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August 2006
Trip to cabbie's trial a waste, with meter on August 31, Newsobserver
Attorney: Date-rape drug test negative in lacrosse case August 30, Herald Sun
"The Good Old-Fashioned Way" August 30, Robert KC Johnson
Comments on Stuart Taylor's Slate Article August 30, by Jason Trumpbour
Witness for the Prosecution? August 29, by Stuart Taylor
Duke lacrosse witness acquitted of shoplifting charge August 29, AP
Judge asked to throw out shoplifting charge August 29, Newsobserver
Duke-in-Wonderland August 29, Robert KC Johnson
Months later, unanswered questions haunt Duke August 29, ESPN
District attorney's race may attract Duke vote August 29, Newsobserver
Persecution August 28, Steven Miller
Big Men on Campus August 28, The New Yorker
Danowski ready for challenge of leading Duke past rape scandal August 27, Newsobserver
Eyes Wide Shut August 27, Robert KC Johnson
Cop says nurse found trauma in Duke case August 27, Newsobserver
Lacrosse judge bars pre-trial cameras August 25, Herald Sun
Should Blacks Trust D.A. Mike Nifong? August 25, Cash Michaels
Files From Duke Rape Case Give Details but No Answers August 25, New York Times
Dissembling August 23, Robert KC Johnson
More on Procedure August 23, Robert KC Johnson
Newcomers' support of Duke is true blue August 22, Newsobserver
Duke Case Tipping Point: When does the Main Stream Media call this case a Hoax? August 21, Johnsville News
Valuing Procedure August 20, Robert KC Johnson
Decision not to run for office was a professional one August 19, Newsobserver by Lewis Cheek
A Tale of Two Men August 19, by Robert KC Johnson
Charges dismissed against city official August 18, Newsobserver
Smith tapped as judge for rape trial August 18, Herald Sun
Duke University tries to foresee what's ahead August 18, Newsobserver
"Really, Really Well" August 17, Robert KC Johnson
Duke Lacrosse Trial Could Be Longest In Durham History August 17, WRAL
Lacrosse rape case laywers, court OK judge August 16, Herald Sun
Nifong Tarnishes the NAACP August 16, Robert KC Johnson
Taxi driver's charge changed August 16, Newsobserver
Durham Chief Backs Duke Probe August 14, Cash Michaels
Raleigh N&O’s public editor’s double copout August 13, John in Carolina
Quid Pro Quo? August 13, Robert KC Johnson
Blogs and the Mainstream Press August 12, by William L. Anderson
Students, city try to mend fences August 12, Newsobserver
Intellectual Thuggery August 11, Robert KC Johnson
Brodhead has refused to accept responsibility August 10, Herald Sun by G. Holman King
Duke Lands 362 On ACC Honor Roll; Leads League For 18th Straight Year August 9,
Duke Lacrosse rape case full of contradictions August 9, Charlotte Observer by Joseph Neff
Your questions about the Duke lacrosse case August 9, Newsobsever
What . . ., and when . . . ? August 9, Robert KC Johnson
A failure of procedure? by Susan Estrich
The Soucie Memo August 8, Robert KC Johnson
Ruth Sheehan’s Silence is Sickening August 7, William L. Anderson
Bryant hires former Duke lacrosse coach August 7, The Providence Journal
Boasting of Closed-Mindedness August 7, Robert KC Johnson
Duke's Trial by Media August 6, U.S. News and World Report
Lacrosse files show gaps in DA's case August 6, Newsobersver
Scapegoating August 4, Robert KC Johnson
Nifong Courageous? August 4, Jason Trumpbour
This Duke Friend is a Durham friend, too June 4, John in Carolina
Cousin Defends Hush Money Claim August 4, Cash Michaels
A fake Herald Sun story? August 1, John in Carolina
The Brodhead Files August 1, Robert KC Johnson

July 2006
Durham DA: Shoulda Kept My Mouth Shut July 31, La Shawn Barber's Corner
Charlotte Observer says "a special prosecutor" July 31, John in Carolina
Some see opportunity on sidelines of lacrosse case July 31, Newsobserver
How dare Judge Titus try to silence the Duke men's lacrosse team! July 30, Renewamerica
Maybe Sherman would have run July 31, Charlotte Observer
Lacrosse case may get single judge July 28, Herald Sun
Nifong accepts merits of criticism July 28, Newsobserver
Nifong Admits some Criticism Justified July 28, WRAL
Durham judge gagging Duke three is an abomination! July 28, Michael Gaynor July 27, Robert KC Johnson
2 Durham officers charged with assault July 17, 2006 Herald Sun
North Carolina County Commissioner Won't Challenge Duke
Lacrosse Prosecutor
July 27, Fox News
Brodhead responds to Friends of Duke criticism July 26, Herald Sun
Police conduct adds new turmoil to lacrosse case July 25, Newsobserver
