham jail Sep 7, Newsobserver
    Nifong Reports to Jail Sep 7, WRAL
    Former DA Mike Nifong to Serve His Sentence Sep 7,
    Cleared Duke LAX Players Seek Money, Legal Reforms Sep 7, AP
    Players seek $30M settlement from city Sep 7, Herald Sun
    Nifong goes to jail just 'as anyone else' Sep 7, Herald Sun
    Saacks appointed to replace Nifong as DA Sep 7, Herald Sun
    Nifong Expected to Report to Jail Friday Sep 7, WRAL
    Guilty in the Duke Case Sep 7, Washington Post
    Dashing Due Process Sep 7, KC Johnson
    Challengers hit council over lacrosse review Sep 6, Herald Sun
    Easley chooses Nifong's successor Sep 6, Newsobserver
    Easley Appoints Durham Prosecutor to Replace Nifong Sep 6, WRAL
    “At Duke, the Massacre of Innocence” Sep 6, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, Sep 6
  • Open real dialog on tailgate
  • Documents show decrease in rights
  • Dude where are my rights (Part 1)
    Criminal inquiry sought Sep 6, Herald Sun
    SBI called on in Duke case
    Sep 6, Newsobserver
    At Duke, the Massacre of Innocence Sep 6, WSJ
    The NC AG in Durham? Sep 6, John in Carolina
    Questions for the Blue Committee Sep 6, KC Johnson
    Durham DA Asks State Investigation Sep 5, John in Carolina
    Interim DA asks Attorney General to consider criminal probe in lacrosse case Sep 5, Herald Sun
    Lacrosse lawyers in town; players likely to sue Sep 5, Newsobserver
    The Chronicle, Sep 5
  • There is no Duke
  • Post-lax, citations plummet
    “Democracy & Journalists:” Nothing So Far Sep 5, John in Carolina
    The N&O Speaks Out; Catotti & Curtis Sep 5, KC Johnson
    Open File Discovery, Grand Jury System on Trial Sep 5, Metro Magazine
    Attorneys for Former Duke Players, Durham to Discuss Possible Civil Suit Sep 5, WRAL
    Book Q&A; Various Items Sep 5, KC Johnson
    Lopez takes helm of police department Sep 4, Herald Sun
    Read 'Until Proven Innocent' Here Sep 4, ABCNews
    John in Carolina, Sep 4
  • Taylor/KC on GMA Today
  • Pick the Duke Prof
    The Chronicle, Sep 4
  • Brodie controversy could provide Brodhead preview
  • Who cares about Mike Nifong?
  • The more things change…
    Welcome Sep 4, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Sep 3
  • “Durham's Silence Is Sickening”
  • I was wrong about Judge Stephens
    On Judge Smith Sep 3, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Sep 2
  • Attorney Alex Charns Interview
  • Newsweek’s Thomas Shouldn’t Cluck
    Sunday Roundup Sep 2, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, Sep 1
  • Are Alums Just For Money?
  • Newsweek on “Until Proven Innocent”
    A Rush to Judgment Sep 1, Newsweek
    Judge Sends Duke Prosecutor to Jail Sep 1, MyWay
    Nifong guilty, gets day in jail Sep 1, Herald Sun
    Nifong gets 24 hours in jail for contempt Sep 1, Newsobserver
    Disgrace and Redemption Sep 1, KC Johnson

    August 2007
    Nifong gets jail time August 31, Newsday
    KC Johnson, August 31
  • Guilty
  • Morning in Wonderland
  • Morning Session I--Meehan: Nifong Statement to Court "False"
  • Avoiding the Issue
    Nifong found in contempt; to serve one day in jail August 31, AP
    Nifong to spend a day in jail for contempt August 31, Newsobserver
    Nifong Guilty of Criminal Contempt; Sentenced to 1 Day in Jail August 31, WRAL
    Mike Nifong Takes Stand at Contempt Hearing August 31, AP
    Shoplifting charge spurs suit August 31, Newsobserver
    Nifong Says He Plans to Testify August 31, WRAL
    Nifong might testify today on lying charge August 31, Newsobserver
    Announcements and a Follow Up August 30, by Jason Trumpbour
    Nifong’s contempt trial: a few comments August 30, John in Carolina
    Nifong hearing arguments get heated August 30, Herald Sun
    Nifong Today & "The Attorney's Lesson" August 30, John in Carolina
    DNA expert denies lacrosse case scheme August 30, Herald Sun
    Duke Prosecutor Pleads Not Guilty August 30, Newsday
    Morning Session August 30, KC Johnson
    Duke lacrosse prosecutor pleads innocent August 30, AP
    Former Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Heads to Court August 30, WRAL
    Nifong faces judge today August 30, Newsobserver
    Duke students play nice in town August 30, Newsobserver
    Highlighting H-S Editor Ashley (Post 2) August 29, John in Carolina
    Duke Says 4 Lacrosse Players Will Return August 29, WRAL
    Cabbie who figured in lacrosse case sues August 29, Herald Sun
    Editorial Page Extremists August 29, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle, August 29
  • Restoring faith in the Durham police
  • ALE stays away for 2nd year
    Nifong up on lying charge Thursday August 29, Herald Sun
    City next target in lacrosse case August 29, Herald Sun
    N&O, Duke & Player Cooperation (Post 2) August 28, John in Carolina
    Duke Chronicle, August 28
  • Bye-bye, Brodhead?
  • Students question DUPD handling of race issues
  • Patio serves up booze, food
    Review of lacrosse case halted August 28, Newsobserver
    Insurance company wants city to halt independent probe into lacrosse case August 28, Herald Sun
    Durham About To Get Sued & More High Comedy August 28, DBR
    Credentials August 28, KC Johnson
    Suits endanger lacrosse panel August 27, Newsobserver
    N&O, Duke & Player Cooperation (Post 1) August 27, John in Carolina
    Lawsuit Threat Could Suspend Duke LAX Panel August 27,
    Duke Chronicle, August 27
  • Post-lax, group boosts equality
  • Redefining normalcy
  • Donations rise nearly $40M in ‘07
  • Why we pulled the plug
    Group Profile: William Chafe August 27, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, August 26
  • New suits in Durham?
    Coleman: Durham Likely Will Settle August 26, KC Johnson
    Duff's Anniversary August 25, KC Johnson
    Lacrosse players tap legal team August 24, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, August 24
  • Duke Plans Pres Review
  • Duke Law & Annual Giving
    Nifong Ordered to Pay Nearly $9K to State Bar August 24, WRAL
    Duke Chronicle. August 24
  • Duke sets to review Brodhead
  • Duke extends Alleva’s contract
  • Rehiring Joe Alleva: A missed opportunity
  • Together at last by Richard Brodhead
  • A freshman’s guide by Kristin Butler
  • U.S. News puts Duke at eighth
  • FACs raise diversity within staff
  • Med center rated number seven
    Rewarding Joe Alleva August 24, Herald Sun by Tom Veasey
    Week in Review August 24, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, August 23
  • N&O says “lines are open”
  • Former DPD Sgt Says Top Cops Involved
    When Tim Was a Potbanger August 23 KC Johnson
    Democracy & Journalists August 22, John in Carolina
    Fact-Checking Brodhead August 22, KC Johnson
    The Department of Non-Corrections August 21, KC Johnson
    Duke Lacrosse Saga in Pictures August 20, The Johnsville News
    JinC’s Undeserved "Rewards" August 20, John in Carolina
    Group Profile: The Cultural Anthropologists August 20, KC Johnson
    Additional year at Duke eases some of O’Hara’s pain August 19, The Buffalo News
    Governor will have at least 7 choices for DA August 19, Herald Sun
    Selena's Snitch Switch August 19, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, August 18
  • Jesse Jackson hurt America
  • Highlighting H-S Editor Ashley (Post 1)
    Checking in with . . . Karla Holloway August 18, KC Johnson
    Duke & Student Safety Questions August 17, John in Carolina
    Where N.C. colleges stand nationally August 17, Newsobserver
    Week in Review August 17, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, August 16
  • Rickards’ Letter: Duke’s Silent So Far
  • Yes, the NYT & H-S. The N&O
    Hardin won't stay DA much longer August 16, Herald Sun
    The Lacrosse Case, Law & the Media August 16, KC Johnson
    DPD’s Hodge & “evidence collected” August 15, John in Carolina
    Nifong: The Dog Ate My Law License August 15, Smoking Gun
    Nifong, Unfiltered August 15, KC Johnson
    Nifong sends in his license August 15, Newsobserver
    Durham's Acting DA: Office's Image Is Biggest Hurdle August 14, WRAL
    Nifong gives up law license as ordered August 14, Herald Sun
    Correction: Brodhead Opposes Proposed Boycott August 14, John in Carolina
    Nifong in Law Reviews August 14, KC Johnson
    What Did DPD’s Hodge Say? August 13, John in Carolina
    Responding to Comments – 8/13/07 August 13, John in Carolina
    Group Profile: Below-the-Radar Members August 13, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle & “off the record.”(Post 2) August 12, John in Carolina
    Go Big Red August 12, KC Johnson
    Herald-Sun: You Want Our Opinions August 11, KC Johnson
    N&O & That Bathroom August 10, John in Carolina
    Duke's numbers & alums August 10, John in Carolina
    Week in Review August 10, KC Johnson
    After Duke Lacrosse Case, Questions Abound About Grand Juries August 10, WRAL
    The Chronicle & “off the record” August 9, John in Carolina
    Remembering the Good August 9, KC Johnson
    Duke process of the law August 9, Stanford Daily
    Blasting everyone equally August 9, Metro Spirit
    "A Credit to Our Profession" August 8, KC Johnson
    Nifong’s Apology: “On rye?” August 8, John in Carolina
    Durham’s Gangs & Nifong’s Legacy August 8, John in Carolina
    Ethics and Ambition: The Consequences of an Ambitious Duke Prosecutor August 7,
    More from Bannon on DNA August 7, KC Johnson
    The Gottlieb Files August 7, KC Johnson
    N&O Public Editor Responds August 7, John in Carolina
    Nifong disbarment order amended August 7, Newsobserver
    Editorial: Meeting the chiefs August 7, Newsobserver
    Bar amends order against Nifong August 7, Herald Sun
    Will N&O public editor August 6, John in Carolina
    Responding to Comments – 8/6/07 August 6, John in Carolina
    Group Profile: miriam cooke August 6, KC Johnson
    Good Hoax Video August 5, John in Carolina
    To The Chronicle’s New Editor August 5, John in Carolina
    The Nifong Effect August 5, KC Johnson
    Jim Cooney on the Dec. 15 Hearing August 4, KC Johnson
    Barone on Hoax Believers August 4, John in Carolina
    Nifong influenced criminal justice bills August 4, Newsobserver
    Editorial: And nothing but the truth August 4, Wilmington Star
    Opinion: Duke faculty should be shunned by students August 4, New York Newsday
    Letter to AJR Editor re: Hoax August 3, John in Carolina
    Week in Review August 3, KC Johnson
    Schools raise record amounts August 3, Herald Sun
    Bad News Isn't Necessarily So Bad August 3, Chronicle of Higher Education
    Duke lacrosse: Four seniors will return next season August 2, Inside Lacrosse
    Duke lacrosse bathroom questions ( A repost) August 2, John in Carolina
    Channeling Roman Hruska August 2, KC Johnson
    Let’s See That Bathroom August 1, John in Carolina
    Nifong N&O Anonymous Source (Post 2) August 1, John in Carolina
    The Lacrosse Case According to the JBHE August 1, KC Johnson
    Durham police prepare responses in lacrosse case August 1, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse committee chairman meets Durham officials August 1, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse panel may expand questions August 1, Herald Sun

    July 2007
    Duke Hoax Questions for the N&O July 31, John in Carolina
    Nifong Backers: "We're Afraid of Smith" July 31, KC Johnson
    Devil's Advocate: What the Duke Lacrosse Case Means for Michael Vick July 31, Bleacher Report
    Sheehan & Burness Sighed July 30, John in Carolina
    Group Profiles: Maurice Wallace July 30, KC Johnson
    Lawyer known as calm voice July 30, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse house ... what if ? July 30, Newsobserver
    Feminism's legacy: YouTube catfights July 30, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Nifong an N&O anonymous source (Post 1) July 29, John in Carolina
    New Duke Position July 29, KC Johnson
    Nifong charge may be a first July 28, Herald Sun
    The N&O & "Bullies" July 28, John in Carolina
    Prof. Ho Responds July 28, KC Johnson
    An apology in Duke case July 27, Newsday
    Lawyer looks to tough job ahead July 27, Herald Sun
    AJR & N&O's "No Anons" Hoax July 27, John in Carolina
    More Academic Embarrassment July 27, KC Johnson
    Nifong Apologizes - Who’s Next?July 27, DBR
    Week in Review July 27, KC Johnson
    Nifong makes unequivocal apology for lacrosse case July 27, Newsobserver
    Former DA makes emotional apology July 27, Herald Sun
    Nifong Admits: No Crime in Lacrosse Case July 26, AP
    John in Carolina, July 26
  • Nifong's Apology: Some Thoughts (Post 1)
  • Innocent: N&O Still Claims "Racial Slurs"
    Nifong apologizes to lacrosse players July 26, Newsobserver
    WRAL, July 26
  • Mike Nifong July 26 Court Statement
  • Nifong Offers Apology to Former Lacrosse Players
  • Lacrosse Defense Attorneys Drop Request for Sanctions Against Nifong
    Hearing in Nifong's criminal contempt case to be held Thursday July 26, Herald Sun
    Nifong Criminal Case in Court Thursday July 26, WRAL
    The Vick Case July 26, KC Johnson
    Excusing Brodhead Hurts Duke July 25, John in Carolina
    Duke Chronicle, July 25
  • Brodhead and Dzao: 2 leaders, 3 years at Duke
  • Diversity enrollment trends point up
  • Pressler speaks out at signing
  • Making campus culture change a reality
  • In as undergrad dean, Nowicki will work to define his role, Duke
  • Ranking the Rankings
    Analyzing the Defense 13 July 25, KC Johnson
    Duke taking steps on alcohol abuse July 25, Herald Sun
    Duke's Moneta: "Nothing To Add." Really? July 24, John in Carolina
    The Times: Still Misleading July 24, KC Johnson
    Duke to hire associate dean on drug, alcohol issues July 24, Herald Sun
    NC lawmakers approve lineup, interrogation recording standards July 23, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, July 23
  • Nifong & Duke's FERPA Fake
  • INNOCENT: "If only" letters (Post 1)
    Group Profile: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva July 23, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Duke’s FERPA Fakes July 22, John in Carolina
    Sunday Roundup July 22, KC Johnson
    Whichard Com., Sgt. Shelton & Cpl. Addison John in Carolina, July 21
    Duke lacrosse case panel looks at police leadership July 21, Newsobsever
    Lacrosse defense: What of top cops' role? July 21, Herald Sun
    Best Whichard Committee Coverage July 20, John in Carolina
    Group Profile: The Latin Americanists KC Johnson, July 21
    John in Carolina, July 20
  • Murphy whines; JinC says, “Snow what”
  • Whichard Committee Expectations (Post 1)
    Defense Attorney: Rush to Prove Guilt in Duke Lacrosse Case July 20, WRAL
    KC Johnson, July 20
  • Whichard Committee Opens
  • Attorneys' Presentation
  • Cooney Presentation
  • More Cooney: Lineup Procedures
  • Cooney: Problems with Inquiry
  • Cheshire Statement
  • More from Cheshire
  • Question Session
  • Summarizing the Day
  • The Defense Thirteen
    Durham PD Under Microscope for Duke Lacrosse Case July 20, WRAL
    Durham's new police chief arrives July 20 Newsobserver
    Review of police in lacrosse case opens today July 20, Newsobserver
    Liddy Dole's On the Case July 20, KC Johnson
    Duke and the Police
    July 19, Jason Trumpbour
    New Durham police chief defends department July 19, Herald Sun
    Funderburk enters race for council July 19, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, July 19
  • MSM Narrative "Right;" Only "Facts Wrong"
  • AJR’s Hoax article’s biggest failing?
