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December 2006
Alan Dershowitz on the Lacrosse Case December 31, Alan Dershowitz
Nifong and Politically Inspired Justice in America December 31, The Conservative Voice by Sher Ziever
Contacting Wendy Murphy December 31, John in Carolina
Lacrosse, Black court cases cast spell December 31, Newsobserver
Prosecutorial Indiscretion December 31, Washington Post
Duke's recovery from a rush to judgment December 31, LATimes
Herald Sun Letters, December 31, 2006
  • Where's the Durham outcry on lacrosse case? by Barbara G. Collie
  • Nifong turns to Times by Peter Bove
  • Resign and apologize by Mike Laneer
    The Wendy Murphy File December 31, KC Johnson
    Is the Duke DA Guilty As Charged? December 30,
    Duke D.A.'s Hearing May be Months Away December 30, WRAL
    The prosecutor is guilty December 30, The Star Ledger
    2 NC Docs Could Cinch Nifong's Personal Liability December 30, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Civil rights complaint filed in lacrosse case December 30, Newsobserver
    Defense claims Nifong's witness December 30, Newsobserver
    Tenuous identification in rape case leaves a very weak case December 30, The Durham News
    Stubborn and misguided December 30, Herald Sun by Andy Maciejeski
    Defense to use Nifong's witnesses December 30, Herald Sun
    KC Johnson, December 30, 2006
  • "The Prosecutor Is Guilty"
  • The Last 200 Hours
  • Washington Post: Drop the Charges
    DAs group says Nifong should step down December 30, News 14 Carolina
    Removal time December 30, Newsobserver
    DAs Call for Prosecutor in Duke Lacrosse Case to Step Down December 29, ABC News
    KC Johnson, December 29, 2006
  • Conference of D.A.'s: Recuse
  • The Reaction
  • John Stevenson: Reporter
  • Analyzing the Complaint
    Experts: Ethics Charges Could Force Nifong Off Duke Lacrosse Case December 29, WRAL
    Nifong Bar Charge Creates 3rd Conflict of Interest December 29, Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Mary Katharine Ham, December 29, 2006
  • Some good things for a change
  • A Tour of Things That Did Not Happen in Durham (video)
    Klayman enters Nifong case December 29, John in Carolina
    Prosecution witness could testify for defense December 29, Newsobserver
    Nifong broke rules, Bar alleges December 29, Newobserver
    Here's how it's done, Mr. Nifong December 29, Ben Cowgill’s Legal Ethics Newsletter
    Prosecutor in Duke Case Faces Ethics Complaint December 29, The New York Times
    Where is the state bar? December 29, Herald Sun by Jeffrey Meyer
    Will Duke take a look at itself? December 29, Newsobserver
    Nifong faces ethics probe December 29, Herald Sun
    Duke rape charges dropped; defense refuses to release survey results December 28, The Wilmington Journal by Cash Michaels
    Nifong Officially Charged with Ethics Violation December 28, LegalEthicsForum by John Steele (UC Berkeley School of Law)
    State Bar seeks to discipline Nifong December 28, Newsobserver
    NC Bar Complaint Against Mike Nifong (pdf) December 28, Newsobserver
    N.C. Bar Files Charges Against Duke D.A. December 28, Herald Sun
    State Bar Files Ethics Complaint Against Mike Nifong December 28, WRAL
    KC Johnson, December 28, 2006
  • The Complaint
  • The Hammer Drops
  • Wilmington Star Demands Resignation
  • Mike Nifong, on the Rape Evidence
  • A Switch in Times?