2nd lacrosse dancer's hearing postponed July 24, Herald Sun
Incident brings on talks with policemen July 24, Herald Sun
Officers questioned in assault case July 24, News 14 Carolina
Duke lacrosse: A support and tribute post July 24, John in Carolina
Court TV Will Have the Answer July 23, Robert KC Johnson
Track back: the Duke lacrosse scandal July 23 Jefferson Flanders
New Duke coach sees job as 'more than lacrosse' July 23, USA Today
Duke Rape Cop Involved in Racial Assault? July 23, ABC News
Does Destine Play a Part in the Duke Rape Hoax? July 22, Michael Gaynor
Durham officers investigated for possible assault July 22, Newsobserver
Criminal Prosecution: How Michael Nifong Intends To Frame the Duke Defendants July 22, William L. Anderson
Who are 'Friends of Duke'? July 21, Herald Sun
Fatty and Duke July 21, by James Thayer
Duke hires Hofstra's Danowski to coach men's lacrosse team July 21, Newsobserver
Will the Duke Three Be Mike Nifong's Sacrificial Lambs? July 20,
Duke Case: Truth is putting on its shoes July 19, The Johnsville News
Will the Durham Establishment Protect "Petty-Tyrant" Prosecutor Michael Nifong? July 19, Michael Gaynor
An exemplary service to Duke and the community July 19, John in Carolina
Open Letter to Brodhead July 19, Robert KC Johnson
As Lacrosse Case Unfolded, Duke 'Cowered,' Group Says July 19, WRAL
Group asks Duke to better support charged lacrosse players July 19, AP
Living a Nightmare: Lax Players Speak Out July 19, Duke Chronicle
Susan Estrich: Out of Control July 19, Michael Gaynor
Attorneys infuriated by DA's remarks July 18, Herald Sun
DA wants Duke lacrosse ID card records July 17, AP
Judge orders publicity restraints in lacrosse case July 17, Herald Sun As Accusation at Duke Festers, Disbelief Gnaws at Suspect’s Supporters July 16, New York Times - New York
Duke's impact on Durham grows July 16, Herald Sun
Lacrosse defense sways media July 16, Newsobserver
The Raleigh N&O's cover up has started July 16, John in Carolina
Suspend Your Duke Support Until Duke's Wrongful Suspensions Are Reversed July 15, Michael Gaynor
Cheek's silence causing anxiety July 15, Herald Sun
Collin Finnerty's D.C. Assault Conviction Is The Disgrace July 14, by Michael Gaynor
DNA and Duke... July 14, Fox News by Kimberly Guilfoyle
The Duke Lacrosse Tragedy July 14, The 18-To-24 Bracket by By Jay Ganatra
Durham police chief will retire in 2007 July 14, Newsobserver
North Carolina Norms July 13, Robert KC Johnson
Man Exonerated After 22 Years in Prison Adjusting to New-Found Freedom July 13,
Former NCCU police chief paid off harassment claim July 13, Newsobserver
Call adds mystery to lacrosse case July 12, Newsobserver
Did the Raleigh N&O withhold news of the Duke captains’ cooperation? July 12, John in Carolina
Coach does some image-building for Duke lacrosse July 12, USA Today
Whither the Duke Rape Case? July 11, Fox News
Innocence panel closer to reality after Senate vote July 11, Newsobserver
Democrat wins spot on ballot to challenge Nifong July 10, Herald Sun Durham DA election update July 9, John in Carolina
Coaching 101: A crash course July 9, Syracuse Post Standard
Charns presses for apology July 8, Herald Sun
Tawana Brawley II July 7, by William L. Anderson
Legal travesty in Durham July 6, The Cavalier Daily
Cheek signature check hits 73% July 6, Herald Sun
Prof who misrepresented Coach K responds July 6, John in Carolina
Narvey defends Duke image July 5, 2006 The Daily Graphic
Different questions about the Duke lacrosse story July 5, Betsy's Page Triangle media still spin for Nifong July 5, Lead and Gold
Prof misrepresents Coach K July 5, John in Carolina
Shameless July 5, Robert KC Johnson
Polygraph tests and the Duke rape case July 5, Michael Gaynor
Evidence seems thin in Duke rape case July 4, Newsobserver by Ruth Marcus (of Washington Post)
Not a credible case July 3, Newsobserver by Dale Hollar
Prisoners of a false paradigm July 3, Guardian by Robert Zelnick
Put lacrosse case on a faster track July 2, Herald Sun

June 2006
Duke's Krzyzewski Says Party Scandal Could Have Hit Hoops Team June 30, Bloomberg
For Nifong the news was bad, then got worse June 30, John in Carolina
Why The Defendants In The Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Can - And Should - Sue Durham's District Attorney For Malicious Prosecution If They Are Acquitted June 30, Jonna Spilbor
Roy Cooper's Silence June 29, Robert KC Johnson