    Durham Makes Conn. Cop Its New Police Chief July 9, WRAL
    Lopez named Durham police chief July 19, Newsobserver
    NPR: Our Side Is the Right Side July 19, KC Johnson
    Barber picked as counsel for lacrosse panel July 19, Herald Sun
    Lawyer will advise review of Durham police July 19, Newsobserver
    INNOCENT:“Rape-Crisis” Feminism July 18, John in Carolina
    Nifong's attorneys seek delay in case July 18, Newsobserver
    The Lacrosse Case According to NPR July 18, KC Johnson
    Nifong contempt hearing delayed July 17, Herald Sun
    Nifong Gets More Time to Fight Contempt Charges July 17,
    Justice Delayed June/July 2007, American Journalism Review
    John in Carolina, July 17
  • A Word For Wendy Murphy
  • INNOCENT: “Ethics” & “Open Season” At NPR Marlette and Gurganus July 17, KC Johnson
    Faith and the Duke Lacrosse Case July 16, Joan Collins
    Duke: The greatest story never told July 16, Newsday
    INNOCENT: This Made Me Smile July 16, John in Carolina
    Exonerated Duke suspect awaits fresh start at Brown July 16, The Brown Daily Herald
    Tina Walker: Women at risk of sexual assault, education and support needed July 16, Herald Sun
    Duke, NCCU collaboration takes root with STEM July 16, Newsobserver
    Hailing the AP July 16, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, July 15
  • INNOCENT: Is Whichard in a jam?
  • Cross Burnings, Seligmann & The H-S’s Double Standard
    Sunday News July 15, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Disbarment Order – Short Form July 14, John in Carolina
    Nifong & Grace July 14, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Duke’s Burness Made Me Smile July 13, John in Carolina
    State bar files formal disciplinary order July 13, Herald Sun
    Sources: Lopez police chief pick July 13, Herald Sun
    Lopez apparent choice for chief July 13, Newsobserver
    Nifong must pay hearing costs July 13, Newsobserver
    Group Profile: Joseph Harris July 13, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, July 12
  • The Real Mike Nifong
  • INNOCENT: NC Bar Disbarment Order & Comments
    KC Johnson, July 12
  • Nifong Disbarred: Official Findings
  • The Baker Letter--Slightly Modified
  • The Bowen/Chambers Report in Retrospect
    Lopez poised to be Durham police chief July 12, Newsobserver
    Nifong gets lawyer for July 26 hearing July 12, Newsobserver
    Finnerty to play lacrosse for Loyola July 12, Baltimore Sun
    Nappy-Headed Hoax July 11, Human Events by Ann Coulter
    Finnerty to transfer to Loyola, Md. July 12, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, July 11
  • INNOCENT: The AP needs to correct Finnerty story
  • INNOCENT: Duke's Very Small Bathroom
    Former Duke Player Finnerty Will Attend Loyola, MD July 11,
    How I knew there was no rape July 10, Herald Sun
    The Depositions and the Whichard Committee, II July 11, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, July 10
  • DPD/Duke 3/29 Mtg.: More Questions
  • INNOCENT: Will Steel Resign?
    Steel shouldn't serve as Duke board's chair July 10, Herald Sun by Ed Rickards
    The Depositions and the Whichard Committee, I July 10, KC Johnson
    Duke case affecting others? July 10, Herald Sun
    Durham’s Bank & H-S Problems July 9, John in Carolina
    The Linwood Wilson Deposition July 9, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: About Race & Opportunity July 8, John in Carolina
    Sunday Review July 8, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Durham & America July 7, John in Carolina
    The Phantom Menace July 7, KC Johnson
    Duke Lacrosse Review Panel Schedules First Meeting July 6, WRAL
    Lacrosse panel sets first meeting July 6, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, July 6
  • INNOCENT: Prof. Haagen & Seligmann comments
  • INNOCENT: Professor Haagen Responded
  • INNOCENT: Mystery Writer on “Nifong’s Follies”
    Group Profile: Kathy Rudy July 6, KC Johnson
    Duke Names Seven New Members to Board of Trustees July 5,
    Lehigh Hires Duke Assistant Cassese July 5, LaxMagazine
    John in Carolina, July 5
  • INNOCENT: Brodhead didn't even whisper
  • Durham Mayor’s Bank Problems
  • INNOCENT: A Great Duke Story at Johnsville
    The Himan Deposition July 5, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: A Nifong & Brodhead Parody July 4, John in Carolina
    Ignoring Academic Procedure July 4, KC Johnson
    John in Carolina, July 3
  • INNOCENT: Ross Pipes Wasn’t “Confused”
  • INNOCENT: At The N&O Race Matters
    Defending the Indefensible July 3, KC Johnson
    Nifong resignation ends ouster effort July 3, Newsobserver
    Nifong's resignation ends bid to have him removed July 2, Herald Sun
    Cheshire Named President of NC Academy of Trial Lawyers July 2, WRAL
    INNOCENT: Changing Nifonged July 2, John in Carolina
    Hearing terminated after Nifong resigns July 2, Newsobserver
    Nifong Submits Immediate Resignation July 2, WRAL
    Nifong's Reign Formally Ends July 2, KC Johnson
    One way or another, Nifong out today July 2, Newsobserver
    Nifong Expected to Submit Resignation Monday July 2, WRAL
    More Royalist Than the King July 2, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: DPD’s Real Shelton Problems July 1, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse probe has much fodder July 1, Newsobserver
    Sunday Review July 1, KC Johnson

    June 2007
    Closing the Möbius June 30, Blog of Convenience
    5 weigh return to Duke lacrosse June 30, Baltimore Sun
    Brodhead Wins a Sheldon June 30, KC Johnson
    Focus on Nifong misses other important issues June 30, Joe Dibona
    John in Carolina, June 29
  • INNOCENT: Anderson’s Yeager/Pressler Review
  • INNOCENT: Nifong vs. Nifong
    Mike Nifong: The transcript June 29, Newsobserver
    Nifong doesn't appear at hearing June 29, Newsobserver
    The Meehan Deposition June 29, KC Johnson
    Nifong’s Troubles Worsen June 29, DBR
    Judge says Nifong must attend contempt hearing June 28, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, June 28
  • Nifong Hearing
  • Nifong Deposition: Personal Issues
    WRAL, June 28
  • Nifong Removal Hearing Continued; Date Set for Criminal Contempt Hearing
  • Judge Sets Court Date for Nifong to Face Criminal Contempt Charges
    Newsobserver, June 28
  • Nifong says he'll resign Monday
  • Judge might fire Nifong
    Sources: Nifong Not Expected at Hearing, Wants to Resign Monday June 27, WRAL
    Herald Sun, June 27
  • Nifong may be ouster no-show
  • Hardin hires ex-investigator as senior legal assistant
    John in Carolina, June 27
  • INNOCENT: Walter Abbott, Citizen Journalist
  • INNOCENT: To Prof. Haagen re: Seligmann threats
    Linwood Bails on Nifong June 27, KC Johnson
    Herald Sun, June 26
  • Let's strive for justice for all
  • Judge blasts fired investigator
  • Wilson says he doubted accuser
  • Double DA pay not seen lasting long
    INNOCENT: Nifong’s “f” & Sgt. Shelton June 26, John in Carolina
    Nifong Deposition, Part I June 26, KC Johnson
    Nifong says DA job came with no strings attached June 25, Herald Sun
    Nifong removal hearing set Thursday June 25, Herald Sun
    Nifong's Top Investigator Toppled June 25, WRAL
    Nifong's chief investigator out of a job June 25, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, June 25
  • INNOCENT: Remove Nifong Now
  • INNOCENT: Brodhead Wins Sheldon Award
    Judge sets hearing on Nifong's removal June 25, Newsobserver
    Weekly Roundup June 25, KC Johnson
    Any sympathy for the Durham devil? June 24, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse caller was ID'd ealy in probe June 24, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, June 24
  • INNOCENT: Another Opportunity From DPD
  • INNOCENT: N&O asks about "f" word.
    Prosecutor Becomes Prosecuted June 24, The New York Times
    Latest Lax News June 24, DBR
    The Gottlieb Deposition June 24, KC Johnson
    Durham resident next president of N.C. Bar Association June 23, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, June 23
  • INNOCENT: H-S Not Wrong In This Case (Post 2)
  • INNOCENT: McClancy for Duke Prez?
    Still Foolish June 23, KC Johnson
    Nifong's Past Casework Could Get a 2nd Look in Wake of Duke Case June 23, WRAL
    Newsobserver, June 23
  • A steadying hand
  • Nifong leaves a case in limbo
  • Contempt accusations loom
  • Krzyzewski: Lacrosse players, families "incredible"
    Herald Sun, June 22
  • Let's hope Nifong case starts a trend
  • Motion may lead to jail for Nifong
  • Coach K talks about a variety of topics
    Duke Case Lawsuit: Mike Nifong, Duke Univ, NY Times Face Own Lynching June 22, The Post Chronicle by Thomas Sowell
    INNOCENT: Grandparent speaks up for DPD June 22, John in Carolina
    Coach K Comments on the Duke Lacrosse Case June 22,
    Nifong accused of criminal contempt June 22, Newsobserver
    Embattled Duke Rape Case Prosecutor Mike Nifong Could Get Jail Time June 22, Fox News
    Newsobserver, June 22
  • Hardin vows transparency as DA
  • Pressler gets to 'The Truth'
  • Prowling for scraps of Nifong
    Hardin's Choices June 22, KC Johnson
    Hardin pledges fresh start in DA office June 21, Herald Sun
    Former Duke Lacrosse Coach Signs Books, Reflects on Case June 21, WRAL
    Pressler says police used coercive tactics June 21, Herald Sun
    INNOCENT: Duke's "baggage" problems June 21, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, June 21
  • Due process of 88 by KC Johnson
  • Judgment day by Kristin Butler
  • So long, Mike Nifong
  • A great day for ‘North Carolina’
  • Students and administration say Bar made right move
  • Nifong resigns, loses law license; sheriff takes badge
  • Nowicki named as undergard dean
    Former Duke Lacrosse Coach Slams Nifong June 21, WRAL
    Duke Natural Sciences Dean Steve Nowicki Named Dean of Undergraduate Education June 21, Duke Univeristy
    Lacrosse case detectives have secured legal help June 21, Herald Sun
    Hardin Returns As Durham's Top Prosecutor June 21, WRAL
    Hardin returns as Durham DA June 21, Newsobserver
    Judge Tjoflat's Perspective June 21, KC Johnson
    Nifong's Legacy, Feminism's Shame June 20, The Washington Post
    Racial Role Reversal June 20, Wall Street Journal
    A tragedy in black & white Jun 20, Chicago Sun-Times
    88 reasons to despise Duke more June 20, The Washington Times
    INNOCENT: The N&O’s “Duke deal” story June 20, John in Carolina
    Motion expected to sanction Nifong June 20, Herald Sun
    Easley taps Hardin as Durham DA June 20, Newsobserver
    On the Bookshelf, II June 20, KC Johnson
    Duke deal shields faculty June 20, Newsobserver
    Nifong suspended, surrenders keys, ID June 19, Herald Sun
    INNOCENT: Thanks again, Beth Brewer June 19, John in Carolina
    Nifong Served With Suspension Order June 19, WRAL
    Judge suspends Nifong immediately June 19, AP
    Other reputations rose and fell, too June 19, Newsobserver
    Judge to suspend dallying Nifong today June 19, Newsobserver
    Judge to suspend disbarred Duke prosecutor June 19, AP
    A Wild Day June 19, KC Johnson
    Duke Law Professor Discusses Possible Legal Changes (video) June 18, WRAL
    Durham judge to suspend Nifong June 18, Newsobserver
    Bar hearing solidifies push for city probe June 18, Herald Sun
    Nifong to step down July 13 June 18, Herald Sun
    Nifong Submits Resignation Letter June 18, WRAL
    Easley: Nifong should step down now June 18, Newsobserver
    Duke reaches settlement with players June 18, AP
    Duke U Settles Potential Law Suit With Students June 18, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Duke and Three Families Settle June 18, KC Johnson
    Duke announce settlement with indicted laxers June 18, The Chronicle
    INNOCENT: A Zany & Dangerous Letter June 18, John in Carolina
    Nifong WILL Be Sued, Says Student Victim June 18, John F. Banzhaf III
    Ex-Duke lacrosse player doesn’t ‘feel’ for Nifong June 18, MSNBC
    Now what about those Duke professors June 18, Townhall
    D.A.'s downfall June 18, Newsobserver
    Easley awaiting Nifong resignation June 18, Newsobserver
    Unheralded and exonerated June 18,
    An uncertain future awaits DA June 18,
    My Final Open Letter to Michael Byron Nifong June 18, William L. Anderson
    Reflections on the Hearing June 18, KC Johnson
    Disbarment may not be end for Nifong June 17, USA Today
    INNOCENT: A gutsy and wise Duke Prof June 17, John in Carolina
    Disbarred Duke prosecutor's future dim June 17, AP
    Newsobserver, June 17
  • Nifong stripped of law license for lacrosse case misconduct
  • Outcome turned on close calls
  • Leaders say penalty will improve lawyers' image
    Comments of Disciplinary Panel’s Chairman June 17, The New York Times
    Sunday Hearing Roundup June 17, KC Johnson
    Herald Sun, June 16
  • State Bar takes Nifong's law license
  • Community largely expected Bar's decision
  • Brodhead releases statement on DA's disbarment
    Thoughts On The Fall Of Nifong & Related Issues June 16, DBR
    State Bar Finds Nifong Guilty on 27 Counts Misconduct June 16, The Chronicle
    INNOCENT: Duke Helped Nifong June 16, John in Carolina
    Bar Accepts Nifong's Offer to Surrender Law License June 16, WRAL
    Nifong Seeks Disbarrment, Gets It, But More to Come June 16, John F. Banzhaf III