    Duke Prosecutor Is Under Heavier Fire December 28, The Washington Post
    Nifong will again swear December 28, John in Carolina
    Swearing DA Nifong December 28, John in Carolina
    Hardly anyone is left to defend DA in the Duke lacrosse case December 28,
    The Academy and the Duke Case December 28, Inside Higher Ed by KC Johnson
    D.A.'s political agenda prolongs Duke rape case December 28, The Washington Times
    Disgraceful Nifong should depart December 28, StarNewsOnline
    Herald Sun Letters, December 28, 2006
  • Nifong must be ousted by Charles W. Nash
  • Here come lawsuits by Uldrick Edwards
  • Editorial was frayed by Ricardo Castells
    Mike Nifong is Profile in Cowardice for 2006! December 27,
    Duke Grad Larry Klayman Files Ethics Complaint Against Duke Prosecutor Nifong December 27, PRNewswire
    Letters About Nifong Piling Up With Attorney General December 27, ABC11 News
    2007 Prediction: Mike Nifong Will Drop All Charges December 27, La Shawn Barber’s Corner
    A Dirty Game December 27, WSJ by Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson
    Parody at Duke December 27, by Kathleen Parker
    Duke President Calls for DA to Give Up Case December 27, Inside Higher Ed
    Herald Sun – Letters, December 27
  • We're past vigilantism by Kris Chritensen
  • Botched investigation by Larry Nolan Stewart
  • Where the blame lies by Rodney Turner
  • Waiting for lawsuits by Bob Wells
  • This farcical tragedy by Junius A. Davis
  • Hide the mess by Ian D. Goddard
  • People outside Durham have a duty to speak out by Alexander Howard III
    Hard Lessons From The Duke Rape Case December 27, by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    Dead on Arrival December 27, KC Johnson
    The Duke case December 27, The Washington Times
    Duke and the Politics of Rape December 27, William L. Anderson
    The Gathering Storm December 26, Kristin Butler
    KC Johnson, December 26, 2006
  • Bazelon Targets Nifong
  • L.A. Times: Drop the Charges
  • The Meehan Transcript
    Lawmaker Wants State Power to Check on District Attorneys December 26, WRAL
    Video of KC Johnson December 26, John in Carolina
    Prosecutorial Indiscretion December 26, Slate by Emily Bazelon
    Stunning admission at N&O December 26, John in Carolina
    LaRoque to call for Nifong resignation on Fox News December 26, The Free Press
    Nifong’s Folly December 26, FrontPage Magazine
    Dropping charges at Duke December 26, LA Times
    Defense Seeks 'Federal Intervention' in Duke Case December 26, ABC News
    The Government Fix December 26, by Jeff Taylor
    Rape rap ko'd December 25, New York Post
    Duke rape case unravels December 25, The Christian Monitor
    Christmas Roundup December 25, KC Johnson
    Injustice has spoken in the Duke lacrosse case December 24, Philadelphia Inquirer
    As state's witness wavers, defense solidifies December 24, Newsobserver
    Today's Papers December 24, KC Johnson
    Dropped rape counts could cripple rest of Duke lacrosse case, legal experts say December 24, AP
    Nifong's Fantasy World December 24, KC Johnson
    DNA Witness Jolted Dynamic of Duke Case December 24, New York Times
    Pressure on Nifong in Duke case December 23, Newsobserver
    Rape decision turns up the heat December 23, Herald Sun
    FODU Press Release No.5: Our response to President Brodhead’s statement December 23, FODU
    Investigate the investigation December 23, Charlotte Observer
    KC Johnson, December 23
  • Only in Durham
  • Nifong in the N.C. Media
  • Nifong's Sinking Ship
    El Pollo Loco! December 23, DBR
    Nifong Sets Stage For Final Bailout on Duke Rape Case December 23, Professor John Banzhaf
    Nifong begins retreat from Duke rape case December 23, News-Record
    Nifong Roasting December 23, John in Carolina
    Nifong's move December 23, Newsobserver