    Former Duke Prosecutor Nifong Disbarred June 16, ABC News
    Bar strips Nifong of his law license June 16, Newsobserver
    Duke prosecutor: He should be disbarred June 16, AP
    Nifong Guilty Finding Bolsters Law Suits June 16, John F. Banzhaf III
    KC Johnson, June 16
  • Nifong Accepts Disbarment
  • MaryEllen Finnerty
  • David Evans
  • Bar Character Witnesses--Jerry Parnell
  • Verdict
  • Freedman Closing
  • Brocker Follow-up
  • Nifong Closing Statement
  • Nifong and DNA: Closing Statement
  • Nifong False Statements
  • Bar's Closing Statements, Continued
  • Closing Arguments: "Minister of Injustice"
  • Nifong Trial, Day Four
    INNOCENT: Nifong, “Alleged” & The N&O June 16, John in Carolina
    Law Expert: Cleared Player's Testimony Devastating for Nifong June 16, WRAL
    'Something Happened,' Nifong Maintains June 16, WRAL
    Nifong to resign, denies lying June 16, Newsobserver
    Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out June 16, DBR
    Facing Sanction, Duke Prosecutor Says He’ll Resign June 16, The New York Times
    Reaction to Mike Nifong's Resignation June 15, WRAL
    DA's apology evokes doubts of sincerity, awe June 15, Herald Sun
    Reactions to Nifong's resignation June 15, Newsobserver
    Embattled Nifong Says He'll Resign June 15, WRAL
    Nifong to resign June 15, Herald Sun
    INNOCENT: Can Nifong Be Prosecuted? June 15, John in Carolina
    DA Nifong Resigns Hoping to Cut Losses June 15, John F. Banzhaf III
    Nifong says he'll quit as district attorney June 15, Newsobserver
    Duke DA Mike Nifong says he'll resign June 15, AP
    Duke DA says he 'maybe got carried away' June 15, AP
    Nifong admits making improper comments June 15, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, June 15
  • Nifong Character Witnesses
  • Tara Levicy
  • Nifong: "Something Happened"
  • Nifong: "I Don't Read Files"
  • Nifong Cross
  • Nifong Resigns
  • Nifong Implodes
  • Mangum and the Case
  • Nifong: Afternoon Session
  • Nifong and DNA
  • Nifong and the Police: The Lineups
  • Nifong Timeline
  • Nifong and the Police: March
  • Nifong and the Case
  • Nifong to the Stand
  • Nifong Motion
  • Reade Seligmann Testimony
  • Nifong Trial, Day Three
    Nifong had fits of anger, two lawyers testify June 15, Newsobserver
    Prosecutor: Nifong did it all wrong June 15, Newsobserver
    Accused Lacrosse Player, Durham DA Expected to Testify Today June 15, WRAL
    Pressler’s Book Selling Well June 15, DBR
    At Ethics Hearing, Duke Prosecutor Is Called Unprofessional June 15, New York Times
    Lacrosse lawyers 'bewildered' by DNA report June 14, Newsobserver
    John in Carolina, June 14
  • INNOCENT: Nifong, The N&O and Race
  • INNOCENT: Cheshire Made Me Smile
  • INNOCENT: Poetic justice & The Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, June 14
  • Professor Bannon's Visual Aid
  • Jim Fox Testimony
  • Grayson Kelly testimony
  • Marsha Goodenow Testimony
  • Bannon Cross-Examination
  • More Bannon Testimony
  • Bannon on the Stand
  • Nifong Trial, Day II
    The Chronicle, June 14
  • Nifong was aware of problems in case, Himan tells State Bar
  • Lawyer’s perspective lacks analysis, polish
  • Despite melodrama, Yaeger hits on ‘Truth’
  • Pressler, Duke reached settlement
  • At Duke, things aren’t so blue after all
    WRAL, June 14
  • N.Y Professor’s Blog Highlights Duke Lacrosse Case
  • Accused Lacrosse Players May Testify Today
    Lab director: no conspiracy to hide Duke lacrosse case evidence June 14, AP
    Officer: I initially believed accuser's story June 13, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, June 13
  • Bannon Testimony
  • SBI Testimony
  • Meehan Cross-Examination
  • Meehan Testimony
  • Himan Cross-Examination
  • Himan's Home Runs
    WRAL, June 13
  • DNA Lab Director Takes Stand
  • Legislation Could Open Locked Doors of Grand Jury Process
  • Investigator Faces Extensive Cross-Examination From Nifong Attorneys
    John in Carolina, June 13
  • INNOCENT: What Nifong Didn’t Do
  • INNOCENT: The Addison Opportunity (Post 3)
  • INNOCENT: DPD Panel can subpoena
  • INNOCENT: Prof. Coleman’s Letter
    Testimony Continues in Nifong's State Bar TrialJune 13, WRAL
    Nifong had doubts, witness says
    June 13, Newsobserver
    Officer testifies Nifong pressed case with inadequate evidence June 13, Herald Sun
    Damage Done In Nifong Case June 13, DBR
    Nifong supporter removed from trial June 12, Newsobserver
    Durham Fills Last Seat on Police Investigation Panel June 12, WRAL
    KC Johnson, June 12
  • Himan Bombshells
  • Himan Testimony
  • Wade Smith Cross-exam
  • Morning Highlights
  • Wade Smith Testimony
  • Freedman Statement
  • Jean Statement
    INNOCENT: Nifong Trial (Post 1) June 12, John in Carolina
    Newsobserver, June 12
  • Lacrosse case panel needs 12th person
  • Contrasting pictures of Nifong emerge
  • Nifong's misconduct trial starts today
    Duke lacrosse prosecutor faces own trial June 12, AP
    Nifong on Trial June 12, WRAL
    Nifong's Guessing Game June 12, KC Johnson
    DA Nifong’s Explosive Ethics Trial Begins Tomorrow June 11, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Council upset over corporal's letter June 11, Herald Sun
    Police delayed talking to accuser in lacrosse case June 11, Herald Sun
    Ex-Coach Discusses Duke Lacrosse Case June 11, WRAL
    John in Carolina, June 11
  • INNOCENT: The Addison Opportunity (Post 2)
  • INNOCENT: Three "Great Paragraphs"
    An Open Letter to the Duke Lacrosse Families June 11, William L. Anderson
    A big week ahead for Mike Nifong June 11, Herald Sun
    On the Bookshelf June 11, KC Johnson
    Durham DA Heads to Trial Over Duke Case June 10, WRAL
    John in Carolina, June 10
  • INNOCENT: DPD’s Sorry Addison
  • INNOCENT: The Addison Opportunity
    Herald Sun, June 10
  • Abusive leaders by David Addison
  • Nifong's career on the line
    Nifong, bar will both be judged June 10, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, June 10
  • Addison: Police Are The Victims
  • Sunday Review
    INNOCENT: A blogger "shines a light" June 9, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse panel nearly filled June 9, Herald Sun
    Chief hopeful sticks to boast on mistakes June 9, Newsobserver
    Case study June 9, Newsobserver
    Jesse Jackson's Moral Certainty June 9, KC Johnson
    The Unbalanced Panel June 8, KC Johnson
    City appoints four more to lacrosse panel June 8, Herald Sun
    Duke, ex-coach settle up June 8, Newsobserver
    Durham P.D. Committee Almost Complete June 8, DBR
    The Group as Great Teachers? June 8, KC Johnson
    Catotti Strikes Again June 7, KC Johnson
    Duke settles with former lacrosse coach June 7, AP
    Duke, Ex-Lacrosse Coach Reach Settlement June 7, WRAL
    June 7, John in Carolina
  • INNOCENT: Law Prof Wants Students Treated Fairly
  • INNOCENT: Catotti Country (Post 3)
    June 7, The Chronicle
  • Duke should condemn unlawful acts by police by Jason Trumpbour
  • ‘Our continuing support’ by Kristin Butler
  • NCAA’s waiver bold, and on target
  • Review of AD Alleva underway
  • Alumni pony up for lax ads
  • Five chosen for DPD inquiry
  • Citizens question would-be chiefs
  • Sans Duke dollars, Durham dries
    Judge promises local hearing for Nifong June 7, Herald Sun
    Durham DA may face another entanglement June 7, Newsobserver
    Nifong - Sanctions Now Possible From Three Different Sources June 7, DBR
    Smith Cautions Nifong June 7, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT:Praise for the Herald Sun June 6, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse Judge Could Also Discipline Nifong June 6, WRAL
    Potential lacrosse case panelist has ties to police June 6, Herald Sun
    Chief hopefuls face the public June 6, Herald Sun
    3 finalists face the music of Durham police chief job June 6, Newsobserver
    The Nartey Dilemma June 6, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Hodge For Police Chief? June 5, John in Carolina
    In Praise of Ryan McFadyen June 5, Bill Anderson
    John Feinstein, and the Unbearable Lightness of America's Sportswriters June 5, KC Johnson
    Call Me Feinstein June 5, DBR
    INNOCENT: Brodhead in Philly Questions June 4, John in Carolina
    Overlooking Brad Ross June 4, KC Johnson
    Getting ahead in the future June 4, Carroll County Times
    June 3, John in Carolina
  • DPD's Sgt. Shelton & Cpl. Addison
  • INNOCENT: Catotti Country (Post 2)
  • INNOCENT: Cotatti Country
    Sunday Roundup June 3, KC Johnson
    Another newspaper ad praises Duke lacrosse team June 3, Newsobserver
    Nifong employs advice policy June 3, Herald Sun
    Blog: Assessing the Duke ruling June 3, Washington Times
    Only in Durham June 2, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Neff Misspeaks (Post 4) June 2, John in Carolina
    INNOCENT: Councilman Questions DPD Actions June 2, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse panel taking shape June 2, Newsobserver
    Durham approves lacrosse investigation June 2, Newsobserver
    City Council names first five investigators to lacrosse case panel June 2, Herald Sun
    Duke's Players Still Questionable June 1, Lacrosse Magazine
    Duke's New Party Line June 1, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Neff Misspeaks (Post 3) June 1, John in Carolina
    INNOCENT:Durham Mayor Rips Baker, Staff June 1, John in Carolina
    June 1, News & Observer
  • 'Nifong effect' worries prosecutors
  • How lawyers are disciplined
  • Ex-justice may head review in lacrosse case
    Lacrosse probe may have director June 1, Herald Sun
    Duke lacrosse lawyers to speak at Bar convention June 1, Jacksonville Daily Record
    Nifong Says He Won't Resign June 1,
    Fallout from Duke case clouds future rape trials June 1, Houston Chronicle

    May 2007
    Defending the Durham Status Quo May 31, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: DPD & Duke Contacts: Questions May 31, John in Carolina
    Duke lacrosse players get back lost year May 31, Newsobserver
    Extra year for lacrosse players May 31, Herald Sun
    Duke Players Given Extra Eligibility May 31, New York Times
    Danowski, Kjellman capture 2007 Tewaaraton honors May 31, Inside Lacrosse
    The Jimmy Regan story on ABC News May 30, Inside Lacrosse
    The Deutsch Files May 30, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Duke Loses to Brown May 30, John in Carolina
    INNOCENT: N&O’s Neff Misspeaks (Post 2) May 30, John in Carolina
    Duke Lacrosse: The Players Already Were Vindicated May 30, Bill Anderson
    Duke alum: Give lacrosse an ovation May 30, Newsobserver
    Seligmann to play lacrosse at Brown May 30, Newsobserver
    Councilman calls for audit of city police May 30, Herald Sun
    Notes show lacrosse case trial was expected May 30, Herald Sun
    Duke's scandal gave our state a new sport May 30, New Bern Sun Journal
    An experience unlike any other for Danowskis May 30, New York Newsday
    Editorial: Duke team takes field, moves on May 30, St. Petersburg Times
    Standing Out May 29, KC Johnson
    AP NewsBreak: Cleared Duke lacrosse player will attend Brown May 29, Newsobserver
    More Sports Reporters May 29, KC Johnson
    Beard on Lacrosse: Duke's season of redemption comes to end May 29, Newsobserver
    An emotional end to season of redemption for Duke May 29, Inside Lacrosse
    Commentary: Duke lacrosse inspiring May 29, Kansas City Star
    Statement game May 29,
    Duke Lacrosse Team Caps Year of Turmoil May 28, NPR
    A team of their own May 28, Yahoo Sports
    INNOCENT: N&O’s Neff Misspeaks at Press Club May 28, John in Carolina
    Unsung Heroes May 28, KC Johnson
    Danowski showing right touch in leading Duke out of dark period May 28, Newsobserver
    Family ties help bind Duke May 28, Newsobserver
    Danowski's approach yields results for Devils May 28, Herald Sun
    Year After Scandal, a Sport Thrives May 28, New York Times
    Band of brothers May 28,
    Editorial: Duke lacrosse destined for greatness today on ESPN May 28, Lake Ozark Expo
    Sunday Review May 27, KC Johnson
    Lacrosse case leaving mark in courts May 27, Newsobserver
    Blue Devils getting to savor experience that was lost in '06 May 27, Newsobserver
    An emotional time May 26,
    Best Duke-Cornell Game Coverage May 26, John in Carolina
    The Astonishing Mr. Chalmers May 26, KC Johnson
    Pressler can only watch his recruits vie for the title May 25, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse team on goal May 26, Herald Sun
    Devils' duo plays pitch, catch, score May 26, Herald Sun
    INNOCENT: Duke & 88’s disaster grows May 25, John in Carolina
    Year later, Devils seek first title, vindication May 25, Baltimore Sun
    The Group of 88: Non-Endorsement "Endorsements" May 25, KC Johnson
    Council backs look at police May 25, Newsobserver
    Council to probe police's handling of case May 25, Herald Sun
    LI soldier added to Army Special Ops memorial May 25, New York Newsday
    A defender's ups and downs in Durham May 25, Philadelphia Inquirer
    A Feel-Good Time for Duke Lacrosse May 25, Greensboro News-Record
    May 24, John in Carolina
  • Durham votes DPD Probe; Chalmers speaks out
  • INNOCENT: H-S v. N&O – 5-24-07
  • INNOCENT: Any N&O accountability?