    Some sure, others question whether justice can be served December 23, Herald Sun
    Duke does damage control (updated) December 23, The American Thinker
    Brodhead's failed December 23, John in Carolina
    Family of Finnerty has 'a lot to celebrate' December 22, Newsday
    Rape Charges Dropped in Duke Case December 22, New York Times
    Nifong dismisses rape charges December 22, Herald Sun
    Duke Rape Charges Dropped (Motion to Dismiss) December 22, The Smoking Gun
    KC Johnson, December 22, 2006
  • Comparing Versions
  • The Last Enablers
  • What Mike Nifong Is Now Saying
  • Brodhead, Finally
  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Cascade Continues
  • Questions and Answers
    Brodhead calls for Nifong to step down as prosecutor December 22, Duke Chronicle
    Nifong drops rape charges; others stand December 22, Newsobserver
    Nifong drops rape, keeps other charges: Comments December 22, John in Carolina
    Rape Charges Dropped in Duke Lacrosse Case December 22, WRAL
    Scottsboro Boys, 2006 Philadelphia Daily News by Christine M. Flowers
    Just how bad has Mike Nifong screwed up? December 22, Reason Magazine by Jeff Taylor
    DA's footing in lacrosse case unclear December 22, Newsobserver
    Duke mobilizes to shield its image December 22, Newsobserver
    Lacrosse case erodes trust in justice system December 22, Herald Sun by Joan Collins
    Nifong's phony case December 22, Herald Sun by David Highlands
    Law Prof: Nifong has “conflict of interest” December 21, John in Carolina
    Why the D.A. should be off the case December 21, Joseph Kennedy
    Paper got it wrong December 21, Herald Sun by Mike McNew
    Nifong: DNA "Excludes" (Except When It Doesn't) December 21, KC Johnson
    Nifong and Durham May Be Liable Over Duke Rape Case December 20, by Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Questionable leadership during Duke LAX mess December 20, Herald Sun by Gordon Runte
    Where is the outrage? December 20, Herald Sun by Pat O'Rourke
    Meagerly Articulated Agendas December 20, KC Johnson
    Shaky case December 20, Newsobserver
    Criticism directed at Nifong and Duke December 20, Newsobserver
    More from Jones December 19, KC Johnson
    Prof “Engineers” Op-Ed Removal December 19, John in Carolina
    Immunity May Not Protect Duke Prosecutor December 19, FoxNews
    Another Scientist on Meehan December 19, KC Johnson
    Press Release No. 4: Yesterday’s press release and President Brodhead’s response December 19, FODU
    Leadership, Not Leakers December 19, KC Johnson
    Allow judicial process to work December 19, Herald Sun
    The Worst Continues to Worsen December 19, Thomas Sowell
    Another Word on the Duke Rape Case December 18, Joe’s Dartblog
    Group to Duke: Join bid for DA inquiry December 18, Herald Sun
    Duke Justice Demands Nifong's Removal December 18, Fox News by Susan Estrich
    Nifong Rejects Threats of Charges in Duke Case December 18, ABC11 News
    Brodhead: Nifong's Case 'will be on Trial' Along With Defendants December 18, WRAL
    Press Release No. 3: Congressman Jones’ Request December 18, FODU
    DA's Handling of Duke Rape Case Attracts More Criticism December 18, WRAL
    Duke Rape Case Could Create Major Civil Liability December 18, by Professor John F. Banzhaf III
    Nifong's Law December 18, WorldNetDaily by Doug Powers
    Accreditation Agency Will Investigate Meehan December 18, KC Johnson
    DA's case looks shaky December 18, Herald Sun by Mike Cotton
    A real editor for Durham December 18, John in Carolina
    Another Durham "Gang Rape" December 18, KC Johnson
    Lawyer urges petition signings December 17, Herald Sun
    Gonzales' Remarks December 17, KC Johnson
    SNL Rips Nifong, Supports Duke Players December 17,
    Nifong Probe Possible, U.S. Attorney General Says December 17, WRAL
    Sunday Hearing Round-Up December 17, KC Johnson