    Who Are the Clarifiers? May 24, KC Johnson
    Duke petitions NCAA for extra year May 24, Newsobserver
    DA races may become nonpartisan May 24, Newsobserver
    Council gives nod to DPD inquiry May 24, The Chronicle
    Shifting Standards May 23, KC Johnson
    DPD Outside Investigation Questions May 23, John in Carolina
    May 23, News & Observer
  • N.C. Senate approves changes to open discovery law
  • Danowski: Duke's pursuit of extra eligibility year 'a long shot'
  • Dismissal bears marks of Duke lacrosse case
    Duke lacrosse: Jeers to cheers May 23, Herald Sun
    Duke files appeal for lacrosse eligibility May 23, Herald Sun
    Patrick Baker, City Manager May 22, KC Johnson
    Durham mayor likely to let list for review May 22, Newsobserver
    Council members back call for lacrosse case investigation May 22, Herald Sun
    To Durham’s Mayor & City Council May 21, John in Carolina
    Upholding "Separate-but-Equal" Justice May 21, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT:A&S Faculty Dean Responded May 20, John in Carolina
    Sunday Review May 20, KC Johnson
    Duke Lacrosse Is Focal Point Again, This Time for the Good May 20, New York Times
    INNOCENT: Cheshire’s News; JinC Comments May 19, John in Carolina
    The Dowd Case in Perspective May 19, KC Johnson
    Council to press for answers in lacrosse case May 19, Newsobserver
    Revisions May 18, KC Johnson
    Dowd, Duke & Curtis Questions May 18, John in Carolina
    Max-imum satisfaction: Duxbury’s Quinzani finds Duke lacrosse to be a perfect fit May 18, Boston Herald
    Prosecutors Feeling Impact of 'Duke Effect' May 18,
    Former Duke LAX Players to Attend Nifong's Trial May 17,
    May 17, The Chronicle
  • Attorneys Assail DPD Lax Report
  • Settlement Reached in Dowd Case
  • Editorial: Dowd Suit Settled, But Not Closed
    Duke Silent on Student Safety Questions May 17, John in Carolina
    Point of Emphasis May 17, KC Johnson
    Lacrosse bred in the bone May 17, Toronto Star
    Responding to Brodhead Comments May 16, John in Carolina
    Farred's Secrets May 16, KC Johnson
    Letter: Rush to judgment May 16, Newsobserver
    INNOCENT: When bad is good May 15, John in Carolina
    Good News from the DSG May 15, KC Johnson
    State won't probe cops in Durham May 15, Newsobserver
    Steps toward the truth May 15, Newsobserver
    Editorial: Wasted words May 15, Newsobserver
    Cooper rebuffs probe request May 15, Herald Sun
    Duke settles lawsuit with ex-lacrosse player over failing grade May 14, Newsobserver
    Duke settles lawsuit on grade May 14, Herald Sun
    Durham Mayor Meets with AG Over Duke LAX Case May 14,
    INNOCENT: Chafe responded; I’m holding May 14, John in Carolina
    Can Brodhead Survive? May 14, John in Carolina
    More Questions Than Answers May 14, KC Johnson
    Sunday Roundup May 13, KC Johnson
    Steel & Brodhead's shrinking credibity May 13, John in Carolina
    Durham mayor says lacrosse case report lacks focus May 13, Newsobserver
    After Duke lacrosse, attorneys worry about discovery law changes May 13, Newsobserver
    A police review describes flaws in Duke rape case May 12, Los Angeles Times
    Typical May 12, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Baker’s "Money Graf" May 12, John in Carolina
    Chief's take on Duke case tanks May 12, Newsobserver
    Faculty revisits case, Nifong May 12, Newsobserver
    The Duke lacrosse Class of '07 has been on quite a ride May 12, Herald Sun
    Mayor seeks probe of Duke investigation May 12, Herald Sun
    Student official: University must review policy May 12, Herald Sun
    Dowd Settlement May 11, KC Johnson
    Whitewash May 11, KC Johnson
    INNOCENT: Pressler Reveals More May 11, John in Carolina
    Duke Lacrosse Team Uses Work Ethic to Fix Image May 11, New York Times
    Friday with Farred May 11, KC Johnson
    Duke coach excoriates school in book May 10, Newsday
    City to Release Report About Duke Lacrosse Investigation May 10,
    INNOCENT: Letter to Prof. Chafe May 10, John in Carolina
    Duke Lacrosse Sings Redemption Song May 10, ABC News
    A revival, led by father and son May 10, The Washington Times
    2 mothers, 2 sons, a shared trauma May 10, Newsobserver
    Twelve (and One) Questions for the Trustees May 10, KC Johnson
    Comments Responding To Prof. Chafe May 9, John in Carolina
    Serena and the Potbangers May 9, KC Johnson
    Don Yaeger's "It's Not About the Truth" May 8, The Yin Blog
    Law School Panel May 8, KC Johnson
    Duke Earns Top Seed in 2007 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament May 7, Laxmagazine
    INNOCENT: Prof Chafe Responds May 7, John in Carolina
    Feinstein: "They're Probably Guilty of Everything but Rape" May 7, KC Johnson
    Duke Lacrosse DNA: Mystery Man Revealed May 7, ABC News
    Duke a Favorite in NCAA Lacrosse Championship May 7, WRAL
    Brad Bannon: The Unknown Solider May 7, KC Johnson
    Durham police under microscope May 6, Newsobserver
    Sunday Roundup May 6, KC Johnson
    Excerpt from It's Not About the Truth May 5, LaxPower
    In book, Pressler alleges Duke caved in to pressure May 5, Herald Sun
    Crying Wolf May 5, KC Johnson
    The unmentioned parallel to Duke rape case May 5, WorldNetDaily
    An invitation to Duke's Prof. Chafe May 4, John in Carolina
    Former Duke lacrosse coach tells his story May 4, Newsobserver
    Levicy and Linwood May 4, KC Johnson
    Bill would let DAs sit on some records May 4, Newsobserver
    Brawley Redux May 3, EphBlog
    Chafe's Conspiracy Theory May 3, KC Johnson
    Former lacrosse coach lashes out at Duke officials May 3, Newsobserver
    Latest H-S and N&O circulation numbers May 3, John in Carolina
    Levicy and Law Enforcement May 3, KC Johnson
    Wynn a perfect fit for Duke post May 2, Herald Sun
    INNOCENT: To Duke’s A&S Faculty Dean May 2, John in Carolina
    The Levicy Exam May 2, KC Johnson
    Regardless of the ‘truth’ May 2, The New Criterion
    Bringing some good out of lacrosse case May 1, Herald Sun by Robinson O. Everett
    College newspaper editor regrets column May 1, Newsobserver
    Police, DA differ on deals May 1, Newsobsever
    Some Faculty Responses To Lax Developments May 1, DBR
    The Group: Divided, Defiant, Delusional May 1, KC Johnson

    April 2007
    Duke Prosecutor Nifong Preps for His Own Trial April 30, ABC News
    Durham Police to Release Report on Duke Lacrosse Investigation April 30, WRAL
    Durham Police Address Duke LAX Case April 30,
    April 30, KC Johnson
  • Chafe: Some in Group of 88 Presumed Guilt
  • Baker: No Outside Inquiry
  • Reade Seligmann Letter April 30, KC Johnson
    April 30, The Chronicle
  • What does a social disaster sounds like? (pdf file)
  • Profs Stand by the ‘Social Disaster’ Ad
  • Picture Perfect: Duke Wins ACC Crown
    INNOCENT: A Conversation with Susan Pressler April 30, John in Carolina
    Attorney general praised for case report April 29, Herald Sun
    Devils return to greatness April 30, Newsobserver
    April 29, John in Carolina
  • N&O’s Hoax Rowback Editorial
  • INNOCENT: Duke Prof & the “I” word
  • Quasimodo rings N&O’s bell; Duke silent
  • Hoax News Items
    Duke Claims 2007 ACC Men’s Lacrosse Title With 12-9 Win Over Virginia April 29, GoDuke
    Duke Lacrosse Wins ACC Championship April 29, WRAL
    Sunday Roundup April 29, KC Johnson
    D.C. escort case ends first career April 29, Newsobserver
    34 Duke Business Students Face Stiff Penalties for Cheating April 29, WRAL
    Duke drama a case study for colleges April 28, Newsday
    Team party turned sour early April 28, Newsobserver
    INNOCENT: Duke Still Falling Short April 28, John in Carolina
    'Credibility Issues’ Undid Duke Case, Report Says> April 28, The New York Times
    The lineups that weren't? April 28, Newsobserver
    Report depicts dazed accuser April 28, Newsonsever
    Summarizing the Report April 28, KC Johnson
    A.G.’s Lax Report Released April 28, DBR
    Blue Devils Register 13-9 Win Over North Carolina To Advance To ACC Tournament Final April 27, GoDuke
    Attorney general explains dismissal April 27, Herald Sun
    AG: Accuser's claims exonerated Duke players April 27, Newsday
    AG Report Strengthens Case for Nifong Disbarrment and Liability April 27, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    John in Carolina, April 27, 2007
  • AG Roy Cooper’s report
  • Let’s flip “Nifong & the Copier”
    AG Report – Summary and Conclusions (flash format) April 27, WRAL
    AG's Probe Revealed Weaknesses in Duke Lacrosse Case April 27, WRAL
    After Year in Spotlight, Duke Lacrosse Team Ready for ACC Tournament April 27, WRAL
    Just the facts April 27, Newsobserver
    Assessing the Post April 27, KC Johnson
    AG to release Duke lacrosse report Friday April 26, News14
    Delbarton honors grad after Duke charges fall April 26, DailyRecord
    200 reasons to test DNA April 26, Baltimore Sun
    If the Herald-Sun Had an Ombudsman . . . April 26, KC Johnson

    Triple Lacrossed Justice - The Dukes & Durham
    April 25, American Chronicle
    John in Carolina, April 25, 2007
  • Countering hate
  • The N&O & “CASTRATE”
  • A Question for Duke Trustees
  • Nifong & The Copier: Be Careful
    The Chronicle, April 25, 2007
  • Center on Integrity to Leave Duke
  • Law Prof Backs Duke Lax Case
  • Critics decry local paper’s coverage
  • N.C. bill aims to change rules for DAs
  • The courage of apology
    Duke Kids Aid The Innocents April 25, New York Post
    Student column agitates NCCU April 25, Newsobserver
    The Finnerty Timeline April 25, KC Johnson
    The Good of this Place April 24, The Chronicle by Kristin Butler
    Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Eight Lessons April 24, Real Clear Politics
    Some Interesting Lax Notes April 24, DBR
    Times lax coverage comes under scrutiny April 24, The Chronicle
    Araton: No Apologies April 24, KC Johnson
    State Bar says rule spells out DA duty April 23, Herald Sun
    Innocent: Readers Refute N&O April 23, John in Carolina
    Duke Profs Receive Racist E-Mail After Lacrosse Case April 23, WRAL
    The Chronicle, April 23, 2007
  • LDOC rapper issues apology
  • Farewell
  • Med student arrested on rape charge
    A Conversation with Susan Pressler April 23, FODU by Joan Collins
    To Duke accused: I'm sorry April 23, Newsobserver
    The Times: No Harm, No Foul
    April 23, KC Johnson
    More letters on the lacrosse case April 22, Newsobserver
    The hypocrisy really is stifling April 22, Recordnet
    Revisiting The Times’s Coverage of the Duke Rape Case April 22, New York Times
    The Chronicle: Right Again April 22, KC Johnson
    No. 2 Duke takes down Army, 11-5 April 21, Inside Lacrosse
    When will Duke apologize?
    April 21, Examiner
    A Duke Conversation: Chicago April 21, KC Johnson
    Bennett President Scolds Duke Players April 20, Raleigh Chronicle
    Response to Chronicle 4/20 editorial April 20, John in Carolina
    Young stars emerge for hot Blue Devils April 20, Duke Chronicle
    Latest On Lax April 20, DBR
    Buy the N&O instead April 20, The Chronicle
    Duke lacrosse players caught in perfect storm
    April 20 The Republican
    Week in Review April 20, KC Johnson
    Fund Raising Event April 19, FODU
    Protest Held at Duke LAX House April 19, abc11tv
    New York Attorney Wants Nifong to Resign, Probe of Lacrosse Case April 19, WRAL
    Attorney Wants Nifong to Resign, Probe of Lacrosse Case April 19, WRAL
    Justice should be prosecutors' goal April 19, Herald Sun
    Keeping it together April 19, SI
    The Media in the Mud April 19, Washington Post
    Duke Magazine Letters, March-April 2007 Issue
  • More Lacrosse Lessons by George St. George
  • More Lacrosse Lessons by John F. Reiger
    Neff's Scoops April 19, KC Johnson
    Finnerty seeks investigation of Duke DA April 18, Newsday
    John in Carolina, April 18, 2007
  • Attorneys: Investigate Nifong, DPD
  • This made me smile
    What of those who can't afford expensive defense attorneys? April 18, Independent Weekly
    Media deserves hit in Duke case April 18, Newsday
    The Chronicle, April 18, 2007
  • From a proud lacrosse grandparent by G. Holman King
  • Duke University, Inc.
  • New grade appeal policy a positive step
    Herald Sun Letters, April 18, 2007
  • Where's the justice?