    da Vinci Code December 16, Blog of Convenience, by Michael Gustafson
    Venue change requests are rare December 16, Herald Sun
    Finnerty's dad says 'there was a rush to indict' December 16, Herald Sun
    Newmark: Remove Nifong now December 16, John in Carolina
    How much longer should Mike Nifong be in power as Durham's District Attorney? December 16, Bets’y Page
    Nifong's petty motive December 16, Herald Sun by David Highlands
    Lab chief: Nifong said don't report all DNA data December 16, Newsobserver
    DNA expert testifies evidence witheld in lacrosse case December 16, Herald Sun
    Nifong and the Naïf December 16, KC Johnson
    The damage to Duke starts to show December 15, American Thinker
    Duke early-admission applicants down December 15, Herald Sun
    Alleged Duke Rape Victim Pregnant December 15, ABC News
    Judge Orders Paternity Test of Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser's Baby December 15, WRAL
    Change of Venue Motion filed by Defense December 15, Newsobserver
    Motion to suppress the alleged “identification” of the defendants by the accuser December 15, Newsobserver
    KC Johnson, Blogging Live from Durham, December 15
  • Atmosphere
  • Jones the Prophet
  • Meehan: DSI Doesn't Follow Its Own Policies
  • More from Meehan
  • More Meehan
  • The Perry Mason Moment
  • DSI
  • Meehan, Nifong, and Exculpatory
  • Change of Venue Motion
  • What To Watch For

  • Kim’s needed now December 15, John in Carolina
    Duke Lacrosse Accuser's Military, Medical Records Sealed December 15, WRAL
    Defense wants rape case moved December 15, Newsobserver
    Duke Lacrosse Attorneys Seek Change of Venue December 15, WRAL
    I vote Betsy Newmark December 14, John in Carolina
    Duke admits 469, sees 20% decline in early applications December 15, Duke Chronicle
    Law prof: "Nifong tried to cheat" December 14, John in Carolina
    The Lineup Motion December 14, KC Johnson
    Adding to N&O’s "Block IDs" story December 14, John in Carolina
    Lacrosse judge asked to block IDs December 14, Newsobserver
    Now we are seeing some action! December 14, Jason Trumpbour
    A Few More DNA Items December 14, KC Johnson
    Motion says lab withheld DNA findings December 14, Newsobserver
    Lab findings reveal DNA from multiple sources, no players December 13, Duke Chronicle
    DNA Motion December 13, KC Johnson
    Old tests show Duke rape accuser had others' DNA in her body but none from players December 13, FoxNews
    Lab in lacrosse case found many DNA sources December 13, Newsobsever
    The Jones Letter December 13, KC Johnson
    Inquiry of Nifong eyed over lacrosse December 12, Herald Sun
    Finally December 12, KC Johnson
    Jones asks U.S. Attorney General to examine Duke lacrosse case December 12, AP
    Rep. Jones asks for Nifong investigation December 12, Newsobserver
    Jones requests federal probe into prosecution of Duke athletes December 12, Congressman Walter B. Jones
    Creating Wahneema's World December 12, KC Johnson
    Deputy charged with murder in Strickland case December 11, Newsobserver
    Faculty "Honor," Puffery & Silence December 11, John in Carolina
    Duke’s Privileged Puffed Up Professors December 11, La Shawn Barber’s Corner
    New NAACP president sworn in December 11, Herald Sun
    City Council delays vote on central December 11, Duke Chronicle
    Duke grad student found dead December 11, Duke Chronicle
    Wahneema's World December 11, KC Johnson
    Is it time to lower the drinking age? December 10, Herald Sun by Bob Ashley
    Sunday News November 10, KC Johnson
    Duke/Durham snapshots December 9, John in Carolina
    Best of the Case, V December 9, KC Johnson
    The Big Game December 8, LieStoppers by Joan Foster
    The Calame Thesis December 8, KC Johnson
    Asymmetrical Justice in Durham December 7, Johnsville News
    Marlette and Anderson letters text December 7, John in Carolina
    The Baum Letter and a Durham Trial December 7, KC Johnson
    Duke prof on Steel December 6, John in Carolina
    What McClancy told The N&O December 6, John in Carolina
    Statement Analysis December 6, KC Johnson
    Pictures, and Thousands of Words December 5, Michael Gustafson
    Letter to the Editor December 5, Chatham County Line
    Steel says dual role not an issue December 5, Duke Chronicle
    A parachute for Ashley? December 5, John in Carolina
    How "Separate-but-Equal" Justice Works December 5, KC Johnson
    Autopsy Shows Deputies Shot Durham Teen In Head December 4, WRAL
    Keystone Kops December 4, KC Johnson
    Why I Write on the Duke Lacrosse Case December 4, William L. Anderson
    Mike Nifong's detractors in the Hoax want him punished December 4, LieStoppers
    Complaints against Mike Nifong December 3, Newsobserver
    Checks and Balances December 3, KC Johnson
    DA's critics ask bar, feds to intervene December 3, Newsobserver
    Sunday Roundup December 3, KC Johnson
    “Wanted” and “Vigilante” posters December 2, John in Carolina
    Census Coincidences December 2, KC Johnson
    Note to Prof Crowley December 1, John in Carolina
    The Herald-Sun's Peculiar "Corrections" Policy December 1, KC Johnson
    Duke president gets panel findings December 1, Herald Sun
    Uncle Moneybags December 1, Duke Chronicle by Kristin Butler
    Lacrosse retraction December 1, Herald Sun by Thomas Crowley
    The Steel Trap December 1, KC Johnson
    Treasury Undersecretary's Dual Roles Raise Questions December 1, Washington Post
    Who Will Stop Mike Nifong? December 1, Creative Lofing by Tara Servatius

    November 2006
    Cash Michaels responds November 30, John in Carolina
    The Stubbornness of Facts November 30, KC Johnson
    The Tragedy at Duke: Part I November 29, John in Carolina
    Green Light for Nifong November 29, KC Johnson
    Innocence and ‘Innocence’ November 28, Duke Chronicle, by David Kleban
    Chalmers' daughter indicted in assault November 28, Newsobserver
    Proportionality November 28, KC Johnson
    Civics lesson needed November 27, E.V. Hoffman
    Our Collective Voice - A Duke Mom Responds to Stuart Rojstaczer November 27, LieStoppers
    “Faculty Survivors” (Nov. 27) November 27, John in Carolina
    About DA Mike Knifing November 27, John in Carolina
    The Bar's Lax Ethical Standards? November 27, KC Johnson
    Duke prez says rape case is testing Durham November 26, Cash Michaels
    Sunday Review November 26, KC Johnson
    To The Chronicle: Letter 5 November 26, John in Carolina
    Best of the Case, IV November 25, KC Johnson
    Michael Gustafson Speaks Out November 24, KC Johnson
    Who is the lamest college president? November 23, Betsy's Page
    Questions and Answers, III November 23, KC Johnson
    More Malaklou November 22, KC Johnson
    McCarthyism Revisited November 22, DBR
    Women's Studies Does Lacrosse November 22, KC Johnson
    Duke Lacrosse Choke Hold Revisited November 21, Forensic Talk
    To The Chronicle: Letter 4 November 21, John in Carolina
    Just One Case? November 21, KC Johnson
    The Herald-Sun's Peculiar Letters Policy November 20, KC Johnson
    A Duke student misses November 20, John in Carolina
    Like Teacher, Like Student November 20, LieStoppers
    Ugh. November 19, by Michael Gustafson
    Sunday Items November 18, KC Johnson
    Fridays with Kristin November 18, LieStoppers
    Tyranny of the minority November 17, Duke Chronicle by Kristin Butler
    Duke faculty duties November 17, John in Carolina
    Brodhead's Morning Briefing November 17, LieStoppers, by Joan Foster
    Understanding SANE, V November 17, KC Johnson
    Duke's Rush to Judgement November 16, FrontPage
    Legal Analysis by Thomas J. Crowley, Esq. November 16, KC Johnson
    Coleman seeks clemency for death row inmate November 15, John in Carolina