  • Blame Jackson, Sharpton
  • Hold Nifong accountable
  • Apology owed
  • Stand up, Durham
    Nifong, Fitzgerald, and Justice Defiled April 18, American Thinker
    Wilson's actions shape the case April 18, Newsobserver
    To the end, the account continues to change April 18, Newsobserver
    Latest On Lax April 18, DBR
    Self-Serving, Pathetic Hatred April 18, KC Johnson
    Prosecutors say ruling hamstrings them on witness interviews April 18, Herald Sun
    A Gutless Lynch Mob April 17, Thomas Sowell
    The Chronicle, April 17, 2007
  • Response: DA apology not enough
  • Lacrosse community speaks of lessons learned
    An Open Apology To The Duke Lacrosse Team April 17, Black Athlete
    Midnight blogger exposes a scandal April 17, National Post
    A Lacrosse Apology April 17, DBR
    Undisclosed DNA results go public April 17, Newsobserver
    WSJ Letters on the Group of 88 April 17, KC Johnson
    Three Cheers for Lawyers April 17, WSJ
    Ashley's Apologia April 17, KC Johnson
    An Open Letter to Collin, David, and Reade April 17, William L. Anderson
    Cloak of support April 16, SI
    2 undergrads say 'no' to Duke return April 16, Newsday
    Nifong Attorney: Resignation Not Discussed April 16,
    Why the Accuser Should Be Prosecuted April 16, FindLaw by Jonna Spilbor
    N.C.’s Top Prosecutor ‘Offended’ by Nifong’s Behavior April 16, WRAL
    Redeeming the Times April 16, KC Johnson
    Nifong ignores clues from DNA tests April 16, Newsobserver
    Duke: So many are to blame April 15,
    The Duke Case: Innocent April 15, CBS 60 Minutes
    When Women Cry Wolf About Rape April 15, American Thinker
    N.C.’s Top Prosecutor ‘Offended’ by Nifong’s Behavior April 15, WRAL
    Johnson, Michaels and Joyner interview (video) April 15, nbc17
    Brodhead defends Duke handling of case April 15, Herald Sun
    Danowski keeps it simple April 15, Newsobserver
    Sunday Roundup April 15, KC Johnson
    A case starts to unravel April 15, Newsobserver
    Possibility of More Charges for Nifong April 14, abc11tv
    That Night At Duke April 14, Newsweek By Susannah Meadows and Evan Thomas
    Latest Lax News & Links April 14, DBR
    David Evans' April 11 Statement April 14, David Evans
    The Nifong Preliminary Hearing April 14, KC Johnson
    Prosecuting the Prosecutor April 13, Slate by Joseph Kennedy
    Bar won't drop key Nifong charge April 13, Newsobserver
    Nifong's Motion to Dismiss State Bar Charge Denied April 13, WRAL
    Nifong's Attorneys to Argue for Dismissal of Ethics Charges April 13, AP
    Duke Players Talk To "60 Minutes" April 13, CBS
    Terry Moran and the Duke Three April 13, Corner by John Podhoretz
    Attorney: Where Are Apologies?April 13, John in Carolina
    Bar hearing today on Nifong's defenseApril 13, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, April 13, 2007
  • Mike Nifong, Criminal?
  • Live-Blogging; Additional Charges Justified?
  • Herald-Sun: Nifong Must Go
  • Nifong's False Apology
    Mangum's life: conflict, contradictions April 13, Newsobserver
    Closer to closure in emotional case April 13, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, April 13, 2007
  • Nifong issues apology to players
  • Blue Devils open new chapter with Virginia
  • Irony of the 88
  • Statement shows concern for damage control
  • In search of closure
    Nifong apologizes and tries to explain April 13, Newsobserver
    Duke Might Sue -- or Remove -- DA Nifong April 13, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Cleared Duke Players Could Sue April 13, AP
    All charges dropped in Duke case April 12, News 14 Carolina
    Lacrosse case lessons for this community April 12, Herald Sun
    Cleared Duke Players Could Sue April 12, Newsday
    Churchill and the Duke Innocent April 12, John in Carolina
    Duke’s faculty gets an “F” April 12, John in Carolina
    An Unbelievable Day April 12, Newsweek by Stuart Taylor Jr.
    Cooper comes of age (see 5th paragraph) April 12, NC Spin
    Media Takes Hit in Duke Lacrosse Case, Too April 12, Editor and Publisher
    Nifong Issues Apology to Ex-Lacrosse Players April 12, WRAL
    Attorney general drops charges in Duke lacrosse case April 12, Herald Sun
    Calls mount for DA's immediate resignation April 12, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, April 12, 2007
  • Players express relief, lawyers laud 'great day for justice'
  • Admins praise dismissal, stand by response to case
  • Students respond to dismissal, tumultuous year
  • President Brodhead sits down with The Chronicle
    Duke players victims of lying stripper April 12, Leader-Post
    Duke lacrosse players 'innocent' April 12, Newsobserver
    A Complete And Undeniable Victory April 12, DBR
    Yesterday's Highlights April 12, KC Johnson
    Former Duke Players Cleared of All Charges April 11, The New York Times
    Beggars' Mounts April 11, Blog on Convenience
    Letter from Robert K. Steel, Chair of the Duke Trustees, to the Duke Community April 11, Duke University
    Videos from WRAL, April 11, 2007
  • Video of Defense press conference
  • Video of AG Cooper's press conference
  • Video of Coach Pressler's Press Conference
    Reactions to Duke lacrosse case April 11, Newsobserver
    Statement from Duke President Richard H. Brodhead About the Attorney General Dropping Charges in Lacrosse Case April 11, Duke University
    All Sex-Assault Charges Against Duke Lacrosse Players Dropped; Players Glad Ordeal Is Over April 11, Fox News
    Lacrosse Players Cleared Of All Charges April 11, The Chronicle
    Text of Cooper's statement April 11,
    KC Johnson, April 11, 2007
  • The Cooper Statement
  • Collin Finnerty Statement
  • Reade Seligmann Statement
  • Summary of Jim Cooney Statement
  • Wade Smith Summary
  • Cheshire Summary
    NC AG Cooper Sets Stage For Suing DA Nifong April 11, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    INNOCENT April 11, John in Carolina
    Duke lacrosse charges to be dropped April 11, Newsday
    Duke charges expected to be dropped April 11, AP
    Baltimote Sun, April 11, 2007
  • Players' parents ask Duke to pay legal fees
  • Families' wait is almost over
  • Sources: Duke lacrosse charges to be dropped
    John in Carolina, April 11, 2007
  • Coleman and Johnson led the way
  • To The Chronicle: Yes And ????s
    Duke Lacrosse Charges Will Be Dropped – ABC April 11, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Case Narative, III April 11, KC Johnson
    Decision in Duke Lacrosse Case Awaited April 11, AP
    Players in lacrosse case gather April 11, Newsobserver
    Duke Lacrosse Case Charges to Be Dropped April 10, ABC News
    An Explanation To The N & O April 10, John in Carolina
    Former lacrosse players returning to Triangle April 10, Newsobserver
    Duke Lacrosse Suspect Arrives in North Carolina April 10, WRAL
    Press Conference on Duke Lacrosse Case April 10, ABC News
    Waiting part of a "horrific" year for Duke lacrosse father April 10, StarNewsOnline
    Case Narrative, II April 10, KC Johnson
    Admins hit target with new undergrad dean April 10, The Chronicle
    Channeling Selena Roberts April 9, KC Johnson
    Duke looks within for solutions April 9, Newsday
    The Chronicle, April 9, 2007
  • Writers prep first round of lax books
  • Council sees surge in Econ faculty
  • Show me the money
  • Blue Devils avenge 2005 championship loss
    The Durham Police: Re-Accreditation? April 9, KC Johnson
    A Pulitzer Prize for Dave Winer (the bearded, prickly one)? April 8, ZDNet
    Forum to dispel revolving door myth April 8, Herald Sun
    A Good Read April 8, Blog of Convenience
    Duke lacrosse players recount sex scandal April 8, DailyProgress
    Sunday News April 8, KC Johnson
    88 Ad Questions But No Answers April 7, John in Carolina
    Greer's Six Goals Guide No. 4 Duke Past No. 9 Johns Hopkins, 11-9 April 7,
    Greer, Duke Slide Past Johns Hopkins, 11-9 April 7,
    Rewarding Dubious Behavior April 7, KC Johnson
    Duke rape case: D.A. had no ulterior motives April 6, MSNBC
    The Chronicle, April 6, 2007
  • Committee accepts apps for new dean
  • Duke finally gets chance at revenge
  • Dialogue it out
    Evaluating the Evaluators April 6, KC Johnson
    The Chronicle & Goestenkors' Leaving April 5, John in Carolina
    Odds and Ends April 5, Jason Trumpbour
    Jason Trumpbour: Impact of blogs (audio) April 5, InsideDigitalMedia
    The Chronicle, April 5, 2007
  • Producing difference by Karla Holloway
  • Friends recall Sanders' smile
  • Junior's drug trial set for June
  • Wolf criticizes Duke's stance on evidentiary use
    Pulling the Plug April 5, KC Johnson
    North Carolina Senate Approves Changes to Removing Judges, DAs April 4, WRAL
    Once-eventful Duke Lacrosse Case Has Become a Waiting Game April 4, AP
    The Chronicle, April 4, 2007
  • Nifong aims for dismissal of ethics case
  • Drug sting nabs Craven resident
  • Junior found dead in room
  • Longhorns lasso Goestenkors
    Goestenkors heads to Texas April 4, Newsobserver
    Grand jurors avoid penalty for interview April 4, Herald Sun
    The Early Bird April 4, KC Johnson
    District attorney's hearing set for April 13 April 4, Herald Sun
    An Open Letter to Roy Cooper: Part II April 3, William L. Anderson & “Vigilante” Questions April 3, John in Carolina
    Charged Duke LAX Player Volunteers, Coaches April 3,
    The Chronicle, April 3, 2007
  • Goestenkors accepts Texas' offer
  • Junior passes away
  • Admissions stats reveal new shifts
  • Freshmen hold forum on CCI
  • Brodhead's buildup
    The CCI's Impending Train Wreck April 3, KC Johnson
    KC Johnson, April 2, 2007
  • Nifong's Political Base Crumbles
  • The Hon. Ronald L. Stephens
    Grad schools get top ranks in U.S. News April 2, The Chronicle
    Duke DA backlash April 2, Newsday
    Sunday Roundup April 1, KC Johnson

    March 2007
    Remembering the Good, II March 31, KC Johnson
    Durham neighbors hear less of Duke March 31, Newsobserver
    DUPD and “Vigilante” questions March 30, John in Carolina
    KC Johnson, March 30, 2007
  • More from the Legal "Experts"
  • The Accuser and Law Enforcement
    The Chronicle, March 30, 2007
  • What happened to the house?