    Greta's legal panel on duke rape case November 15, FoxNews
    Here's another Duke prof November 15, John in Carolina
    Crowley's Full of Hot Air November 15, LieStoppers
    Concerning Collin Finnerty and his family November 14, John in Carolina
    Grant Farred's "Phantom" Insights November 14, KC Johnson
    St. Pete Times: Drop it, Nifong November 14, John in Carolina
    More from Yolanda Haynes November 14, KC Johnson
    Event told of accuser in lacrosse rape case November 14, Newsobserver
    The Group of 88's Three-D Response November 14, KC Johnson
    From the "Wall of Silence" to Community Uproar to a National Story November 13, LieStoppers
    Prosecutor, step down November 13, St. Petersburg Times
    Herald Sun Shocker November 13, John in Carolina
    The N&O's Curiously Mixed Message November 13, KC Johnson
    No gong for Mike Nifong – yet November 12, Newsobserver by Steve Ford
    Joseph B. Cheshire: Nifong's many victims November 12, Herald Sun
    N&O still for Nifong November 12, John in Carolina
    Sunday Post-Election Roundup November 12, KC Johnson
    Change of Tune from the Herald-Sun? November 11, KC Johnson
    Dancer: Bruises could have come from club November 11, Herald Sun
    Group of 88 Statement November 10, KC Johnson
    The 'listening' statement November 10, The Johnsville News
    Ed Bradley, TV Correspondent, Dies at 65 November 10, New York Times
    Time to speak up November 10, Duke Chronicle by Kristin Butler
    Editor Ashley's Path to Scottsboro November 10, KC Johnson
    Bob Harris has responded November 10, John in Carolina
    SoCal woman sentenced to jail for falsely accusing 6 men of rape November 9, SFGate
    Nifong and the Party-Line Vote November 9, KC Johnson
    To The Chronicle: Letter 3 November 9, John in Carolina
    60 Minutes' Ed Bradley Dead At 65 November 9, CBS News
    UNC May be only tenting game November 9, Duke Chronicle
    Lawyers: Nifong right pick for DA November 9, Herald Sun
    Rape of justice November 9, by Thomas Sowell
    Nifong and the Black Vote November 9, KC Johnson
    Go, Bob Harris, Go November 8, John in Carolina
    Interpreting the Results November 8, KC Johnson
    ‘Group of 88’ faculty hears criticism in wake of lax scandal November 7, Duke Chronicle
    Three Cheers for Bob Harris November 7, KC Johnson
    Rain, Few High-Profile Races Lead To Low Turnout Tuesday Morning November 7, WRAL
    If You Live In Durham, Please Vote November 6, Duke Basketball Report
    Duke lacrosse: A call for action November 6, Stephen Miller
    Cheek for District Attorney November 6, Duke Chronicle
    The Latest Bombshell November 6, KC Johnson
    Former prosecutor alleges harassment November 6, Newsobserver
    Why the Duke Hoax Continues Part II: Durham and the Politics of Entitlement November 6, William L. Anderson
    Volokh on Nifong November 6, KC Johnson
    What The Duke Accuser Should Learn About Back Pain November 5, Forensics Talk
    How Ashley "endorses" Nifong November 5, John in Carolina
    Standards of Justice November 5, Inside lacrosse
    Sunday Roundup October 5, KC Johnson
    Critics target black voters in Duke case November 4, Cash Michaels
    To The Chronicle: Letter 2 November 4, John in Carolina
    Best of the Case, III November 4, KC Johnson
    Accuser in Duke lacrosse case wanted money, man says November 4, Newsobserver
    Former Prosecutor Urges Vote Against Nifong November 3, WRAL
    Political Developments November 3, KC Johnson
    Nifong? Not fine by me November 3, Duke Chronicle
    Questions and Answers, II November 3, KC Johnson
    Duke Rape Accuser Was at Work 10 Days Later, Club Owner Says November 3, NYT
    Fellow dancer confirms claim November 2, Herald Sun
    Taking Care of His Own November 2, KC Johnson
    Why the Duke Hoax Continues Part I: The Duke Faculty November 2, William L. Anderson
    Vote! November 2, Duke Chronicle, by Jason Trumpbour
    Wilson and Stevenson Duke It Out November 2, KC Johnson
    Who Will Stop Mike Nifong? November 1, Creative Loafing
    Tales vary on stripper's dancing November 1, Herald Sun
    Second letter to DAA President November 1, John in Carolina
    The Monks Spoiler November 1, KC Johnson
    Experts say DA poll on target November 1, Duke Chronicle
    Lacrosse: A case in crisis November 1, Duke Chronicle
    Veteran Cheek hopes to ‘Recall Nifong’ November 1, Duke Chronicle
    Coach K’s comments amplified by context November 1, Duke Chronicle
    DNA Clears Man in Rape, Judge Rules November 1, NYT
    Duke Rape Case Shadows an Unusual Campaign November 1, NYT
    Nifong defends interview policy November 1, Newsobserver
    Nifong's Procedural "Justice" November 1, KC Johnson

    October 2006
    Winning The Balancing Act October 31, GoDuke, by Bill Brill
    Rape conviction is upheld October 31, Herald Sun
    Sole Black Duke Lacrosse Player Says White Teammates Stereotyped October 31, ABC News
    Challenging assumptions October 31, Newsobserver
    Symbolic Justice October 31, KC Johnson
    Lacrosse players didn't get fair shot in national media October 30, Sun-Sentinel
    DA yet to get details from alleged victim October 30, Duke Chronicle
    Judge Tosses Assault Charges Against Ex-Durham Cops October 30, WRAL
    Charges dropped in police assault case October 30, Newsobserver
    Duke prosecutor is not backing down October 30, AP
    Monks says he or Cheek has to pull out of the race October 30, Duke Chronicle
    'Go Ahead, Put Marks on Me' October 30, ABC News
    Sheehan on the Election October 30, KC Johnson
    Turning the tide in Durham October 30, Newsobserver
    A "Technicality" October 30, KC Johnson
    Justice Delayed Monday, October 30, Alan Hirsh
    What happens next in the lacrosse case? October 29, by Robinson O. Everett
    Sunday Roundup October 29, KC Johnson
    Duke VP Burness has responded October 29, John in Carolina
    Commenting at The Chronicle October 29, John in Carolina
    Video may aid players' defense October 28, Newsobserver
    Yesterday's Hearing October 28, KC Johnson
    The Hazards of Duke: A Conspiracy Involving the North Carolina Bar Association? October 28, The American Daily
    Video may aid players' defense October 28, Newsobserver
    Brooklyn College Professor's Web Log Defends Duke Players October 27, The New York Sun
    Reciprocal Discovery October 27, KC Johnson
    Nifong's Creative Ethics October 27, KC Johnson
    Gottlieb Is Out October 27, KC Johnson
    Monks Press Conference October 27, KC Johnson
    Fiction October 27, KC Johnson
    Stretching Credulity October 27, KC Johnson
    Duke rape case D.A. hasn't interviewed accuser October 27, AP
    KC Johnson at Duke October 26, John in Carolina
    Why, at Duke are October 26, John in Carolina
    Surveying the Poll Results October 25, KC Johnson
    A collegiate fumble October 25, Up and Coming Magazine
    Duke Case: Identification Issues October 25, The Johnsville News
    Nifong in driver's seat, but many still undecided October 25, Newsobserver
    Baldwin's Significance October 25, KC Johnson
    Checking in with the Group of 88 October 24, KC Johnson
    Steven Baldwin Speaks Out October 24, KC Johnson
    Indicted lax players could return October 24, Duke Chronicle
    Experts say lax trial venue change unlikely October 24, Duke Chronicle
    The administration’s mismanagement of lacrosse October 24, Duke Chronicle
    Problems at Duke's lacrosse incident page October 23, John in Carolina
    What, Exactly, Did the Police Investigate? October 23, KC Johnson
    Panel analyzes lax coverage October 23, Duke Chronicle
    Duke audience questions lax journalists October 22, John in Carolina
    Sunday Notes October 22, KC Johnson
    The NAACP and Jim Crow Justice October 21, William L. Anderson