  • Council critiques CCI residence recs
  • Understanding sexual assault
    Obama; Wolf In Sheep's Clothing March 30, Black Star News
    Duke fans rally in support of Goestenkors March 30, AP
    Just resign, Mike March 30, Herald Sun by David Highlands
    Taking back the night at Duke March 30, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, March 29, 2007
  • Legal "Experts" on Obama
  • Remembering the Good, I
    The Chronicle, March 29, 2007
  • Duke admits 3,770 applicants for Class of 2011
  • Politicians urge broader investigation of Nifong
  • Choice of graduation speaker disappointing
  • A men's issue
    Durham assistant DA to lead state panel March 29, Herald Sun
    Texas makes it pitch to Goestenkors March 29, Herald Sun
    Texas, Coach G in talks March 29, Newsobserver
    To DUPD Director Dean - 3/28/07 March 28, John in Carolina
    Optimism creeps in for Duke parents March 28, Baltimore Sun
    Reps: CCI lacked undergrad input March 28, The Chronicle
    The Times' Party Line? March 28, KC Johnson
    Sheehan's opportunity March 27, John in Carolina
    Duke LAX Book in the Works March 27, abc11tv
    Be wary of bill to suspend DAs March 27, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, March 27, 2007
  • Erase racism by Kristin Butler
  • Week focuses on sexual assault
    Remembering Kirk Osborn March 27, KC Johnson
    Obama backs federal probe of Nifong March 26, Herald Sun
    Will the Feds come to Durham? March 26, John in Carolina
    The Chronicle, March 26, 2007
  • The crawl of justice
  • Butler's column correctly emphasizes CCI's failings
    Noted lawyer J. Kirk Osborn dies March 26, Newsobserver
    Men of the Cloth March 26, KC Johnson
    Introduction to a fraud March 25, John in Carolina
    Obama: Investigate Duke Lacrosse DA Nifong March 25, ABC News
    KC Johnson, March 25, 2007
    J. Kirk Osborn, Attorney in Duke Lacrosse Case, Dies March 25, WRAL
  • Kirk Osborn
  • Sunday Roundup
    Early defender of Duke lacrosse players dies March 25, Newsobserver
    Re: KC Johnson’s “More CrimeStoppers” (Part 1)
    March 25, John in Carolina
    Obama Supports Call For Federal Nifong Inquiry March 25, LieStoppers
    KC Johnson, March 24, 2007
  • A Thousand Words
  • The NIT of DIW
    Governor could suspend DA under bill March 24, Herald Sun
    The Chronicle, March 23, 2007
  • Lax father: Charges to be dropped
  • Brodhead establishes new undergrad dean
  • CCI, sports top agenda of Council
  • CCI's concept of curriculum engagement flawed
  • Council discusses CCI's impact on residence life
    A Search for Redemption March 23, The Post Standard
    Duke: Who Won't Pay March 23, New York Post
    Interview ordered in Duke rape case March 23, The Washington Times
    AG's office denies lacrosse case is dead March 23, Herald Sun
    Duke athletics panel altered March 23, Newsobserver
    More CrimeStoppers March 23, KC Johnson
    Heightened Anticipation of Duke LAX Decision March 22,
    Duke Lacrosse Charges May Be Dropped Friday March 22, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Report: All Charges Against Duke Lacrosse Players To Be Dropped Soon March 22, Fox News
    $5M gift to fund scholarships, aid March 22, The Chronicle
    Duke's standards March 22, Newsobserver
    A Starn Special March 22, KC Johnson
    Fiat justicia ruat colelum: An Open Letter to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper March 22, William L. Anderson
    Duke Lacrosse Case: America's Top Sex Crimes Expert Cites Serious Problems March 21, ABC News
    Nifong hearing date set March 21, Newsobserver
    DUPD Director Responds to CS poster questions March 21, John in Carolina
    Admins look for student voices on CCI March 21, The Chronicle
    March Madness, IV: Soundbites March 21, KC Johnson
    Lax: As The End Draws Near, More Questions Arise March 20, DBR
    Duke and Selena Roberts' column: 1, 2, 3 March 20, John in Carolina
    Now at Bryant, ex-Duke lacrosse coach still grapples with scandal's fallout March 20, Bryant University Bulldogs
    Talking the talk March 20, The Chronicle by Kristin Butler
    State Bar attorneys target Nifong motion March 20, Newsobserver
    State Bar rips into DA's stance March 20, Herald Sun
    March Madness, III: The Faculty March 20, KC Johnson
    Nifong Ethics Defense Shredded by NC Bar Response March 19, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    The Bar's Devastating Response to Nifong March 19, KC Johnson
    Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (pdf) March 19, Newsobserver
    State bar out to block dismissal of Nifong charges March 19, Herald Sun
    Nifong seeks dismissal of Bar complaint March 19, Newsobserver
    Duke's opportunity March 19, Newsobserver
    March Madness, II March 19, KC Johnson
    Campus Chemistry Initiative March 18, Blog of Convenience
    N&O Editor Is Upset March 18, John in Carolina
    Why Duke's Misery Makes So Many So Happy March 18, New York Post
    Chaminade grads called to service, sacrifice March 18, Newsday
    SportsBlog March 18, Newsday
    Duke’s Starn’s Latest Round March 18, John in Carolina
    March Madness, I March 18, KC Johnson
    Nifong's Flailing Response March 17, KC Johnson
    State cites lacrosse case cooperation March 17, Herald Sun
    IWF: What Went Wrong at Duke? (video) March 16, IWF
    A Year To Remember March 16, Blog of Convenience
    Prosecutors deny report lacrosse case accuser refusing to cooperate March 16, Herald Sun
    Cooper: Lacrosse Accuser 'Cooperative' March 16, WRAL
    Duke "Rape" Case Could Be Emasculated March 16, Professor John F. Banzhaff III
    KC Johnson, March 16, 2007
  • The Uncooperative Accuser
  • CrimeStoppers Poster
  • Cooper Photo Op
  • Moving Forward with McClain
    Exlusive: Duke Lacrosse Accuser Not Answering Investigators' Key Questions March 16, ABC News
    Lacrosse case probe near end March 16, Newsobserver
    CS Duke lax “Wanted” poster update March 15, John in Carolina
    Video of Fox's interview with Pressler (video) March 15, Fox News
    Ex-Duke Lacrosse Coach Speaks Out March 15, WRAL
    AG's Office: No Decision Yet in Duke LAX Case March 15,
    Former Duke Lacrosse Coach Breaks His Silence About Player Rape Allegations March 15, Fox News
    KC Johnson, March 15, 2007
  • The Group's Continued Delusions
  • The Group of 88's E-Mail Canard
    State AG tours Duke lacrosse house March 15, Newsobserver
    Letter to DU Police Director March 15, John in Carolina
    The house next door March 14, The Independent Weekly
    Duke is not your team March 14, Herald Sun by John Walker
    The Chafe Way March 14, KC Johnson
    Coach K: Support was absent March 13, John in Carolina
    Year after Duke lacrosse party, a city that didn't snap moves on March 13, FayObserver
    In Loco Parentis . . . or Just Loco? March 13, National Review
    Support was absent, coach says March 13, Newsobserver
    A Tangled Web March 13, KC Johnson
    Ex-lacrosse coach, reporter team up on book March 12, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson. March 12, 2007
  • CrimeStoppers Board
  • CrimeStoppers Update
  • Addison, CrimeStoppers, and Duke
    On Anniversary of Lacrosse Party, Duke President Reflects March 12, WRAL
    1 year later, rift remains in Duke faculty March 12, AP
    Alcohol to excess March 12, Newsobserver
    In the shadow of the Duke case March 11, Herald Sun
    Addison Series # 5 – “Major Duke Involvement" March 11, John in Carolina
    Nifong caused grief March 11, Herald Sun
    Sunday Review March 11, KC Johnson
    Lacrosse case weaves a heated legacy March 11, Herald Sun
    The Duke Chronicle, March 10, 2007
  • Succisa Virescit
  • They Found 88 Problems, and the Dancer Was Just One
  • The Virtual Support Team
    KC Johnson, March 10, 2007
  • The Group: It's a Conspiracy
  • The Group's Intellectual Origins
    Top frosh of lacrosse stuck through Duke muck March 10,
    Duke lacrosse bracing its way March 10. LA Times
    January 16: Admitting Guilt? March 9, KC Johnson
    Bail action varies for 2 murder cases March 9, Herald Sun
    Witnesses led police to rape suspect March 8, Newsobsever
    Nifong's Continued Evasions March 8, KC Johnson
    KC Johnson, March 7, 2007
  • Paula McClain: On the Administration
  • Sanday's Structure
    The Duke Chronicle, March 7, 2007
  • Students, Provost discuss CCI findings
  • 1 year later, 'disaster ad' still hot topic
  • Unprecedented opportunity
  • Students protest Fuqua flag policy
  • Let's talk about sex, baby
    Duke lacrosse rising to top is best story not being told March 7, Baltimore Sun
    Duke Case: Nifong's Dilemma March 7, Cash Michaels
    A calm and resolute objectivity March 7, Newsobserver
    Lies, damn lies, and... March 6, Blog of Convenience
    Chronicle editor doesn’t “understand” March 6, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse team has ragged reputation March 6, OC Register
    The Duke Chronicle, March 6, 2007
  • University prepares for review
  • Top-ranked Duke aims to continue fast start
    KC Johnson, March 6, 2007
  • Paula McClain: On Athletics
  • Add Tiahrt to the List
  • Josh Perlin Discusses Due Process and Civil Liberties
    An Evening to Remember: Watching Duke Lacrosse in Action March 6, William L. Anderson
    Many Duke students are unprepared to do math March 5, Herald Sun by Michael Lavine
    For Nifong: let's see a punishment that fits the crimes March 5, Joe Sweet
    Duke takes over top spot in Nike/Inside Lacrosse media poll March 5, Inside Lacrosse
    Student reaction to CCI report diverse March 4, Herald Sun
    The Sports Reporters March 5, KC Johnson
    Faraway alumni keep UNC-Duke rivalry alive in fan-friendly bars March 4, Herald Sun
    Monks leaves party helm March 4, Herald Sun
    Report divides Duke's campus March 4, Newsobserver
    Sunday Roundup March 4, KC Johnson
    One of Eleven March 3, KC Johnson
    Intense rivalry, little hostility March 3, Baltimore Sun
    Old hand gives Duke new face in lacrosse March 2, Baltimore Sun
    WRAL Interview With Friends of Duke University Founder Jason Trumpbour (video) March 2, WRAL
    Nifong: Grassroots Groups Trying to Run Him out of Office March 2, WRAL
    Comments on Mike Nifong's Response to the NC State Bar March 2, FODU by Jason Trumpbour
    Michael B. Nifong and the Sociopathic State March 2, William L. Anderson
    Addison Series #4 - "They call it 'squeezing'" March 2, John in Carolina
    In TV interview, Easley again criticizes Nifong March 2, Newsobserver
    Nifong has no recall of session March 2, Newsobserver
    N.C State Bar also faces scrutiny March 2, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, March 2, 2007
  • Brodhead Conversation
  • The Mysterious April 10 Non-Meeting
  • Quirk on the Group of 88
    The LAX equilibrium March 2, The Duke Chronicle
    Duke athletics aren't the problem on campus March 1, Herald Sun by Bill Brill
    John in Carolina, March 1, 2007
  • For The N&O: Player cooperation questions
  • Conspiracy “solo auditions”
    Nifong says he meant no harm March 1, Newsobserver
    Nifong: Mistakes not intentional March 1, Herald Sun
    The Duke Chronicle, March 1
  • DA Nifong stands up to N.C. Bar
  • Many skeptical of CCI proposals
  • Pro-CCI, Pro-Duke
    The Nifong Response March 1, KC Johnson

    February 2007
    Nifong Attorneys: DA Didn't Intentionally Violate Ethics Rules Feb 28, WRAL
    Nifong Response to State Bar Complaint Feb 28, WRAL
    Nifong Targets FODU! Feb 28, KC Johnson
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 28, 2007
  • The CCI Report
  • Amid buzz, Duke unveils bold report
    Nifong's answer to Bar due today Feb 28, Newsobserver
    Duke grapples with 'culture of excess' Feb 28, Newsobserver
    More on the CCI Feb 28, KC Johnson
    Duke’s McDevitt out ‘about two weeks’ Feb 27, Inside Lacrosse
    Nifong must go! Now! Feb 27, John in Carolina
    Report: Duke needs big changes Feb 27, Herald Sun
    Duke lacrosse lawyers still seek DNA evidence Feb 27, Herald Sun
    Statement by President Richard H. Brodhead on Release of CCI Report Feb 27, Duke University
    Duke Faculty Committee Releases Report on Campus Culture Feb 27, WRAL
    KC Johnson, Feb 27, 2007
  • Latest Bombshell Motion
  • The Group of 88's Imagined Reality
    New DNA’s not laxers'. Now what? Feb 27, John in Carolina
    Defense waits for DNA test results Feb 27, Newsobserver
    Defense Files Motion In Duke LAX Case Feb 27,
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 27, 2007
  • Leaving the comfort zone
  • Duke ranks No. 9 in alum donations
    Pot-bangers were MIA Feb 27, Herald Sun by Pete Klein
    Accuser in Duke Lacrosse Case Speaks With New Prosecutors Feb 26, WRAL
    Duke lacrosse celebrated for wrong reasons Feb 26, ESPN by Bomani Jones
    The Chronicle’s “rape scandal” Feb 26, John in Carolina
    Duke’s Devil of A Mess Feb 26, Diverse
    Chafe's Embarrassment Feb 26, KC Johnson
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 26, 2007
  • Duke returns to the field with 2 victories
  • Lax season faces off before 6,000-plus fans
  • Malaklou's column harmful to Duke community
  • E-mail's language coercive in urging consensus
  • Racial hypocrisy
  • Picture Perfect Ending
    Duke lacrosse case has no winners Feb 25, USA Today
    Duke posts 1st unbeaten season in ACC Feb 25, Newsobserver
    Addison Series #3 – “Not my poster” Feb 25, John in Carolina
    Duke close to heart, Pressler re-emerges far from spotlight Feb 25, Baltimore Sun
    Starting over is first goal for Duke Feb 25, Baltimore Sun
    Lacrosse Returns Feb 25, DBR
    Nifong named in courts' rulings Feb 25, Herald Sun
    'A Relief For This to Be Over' Feb 25, Washington Post
    Duke lax rejoices in return Feb 25, Newsobserver
    One-sided policy Feb 25, Newsobserver
    Sunday Wrap-up Feb 25, KC Johnson
    Juxtapositional Fallacies Feb 24, Blog of Convenience
    Students show support for Duke lacrosse in opener Feb 24, ESPN
    Durham bound Feb 24, Inside Lacrosse
    Duke Lacrosse Makes Triumphant Return Feb 24, AP
    A Save For The Truth Feb 24, Connecticut Sports
    Duke lacrosse looks to focus on team, not scandal Feb 24, Newsobserver
    Admissions and the Trustees' Dilemma Feb 24, KC Johnson
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 23, 2007
  • Playing by the rules of the game
  • Moving forward at Duke
  • CCI cites 6 areas for improvement
    KC Johnson, Feb 23, 2007
  • No Surprises from the CCI
  • The Piot Principle
    Time to Stop Looking Past Black KKK Feb 22, Jason Whitlock
    John in Carolina, Feb 22, 2007
  • Piot's "wall of silence" response
  • Nifong & AG prosecutor questions: Help, please
    Finnerty, Seligmann look at other schools Feb 22, The Duke Chronicle
    Police: Duke employee with alleged rapist Feb 22, Herald Sun
    Warrant outlines latest rape case Feb 22, Newsobserver
    Double Standards Feb 22, KC Johnson
    Law tips from 'CSI' Feb 21, Herald Sun by Erika Hoffman
    Date for Nifong's response now Feb. 28 Feb 21, Herald Sun
    Special Prosecutors Meet with Nifong Feb 21, abc11tv. com
    U. recruiting former Duke lacrosse player Feb 21, The Brown Daily Herald
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 21, 2007
  • Duke preps plans for lax tailgate
  • Players plan tribute for indicted 3
    This time, rape case gets muted reaction Feb 21, Newsobserver
    Questions and Answers Feb 21, KC Johnson
    The Great Unraveler Feb 20, The Chicago Sports Review
    The Season After Feb 20, SI
    Duke lax parents on Fox Feb 20, John in Carolina
    The other Duke rape case Feb 20, The American Thinker
    Addison Series #2 – “CrimeStoppers will pay cash” Feb 20, John in Carolina
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 20, 2007
  • The Board we trust
  • Time to address the real classroom issue
  • Guest column misrepresents professor's words
  • As lax legal fees rise, groups pitch in
  • Common still on for LDOC show
  • DPD makes arrest in off-East assault
    Nifong's problems just static in courts Feb 20, Newsobserver
    Man charged with raping Duke student at party Feb 20, Newsobserver
    Joyner's Jurisprudence Feb 20, KC Johnson
    Appreciation luncheon held for beleaguered district attorney Feb 19, Herald Sun
    Man charged with rape at Duke party Feb 19, Newsobserver
    Suspect Arrested in Connection With Duke Sexual Assault Feb 19, WRAL
    Bring on Sowell Feb 19, Herald Sun by Margaret S. Hood
    Piot hurt himself Feb 19, John in Carolina
    Graceless Feb 19, KC Johnson
    Suspects, identifications and the paper Feb 18, Newsobserver
    Sunday Review Feb 18, KC Johnson
    With prosecutor's case falling apart, Duke players turn focus on lacrosse Feb 17, Newsday
    Listen to the silence Feb 17, Herald Sun by David Leeds
    Fallen Manhasset soldier remembered as fun-loving man Feb 16,
    The Addison Series #1 – “This horrific crime” Feb 16, John in Carolina
    Duke and Durham: The Criminal Cover-up Continues Feb 16, William L. Anderson
    Duke weathers storm Feb 16, Baltimore Sun
    Condemned to Repetition Feb 16, KC Johnson
    Faculty should stand by its students Feb 16, The Duke Chronicle
    Nifong's double standard Feb 15, Herald Sun by George W. Pearsall
    The Potbangers Airbrush the Past Feb 15, KC Johnson
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 14, 2007
  • Disagreement is not McCarthyism
  • LDOC act criticized lax players
  • Facebook group calls for apology
    Duke donor owns off-campus duplex where coed says she was raped Feb 13, Herald Sun
    When the Potbangers Were Riding High Feb 14, KC Johnson
    A Tale of Two Rapes in Durham Feb 13,
    A class action Feb 13, Duke Chronicle
    Duke waits on inquiry results Feb 13, Newsobserver
    Sgt. James Regan Feb 13, LieStoppers
    The Group of 88's Latest Defense Feb 13, KC Johnson
    Police Investigate Alleged Assault of Duke Student Feb 12, WRAL
    More on the affidavit's results Feb 12, John in Carolina
    Filing challenges judge's authority Feb 12, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, Feb 12, 2007
  • The Clarifiers: "No Comment"
  • "Jaw-Dropping" Proposals from the CCI?
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 12, 2007
  • Ad questions 'Concerned Duke Faculty'
  • Alums: withhold your support
  • Student allegedly raped off campus
    Duke student says she was raped at party Feb 12, Herald Sun
    Duke launches $30 million initiative to support volunteerism Feb 12, Herald Sun
    For Duke lacrosse, case forges bond Feb 12, USA Today
    Duke Student Assault Investigation Continues Feb 12, Abc11News
    The Cpl. Addison series Feb 11, John in Carolina
    Sexual Assault On Duke Student? Feb 11, abc11tv
    KC Johnson, Feb 11, 2007
  • Regan
  • Sunday Roundup
    Former Chaminade lacrosse star killed in Iraq Feb 10,
    That affidavit got results Feb 10, John in Carolina
    KC Johnson, Feb 10, 2007
  • ATAF and Character
  • Everett's Odd Arguments
    Darryl Hunt, the NAACP, and the Nature of Evidence Feb 10, William L. Anderson
    Judge Will Stay Latest Complaint Against Nifong Feb 9, WRAL
    Judge is asked to remove Nifong Feb 10, Newsobserver
    Nifong critic petitions for ousting Feb 9, Herald Sun
    Political foe seeks Nifong's removal Feb 9, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, Feb 9, 2007
  • Removal Motion Filed
  • Friends of Duke Confronts the Group of 88
    7A-66 Affidavit Filed Feb 9, LieStoppers
    A Provocative Chronicle Ad & More Durham Shenanigans Fab 9, DBR
    Faculty should stand by its students Feb 9,
    A “big, black man” and faculty duty Feb 9, John in Carolina
    'Friends of Duke' go after professors Feb 9, Heralds Sun
    Our response to the Open Letter posted by “Concerned Faculty” at Duke University Feb 8, FODU
    On DNA evidence, did Nifong break he law? Feb 8, Herald Sun by Robinson O. Everett
    Duke case reveals distrust of legal system Feb 8, Baltimore Sun
    Welcome to The Chronicle Blogger Feb 8, John in Carolina
    Duke lacrosse investigator was reprimanded as a private eye Feb 8, AP
    KC Johnson, Feb 8, 2007
  • The Zook Files
  • Wilson's Ethical Lapses
    Judge: Jurors' comments unlawful Feb 8, Herald Sun
    Duke Lacrosse Grand Jurors Could Be Punished for Speaking Out Feb 7, WRAL
    Court TV anchor takes on Duke lacrosse case Feb 7, Herald Sun
    Attorneys in Duke lacrosse case meet with AG's office Feb 7, WWAY NewsChannel
    KC Johnson, Feb 7, 2007
  • Duke Students Respond to the 88
  • Group of 88 Rehab Tour
    An odd promise Feb 6, Herald Sun by Robinson O. Everett
    Nonprofit raises $750,000 toward lacrosse defense Feb 6, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, Feb 6, 2007
  • Grand Jurors Speak Out
  • The "Robbery" Spoof
    Exclusive: Duke Lacrosse Grand Jurors Speak Out Feb 6, ABC News
    The Duke Chronicle, Feb 6, 2007
  • With lectures, prof aims to expand race discussion
  • Mayor delivers state of Durham
  • The worst, kept secret...
    Walk of Support (Video) Feb 5, WRAL and abc11tv
    KC Johnson, Feb. 5, 2007
  • Hood on Easley
  • Consistencies
    Marchers support former players Feb 5, Herald Sun
    Walkers stand behind defendants, lacrosse Feb 5, Newsobserver
    Walk For Support for Duke LAX Students Feb 4, WRAL
    Citizens March in Support of Accused Duke Lacrosse Players Feb 4, WRAL
    Lax Support Walk: First report (updated) Feb 4, John in Carolina
    The Duke lacrosse support march Feb 4, Right Angles by Jon Ham
    Forum: Wronged and Nifonged Feb 4, The Washington Times
    Sunday News February 4, KC Johnson
    Name the accuser? Here's your verdict February 4, Newsobserver
    Governor says Durham DA broke word after interim appointment Feb 3, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, February 3, 2007
  • Easley: Nifong My Worst Appointment
  • Cast of Characters
    Tomorrow’s Walk of Support information February 3, John in Carolina
    Duke Lacrosse Moms Plan Support Walk February 3, NBC17
    Walk to support former players February 3, Herald Sun
    Easley: Nifong broke his word February 3, Newsobserver
    Where we stand with the legal case February 3, Jason Trumpbour
    Duke President Takes Fire over Lacrosse Case February 2, NPR
    NR: Duke's 88 tries life support February 2, John in Carolina
    Thinkers must start thinking February 2, Thomas Sowell
    Police call off Guilford investigation February 2, Duke Chronicle
    Defending the Group February 2, KC Johnson
    Brodhead Fisk # 1 February 1, John in Carolina
    Real Rape Victims Pay Price For Duke Debacle February 1, Fox News by Susan Estrich
    KC Johnson, February 1, 2007
  • Facile Assumptions
  • Group of 88 for Credit: Reading Assignments
  • Minor Humor
    The accuser found a champion February 1, Newsobserver
    Legal Columnist To Speak About Larger Implications Of Duke Case February 1, Memphis Daily News
    DePaul and the Duke Lacrosse Case February 1, American Thinker
    Duke Chronicle, February 1, 2007
  • 88 defenders
  • Duke gets ready for lax opener
    Group of 88 for Credit February 1, KC Johnson
    Former Duke coach speaks to KSC men's lacrosse team February 1, The Equinox

    January 2007
    Seligmann Is Case Study Why Poetry Is Important In Literature And Life January 31, The Evening Bulletin by Herb Denenberg
    Through the mud and back January 31, Diamondback Online (UMD)
    That Chronicle $$$$ editorial January 31, John in Carolina
    Latest Update on "Walk of Support" January 31, FODU
    Duke rape' case goes beyond bad DA January 31, Thomas Sowell
    Duke lawyers get time to sift January 31, Newsobserver
    Prosecution postpones lax hearing January 31, Duke Chronicle
    DNA & Double Standards January 31, New York Post by KC Johnson
    Duke lacrosse hearing postponed 3 months January 31, Herald Sun
    Fairness demands she be named January 30, John in Carolina
    The Larger Tragedy January 30, Townhall by Thomas Sowell
    Defense Attorneys Meet With New Prosecutors in Duke Lacrosse Case January 30, WRAL
    KC Johnson, January 30, 2007
  • Duke Basketball Report Auction for ATAF
  • Praising Stephen Miller
    Duke Chronicle, January 30, 2007
  • Brodhead's response inexcusable, damaging
  • Master of the media
  • White innocence = black guilt?
    Race and Rev. Barber’s sermon January 29, John in Carolina
    New Nifong Complaint Could Derail Past and Future Prosecutions January 29, John F. Banzhaf III
    The Duke Chronicle, January 29, 2007
  • Applicants not swayed by media, counselors say
  • Alums: Don't stop donating to Duke
  • A portrait of radicalism
    Barber, Wells, and the Sins of Denial January 29, KC Johnson
    Rev. Barber at Duke Chapel January 28, John in Carolina
    Tricky issue: naming sex case accusers January 28, Newsobserver
    Duke Player's Pain: Life Is On Hold January 28, New York Post
    Johnson: Don't be like Mike at Guilford: Find the facts January 28, News-Record
    Sunday Roundup January 28, KC Johnson
    Question and answer with attorney Jim Cooney on Duke case January 17, The Mercury News
    Chief's absences raising concern January 27, Herald Sun
    Lacrosse returns to Duke January 27, Newsobserver
    Herald Sun Letters, January 27, 2007
  • Nifong owes accuser, community an apology
  • Nifong's crimes
    Friends of Duke Petition January 27, KC Johnson
    Duke Lacrosse Team Returns to Practice Field January 26, WRAL
    John in Carolina, January 26, 2007
  • Brodhead’s BA
  • A dam burst in Durham
    Duke Chronicle, January 26, 2007
  • Harrassment policy to include 'gender identity'
  • Law panel decries Nifong's conduct
  • Has lax case changed alum support, giving?
  • Malaklou's column disappointing
    The Disgrace of the Duke Lacrosse Case January 26, PhillySportsline
    Professors say Nifong mishandled Duke case January 26, Newsobserver
    Power of the (College) Press January 26, KC Johnson
    Congressman Pushes for Probe Against Nifong January 25, ABC11News
    Nifong goes on the defense January 25, Newsobsever
    Duke prosecutor's troubles mount January 25, The Washington Times
    KC Johnson, January 25, 2007
  • Duke Law School Panel
  • Nifong's Legacy of Misconduct
    Five for every “thank you” list January 25, John in Carolina
    The Prosecutor's Defense -- Lawyer for Ex-Duke Prosecutor Nifong Speaks Out January 25, ABC News
    Only Race Matters: A Duke Woman Speaks About A Disturbing Aspect of the University’s Response to the Lacrosse Scandal January 25, LieStoppers
    2nd Nifong Complaint Charges Constitutional Violations January 24, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Walk of Support January 24, Jason Trumpbour
    John in Carolina, January 24, 2007
  • Durham faces suits
  • Mar. 24 - The N&O begins to frame
  • "Reading" messages in Durham
    DA Nifong Charged in Second Bar Ethics Complaint January 24, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    KC Johnson, January 24, 2007
  • The Bar Lays Down the Law
  • Murphy's Latest
    Nifong faces additional ethics charges January 24, Newsobserver
    Community character counts January 24, NewsDay
    A lesson for Duke January 24, NewsDay
    State Bar Amends Complaint, Alleges Nifong Withheld DNA Evidence January 24, WRAL
    Former Duke Lacrosse 'Rape' DA Charged With Withholding Evidence, Misleading Court January 24, Fox News
    KC Johnson, January 23, 2007
  • Association for Truth and Fairness
  • The Insights of Georgia Goslee
    Herald Sun Letters, January 23, 2007
  • Paper helped Nifong
  • Kudos to K.C. Johnson
  • The sensitive professor
  • A question of leadership
  • Watch your words
    The Cost of the Lie: Duke, the Courts, and Hoaxes January 23, William L. Anderson
    Huh? Duke University's Provost Draws Profoundly Misguided Lessons from Duke Scandal January 22, The Right Coast
    State Bar grants Nifong extension to respond January 22, Herald Sun
    John in Carolina, January 22, 2007
  • Chronicle’s Brodhead interview: My take
  • H-S fakes & circulation declines
    Duke Chronicle, January 22, 2007
  • Brodhead on the record
  • Faculty fails to acknowledge rush to judgment
  • Leading under fire
  • SNL skit propels lax case to world of satire
    Innocent Duke lacrosse players stuck in P.C. nightmare January 22, Chicago Sun-Times
    An Agenda for the General Assembly January 22, KC Johnson
    Federally Mandated Lynching - The Lacrosse Rape Case January 21, WebCommentary
    Not fit to lead January 21, Herald Sun by Louise Rigsbee
    Nifong's out, but heat's still on January 21, Herald Sun
    Duke prosecutor treads familiar ground January 21, Newsobserver
    Sunday Roundup January 21, KC Johnson
    Herald Sun Letters, January 20, 2007
  • LAX coverage unfair by David Highlands
  • More media exploitation by John Madden
  • Nifong's fumble by A.D. George
  • Tired of LAX case by John Garand
  • No excuse for Nifong by Denis Crivello
  • Not visiting Durham by Monte Scott
    Is Duke's Starn "typical?" January 20, John in Carolina
    Prosecutor in Duke Lacrosse Case Hires Well-known Lawyers January 20, WRAL
    Players' parents turn anger at Duke January 20, Baltimore Sun
    Faculty trouble January 20, Newsobserver by Debrah Correll
    Duke's Tenured Vigilantes January 20, The Weekly Standard
    Ten--and More--Questions for the (Rump) Group of 88 January 20, KC Johnson
    Justice inquiry demanded on Duke rape charges January 19, The Washington Times
    KC Johnson, January 19, 2007
  • The State NAACP's Hypocrisy
  • The Chronicle on the CCI
  • Ashley: We Won't Apologize
    I'm Concerned, Too January 19, Professor Michael Gustafson
    Herald Sun Letters, January 19, 2007
  • Racism at Duke by Larry Smith
  • Nifong is dangerous by J. Troy
  • Brodhead, Nifong must go by Lawrence McKamy
  • Accuser, Nifong should apologize to LAX players by Cindy Wrenn
  • Impeach Nifong By Sue Roth
    NAACP lauds move to replace Nifong January 19, Herald Sun
    Apathy toward CCI is reasonable January 19, Duke Chronicle
    Coman may be no prize January 19, Newsobsever
    Advocates: Duke Case Has Chilling Effect January 18, NBC17 News
    Orwell University Duke Profs' P.C. Travesty January 18, New York Post
    NAACP asks thorough examination of Duke lacrosse case January 18, Newsobserver
    L.I. Rep. To Feds: Probe Duke DA January 18, New York Post
    One Angry Man: DA in Duke case exemplifies power run amok January 18, Dallas Morning News
    Racial divisions don't define us January 18, Herald Sun
    A welcome compromise January 18, Herald Sun
    Dropping the Ball in the Lacrosse Case January 18, The Cornell Daily Sun
    Faculty letter aims to clarify '88' ad January 18, Duke Chronicle
    The Group of 88's Myths and Realities Januay 18, KC Johnson
    Racial Diversity and Elite Educational Institutions: Duke’s Meltdown January 18, William L. Anderson
    Senseless January 17, New York Post
    Duke Lacrosse & the Epidemic of False Rape Claims January 17, Gilmer Mirror by Neil Lisst
    Has Peterson crossed the line? January 17, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, January 17, 2007
  • King Demands Inquiry
  • La Shawn on the (Rump) Group of 88
  • The (Rump) Group of 88 Strikes Again
    NY Congressman Wants Probe of Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor January 17, WRAL
    Special Prosecutor in Duke Case Has Ties to Embattled DA January 17, WRAL
    Fast, loose, and mean in the blogosphere January 17, Herald Sun by Orin Starn
    Local Paper Defends Coverage Of Crumbling 'Duke Lacrosse' Case January 17, Editor and Publisher
    Duke Faculty: Too Smart by Half January 17, RealClearPolitics by Kathleen Parker
    Newsobserver, January 17, 2007
  • What happens to justice?