    Playing on October 21, Baltimore Sun
    If cleared, two can rejoin Duke October 21, Baltimore Sun
    Committee switches support to Nifong October 21, Herald Sun
    Family, teammates say Duke soccer player who battled tumor an inspiration October 21, Herald Sun
    Media Panel Update October 20, KC Johnson
    Horrifying October 20, KC Johnson
    Journalists Discuss Media's Coverage of Duke lacrosse Rape Case October 20, WRAL
    Ten Questions for Editor Ashley October 20, KC Johnson
    Editorial made rape case about race, class October 20, James Coleman
    Wilson v. Bradley October 19, KC Johnson
    On Coleman: Chronicle 2 - N&O October 19, John in Carolina
    How '60 Minutes' Failed the Fairness Test October 19, Cash Michaels
    Understanding SANE, IV October 19, KC Johnson
    “Highly Unacceptable Behavior” October 18, LieStoppers
    Squaring the Semi-Circle October 18, KC Johnson
    Duke and Deceit: Brodhead’s Folly October 18, William L. Anderson
    Brodhead exposed October 18, John in Carolina
    What Duke's President Should Have Said October 18, RealClearPolitics, by Tom Bevan
    To kill the Duke lacrosse mockingbirds October 18,
    Seligmann Speaks Out October 17, KC Johnson
    The N&O's false report on Coleman October 17, John in Carolina
    Questions and Answers
    October 17, KC Johnson
    It's time for justice: drop the charges vs. Duke lacrosse players October 16, by Jason Whitlock
    The Danger of Screaming Race in Rape October 16, Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    '60 Minutes' Segment Revisits Concerns About DA, Rape Case October 16, WRAL
    Ten questions the N&O won’t answer October 16, John in Carolina
    Case Narrative October 16, KC Johnson
    Duke Hoax FAQ - Part 1 October 16, The Johnsville News
    Duke Rape Case: Skanks, Greed, and Shattered Lives October 16, La Shawn Barber's Corner
    More on Duke Alumni Association website October 16, The Kitchen Cabinet
    '60 Minutes' interview draws local reaction October 16, Herald Sun
    Remember Duke? Monday, October 16, by Alan Hirsh
    Lacrosse team, Duke respond as indicted players tell story on national TV October 16, Duke Chronicle
    Suspects, dancer contradict accuser October 16, Newsobserver
    Campus tunes into ‘60 minutes’ October 16, Duke Chronicle
    Alleged Duke Rape Victim's Kin Calls '60 Minutes' Segment 'Intimidation' October 16, ABC News
    60 Minutes hits a home run October 15, TDD’ Sound and Fury
    Occam's Razor II October 15, Liestoppers
    60 Minutes' Hoax episode: A first take October 15, John in Carolina
    After Duke Case, College Athletes Are Put on Notice October 15, NYT
    Sunday News and Notes October 15, KC Johnson
    Duke player's defense October 14, Newsday
    Duke and the Death of Academe October 14, William L. Anderson
    Duke’s Chapel Dean responds October 14, John in Carolina
    Best of the Case, II October 14, KC Johnson
    Judge: Defense Polling OK In Duke Lacrosse Case October 13, WRAL
    60 Minutes: Six sure bets October 13, John in Carolina
    Administrators should not discourage protest October 13, Duke Chronicle, by Greg Kidder
    Lax players work to get out vote October 13, Duke Chronicle
    Kin cut off from gang-rape accuser October 13, Herald Sun
    The Roberts Bombshells October 13, KC Johnson
    Second dancer: I didn't see a rape October 12, Herald Sun
    Duke accuser lying, stripper says in interview October 12, MSNBC
    Duke Dancers Give Different Accounts October 12, CBS News
    Campaign Finance Follow-ups October 12, KC Johnson
    New Defense Motion October 11, KC Johnson
    Defense In Duke Lacrosse Case Again Seek Accuser's Statements October 11, WRAL
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    September 2006
    Black Panthers Welcome, Duke Students Not? September 30, KC Johnson
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