  • Council OKs Central Campus
  • Duke post seeks to defuse '88' ad
  • Jones still seeks Nifong inquiry
  • To be fair
    Herald Sun Letters, January 17, 2007
  • Fire Brodhead, Nifong by Jackie Holfelder
  • Nifong embarrasses by Robert Weber
    New prosecutor is former colleague of Nifong January 17, Herald Sun
    Duke LAX Files Transferred, Fed Probe Must Wait January 16, NBC17
    Duke professors post 'open letter'January 16, ScrippsNews
    KC Johnson, January 16, 2007
  • Let's Play Telephone
  • The Special Prosecutor Route
    Herald Sun Letters, January 16, 2007
    No Federal Probe in Duke Lacrosse Case January 16, AP
    As the Duke case implodes January 16, Chicago Tribune
    It's time to look at the accuser January 16, The Buffalo news
    Duke Chronicle, January 16, 2007
  • Nifong steps down from lacrosse case
  • Legal experts: recusal may lead to dismissal
  • Durham's a joke By Jon Edge
  • Durham's morality play By M. Michael Dorr
  • Not choosing Duke By Gregory Day
  • Duke, Durham should be ashamed of conduct By Kelly Bowling
    Nifong Could Face 2nd Bar Complaint January 15, WRAL
    Duke Lacrosse Accuser 's Psychiatric History - A 'Perfect Storm'? January 15, Forensic Talk
    KC Johnson, January 15, 2007
  • DBR on 60 Minutes
  • Race, Racism, and the Case
    Herald Sun Letters, January 15, 2007
  • Insight into LAX case by J.A. Davis
  • Grand jury reform By Winston Hall
    Duke Rape Case Could Create Major Civil Liability Not Only For DA Nifong, But Also For Durham County January 15, 1918 News Server
    Parents of Duke Lacrosse Players Express Anger at Durham DA January 15, WRAL
    Players' parents rip into Nifong January 15, Newsobserver
    Nifong conduct rebuked early January 15, Newsobserver
    Nifong made call too late January 15, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, January 15, 2007
    John in Carolina, January 14, 2007
  • First take on 60 Minutes
  • Hoax mythbuster post 1
    Bell: City showed 'true grit' in 2006 January 14, Herald Sun
    Duke Case January 14, CBS News
    KC Johnson, January 14, 2007
  • 60 Minutes Quick Hits
  • The N&O's Verdict on Davidson
  • Paula Zahn Cracks the Case
    As Duke case falters, whom do you doubt? January 14, Detroit Free Press
    Duke Lacrosse Case, Ethics Charges Mean Cloudy Future for Nifong January 14, WRAL
    Duke Case Hurts Prosecutor's Career January 14, AP
    Duke Case Special Prosecutors Might Hurt Nifong January 14, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    At State Level, Official Promises Careful Review Of Duke Case January 14, Washington Post
    Nifong Kicks Self to Curb January 14, American Daily
    Common sense, at last January 14, Charlotte Observer
    Lacrosse case now in state control January 14, Charlotte Observer
    Attorney General Agrees to Take Duke Case January 14, New York Times
    Cooper Accepts Nifong's Offer January 14, Herald Sun
    Newsobserver, January 14, 2007
  • Lacrosse case in state hands
  • Sunday Forum
  • Nifong's only choice
    Duke Students on Nifong: "It's About Time” January 13, Time
    KC Johnson, January 13, 2007
  • Reactions
  • Dissension among the Troika
  • Bipartisan Calls for Federal Inquiry
  • The Path from Here
    Nifong's request was the right call January 13, Herald Sun
    Duke Case Prosecutor Forced to Step Down January 13, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Act prompts expressions of relief January 13, Newsobserver
    DA's lawyer was also his critic January 13, Newsobserver
    Prosecutor Asks to Exit Duke Case January 13, The New York Times
    Prosecutor Seeks to Bow Out of Duke Case January 13, Washington Post
    Nifong steps aside January 13, Newsobserver
    Michael Nifong’s Spaghetti Factory January 13, William L. Anderson
    KC Johnson, January 12, 2007
  • Reactions
  • Nifong Is Off the Case
  • A Lawyer for Nifong
  • Coleman Reaction
  • The Theater of the Absurd
    Duke Officials Happy Nifong Wishes to Be Removed January 12, AP
    Quotes from lawyers and experts in the Duke lacrosse case January 12, WCNC
    Prosecutor Asks State to Take Over Duke Case January 12, The New York Times
    Nifong asks to be taken off Duke case January 12, MSNBC
    Durham DA asks to be removed from Duke case January 12, News14
    EXCLUSIVE: DA in Duke Rape Case Asks to Be Taken off Case January 12, ABC News
    Nifong Meets With Duke Lacrosse Accuser January 12, WRAL
    Duke prof. quits committees in protest January 12, Yahoo News
    Nifong hires Winston-Salem lawyer January 12, Newsobserver
    Nifong to be Sued by Lacrosse Players January 12, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    E-mail exchange between Patricia Dowd and Karla Holloway January 12, Newsobsever
    The Duke Chronicle, January 12, 2007
  • Interpretation of letter misses mark
  • Lacrosse allegations change again
  • Admins uphold free speech in time of 'attack'
  • Experts: DA's case nearing 'implosion'
    Duke attack story shifts January 12, Newsobserver
    Durham residents should demand better January 11, Herald Sun by Lewis Cheek
    Duke lacrosse defense drops bomb January 11, Herald Sun
    Defense: Duke accuser says 1 player charged didn't assault her January 11, AP
    KC Johnson, January 11, 2007
  • Meehan on 60 Minutes
  • Anatomy of a Frame
  • Dorothy Rabinowitz
  • Early Dates
    Nifong Faces Third Ethics Complaint January 11, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Lacrosse Defense Claims Duke Accuser Changed Story Again January 11, WRAL
    In the Land of Unintended Consequences, Part IV January 11, Forty Questions
    Accuser in Duke lacrosse case says one player charged didn't commit assault January 11, USA Today
    January 11 Defense Motion (pdf) January 11, Newsobserver
    The Duke Cronicle, January 11, 2007
  • DA Nifong faces state ethics charges
  • Reinstatement sparks fiery faculty response
    Accuser changes story in lacrosse case January 11, Newsobserver
    Motions Call for Dismissal in Duke Lacrosse Case January 11, abc11 Eyewitness News
    Herald Sun Letters, January 11, 2007
  • Defending a tyrant by Karen Swanson Humeniuk
  • Prosecutor, persecutor? by Curtis Casey
    Facts victim of feelings in Duke case January 11,
    The Michael Nifong Scandal January 11, Opinion Journal
    Case clings to Duke lax January 11, Newsobserver
    Former aide, Nifong snipe at each other January 11, Newsobserver
    Brown Speaks Out About Durham DA's Motives January 11,
    Lacrosse case shows need for reforms January 10, Herald Sun by Beth Brewer
    Paternity test to be administered January 10, Newsobserver
    In Duke case, emotions over race trample facts January 10, Chicago Tribune by Clarence Page
    Brodhead responds, calls for Nifong to step down January 10, Duke Chronicle
    KC Johnson, January 10, 2007
  • Jackie Brown Speaks Out
  • Holloway Leaves CCI
  • Conflicting Pressures
    Treading water January 10, FODU by Jason Trumpbour
    Professors call for investigation, welcoming of all students January 10, Duke Chronicle
    Tide Turns In Lax Case June 10, Duke Chronicle
    Duke Fallout Continues as Top Black Professor Resigns From Race Committee January 10, Diverse
    Duke applications take a slight dip January 10, Newsobserver
    Applicant Pool to Duke Is Second Largest in School History January 9, Duke Website
    In Duke Rape Case, Accused Fight Back January 9, FoxNews
    Nifong should face prosecution January 9, ScrippsNews
    Will Davidson help JinC? January 9, John in Carolina
    KC Johnson, January 9, 2007
  • Decline of the Nifong Enablers
  • Understanding SANE: Tara Levicy
    Duke President Renews Call for District Attorney to Leave Case January 9, The New York Times
    "Concerned Duke Alumni" January 9, FODU
    Duke leader calls for manners January 9, Newsobserver
    Finnerty's D.C. record to be cleared January 9, Newsobserver
    Duke urged to 'look to future' January 9, Herald Sun
    Unfair and Imbalanced - A 2000+ Word Rant January 8, Michael Gustafson
    Economics professors letter to the Chronicle January 8, Newsobserver
    Duke Students Amid Lacrosse Case Changes January 8, Abc11tv
    Brodhead reveals himself January 8, John in Carolina
    KC Johnson, January 8, 2007
  • Brodhead's Apologia
  • Curtis-gate
    Lawyers say Nifong should recuse January 8, Herald Sun
    A Letter from President Brodhead to the Duke Community January 8, Duke University
    Reade Seligmann: ‘Mom, she picked me.’ January 8, La Shaw Barber’s Corner
    The Real Issue At Duke: Part II January 8, Thomas Sowell
    What’s left to say in Duke rape case? January 8, MSNBC by Susan Filan
    Revs. Jesse and Al: Shameless charlatans January 8, WorldNetDaily
    Sunday Roundup January 7, KC Johnson
    Herald Sun Letters, January 7, 2007
  • Reinstatement of players doesn't square Duke By Michael Brady
  • The real Nifong By Peter Bove
  • A stained reputation By Robert Miller
    Maybe it's district attorney who should face charges January 7, Thomas Sowell
    Hard Lessons From The Duke Rape Case January 7, Earl Ofari Hutchinson,
    In Scandal's Shadow January 7, Newsweek by Susannah Meadows
    Justice for Duke Lacrossers: The Dowd family strikes back! January 6, Michael Gaynor
    Teacher Support for the Duke Players January 6,
    Pressure Is On Durham D. A. To Drop Charges January 6, Cash Michaels
    Just a rotten case January 6,
    The Duke case: Nifong's irony January 6, Pittsburgh-Tribune-Review
    He is 'the problem' January 6, Newsobserver by John S. Gilsenan
    KC Johnson, January 6, 2007
  • More Cathy Davidson: In Her Own Words
  • The Rust Belt Weighs In
  • Dowd and Duke
    Nifong's a sly fox January 6, Herald Sun by Steven C. Wilson
    Creative Writing January 5, Michael Gustafson
    Our Collective Voice - Letter to Davidson January 5, LieStoppers by Steven Keller
    Most Duke alumni support lacrosse players January 5, News14 Carolina
    Civil Suit Might Be First of Many in Duke Lacrosse Case January 5, WRAL
    At the N&O: Truth and cover-up January 5, John in Carolina
    KC Johnson, January 5, 2007
  • Apologia for a Disaster
  • Price's "Puzzling" Position
    Former lax player sues Duke January 5, The Duke Chronicle
    Inmate freed after DNA test January 5,
    Think, next time January 5, Herald Sun by Norton Rubenstein
    Duke's first lax suit January 4, John in Carolina
    KC Johnson, January 4, 2007
  • The Dowd Suit
  • Duke's Economics Department Takes Its Stand
  • The Only "Evidence" Left
    Consequences of the Duke Lacrosse Case That Don't Really Worry the Liberals Who Rushed to Judgment January 4, by Mary Katharine Ham
    Dowd Suit Document (pdf)January 4,
    LAX Player Files Lawsuit Against Duke University January 4,
    Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle January 4, FODU
    Duke suspects say invitation is vindication January 4, FoxSports
    Duke Lacrosse Accuser Gives Birth January 4, WRAL
    Durham should be ashamed! January 4, StarNewsOnline
    Lacrosse players invited back January 4, Herald Sun
    Duke Players Once Accused of Rape Can Return to School January 4, The New York Times
    Lacrosse pair in Duke's good graces January 4, Newsobserver
    Duke Players to Sue Nifong and Accuser for Damages January 3, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Duke offers to reinstate Finnerty, Seligmann for spring semester January 3, Duke Chronicle
    KC Johnson, January 3, 2007
  • Duke Does the Right Thing
  • The Absence of Self-Reflection
  • Violating "Common Sense"
    Duke Invites Lacrosse Defendants to Return January 3, WRAL
    Statement of the Seligmann Family (pdf) Januray 3, 2007
    Statement by Duke President Brodhead Regarding Status of Students Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty January 3, Duke University
    Duke To Reinstate Seligmann, Finnerty January 3,
    The real issue at Duke: Part II January 3, Thomas Sowell
    Herald Sun Letters, January 3, 2007
  • Was Price afraid? by C.B. Bagley
  • Nifong must pay by Cindy Wrenn
  • Why we're interested by M. Dunn
    Nifong: I'll help Durham heal January 3, Newsobserver
    What a predicament January 3, The Washington Times
    A Visit with the Collin Finnerty Family January 3, Metro Magazine by Sharon Swanson
    To Prosecute, or To Be Prosecuted? January 2, Jonna Spilbor
    Happy New Year January 2, USNews by Michael Barone
    The Nifong Nightmare Continues January 2, Tom Bevan
    Pajamas expose Nifong January 2, John in Carolina
    KC Johnson, December 2, 2007
  • Delusional
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Charlotte Observer: Recuse
  • Mike Nifong, "Public" Servant
  • Nifong and the Black Community
    Nifong Defiant After Taking Oath for New Term January 2, WRAL
    Nifong hides, dissembles January 2, John in Carolina
    Nifong sworn in for another term January 2, News14 Carolina
    Nifong’s Deliverance January 2, NRO by Thomas Sowell
    Newsobserver Letters, January 2, 2007
  • Nifong's mess by Daniel Berenson
  • A menace to justice by Charles T. Trent
    Nifong to take oath as Durham DA January 2, Newsobsever
    KC Johnson, January 1, 2007
  • WRAL: Carrying Nifong's Water?
  • Baker: In His Own Words
  • FODU: Message to Group of 88
  • New Years' Roundup
    Duke prosecutor's fourth victim December 1, Fox News by Susan Estrich
    Duke lacked courage January 1, Herald Sun by Stephen Richards
    It's time to drop charges January 1, Newsobsever


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