Durham D.A. May Be Looking for Cosmic Justice in Duke Case – But is That Justice? June 29, Black America Web by Joseph C. Phillips
Bond reduced for Collin Finnerty June 29, Newsobserver
America's worst district attorney June 28,, Chris Reed
Reasonable Doubt at Duke June 27, Washington Post by Ruth Marcus
More Group of 88 Hypocrisy June 27, Robert KC Johnson
Duke lacrosse: DA election update June 27, John in Carolina
Defense Files Motion to Reveal Rape Case Details June 26, AP
Low-Tech Lynching June 26, Jeff A. Taylor
Possible DA Challenger Says He Still Hasn't Decided On Candidacy June 26, WRAL
DA Should Drop Case June 25, NC Sports Report
Give it up, Mike Nifong! Even Ruth Sheehan says so June 25, Michael Gaynor
Cosmic Justice in Durham June 24, by Joseph C. Phillips
Nifong asks an easy question June 24, John in Carolina
Hauntings June 23, La Shawn Barber's Corner
Turning on Nifong June 23, Robert K.C. Johnson
Faculty, Administration Rushed to Judgments June 22, Greg Kidder, Duke Chronicle
Duke Mom Does Not Blame Son's Accuser June 22, 2006 CBS News
The Damage Done June 22, Sports Illustrated
Another DA disgraces N.C. June 21, Star News Online, Wilmington
Overzealous prosecutors, cross-examine yourselves June 21, Los Angeles Times by Alan Hirsch
Danowski applies for Duke job June 21, Newsday
As time ticks by in Duke's rape case, facts grow short June 20, USA Today
New Prosecutor June 20, Winston-Salem Journal
Mike Nifong Makes Newsweek Look Great June 20, 2006 The Conservative Voice by Michael J. Gaynor
Players take different approaches to life after scandal June 19, ESPN The Magazine
Our view: Duke case raises more questions June 19, Rock Mount Telegram
Durham D.A. Nifong and prosecutorial ethics June 19, Renew America, Michael Gaynor
Durham Republicans to Challenge District Attorney Over Duke Case June 19, ABC News
DA ought to hand off case June 19, Newsobserver, Ruth Sheehan
Nifong and the Blogs June 18, Robert K.C. Johnson
Today's Newsweek article June 18 2006 John in Carolina
Doubts About Duke June 18, 2006 Newsweek
Shifting the Goalposts June 17, Robert K.C. Johnson
Rape case's gaps? June 17, Newsobserver
Duke Prof. Calls For Appointment Of New Prosecutor In Lacrosse Case June 16, USCHO
McClatchy's N&O still with Nifong June 17, John in Carolina
Ex-Nifong worker aiding opposition June 16, Newsobserver
The Best Defense... June 16, Crime & Federalism
Locke Foundation head under fire over Duke Lacrosse case June 16, Herald Sun
Nifong's campaign mangager switches support to Cheek June 15, Herald Sun
Defense Questions Prosecutor's Comments About Exam In Duke Case June 15, 2006 WRAL
Apologies Necessary, June 15, by Randall Drain
DA's statements, record at odds June 15, Newsobserver
The DA and the documents June 15, Newsobserver
Duke Rape Scandal Exposes the Racism of Blacks, Says Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson June 15, 2006 Christian Newswire
Concerned Americans, let North Carolina hear from you! June 14, Renew America, Michael Gaynor
It's about time June 14, 2006 The Locker Room
Media eat up absurd rape story June 14, by La Shawn Barber
Friends of Duke University June 13, John in Carolina
District Attorney Mike Nifong Can Be Sued for Defamation June 13, Crime & Federalism
A 'Meaning' in Search of a Scandal June 13, by William L. Anderson
Coleman Tears Down the Wall June 13, Robert K.C. Johnson
Special prosecutor should take over Duke case June 13, Newsobserver by James E. Coleman
Duke prof: Rape case needs new prosecutor June 13, Newsobserver
No Justice for McKinney or Duke 'Rapist'? June 13, Foxnews
Disgrace in Durham June 13, Robert K.C. Johnson
His case is going to hell in public opinion. June 12, Ann Althouse
D.A. Nifong: Dissing Dr. King's Dream in Durham June 12, The Conservative Voice by Michael J. Gaynor
Duke Rape Case: DA Mike Nifong Suffering 'Death by a Thousand Cuts' June 12, The National Ledger by Gene Byrd
Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Kim Roberts/Pittman Police Statement June 12, The Johnsville News
Prosecutor's Silence on Duke Rape Case Leaves Public With Plenty of Questions June 12, NY Times,
Nifong may yet face challenger June 12, Newsobserver
Trial by media and the Duke defense attorneys June 12, Inside Lacrosse by Paul Caulfield
Wow June 11, 2006 K.C. Johnson
Worser and Worser June 11, The Art of the Blog
Jocks and Prejudice June 11, NY Times, Nicholas D. Kristof
The Duke Accuser—New Credibility Questions June 11, Newsweek
Duke lacrosse mother speaks out: A repost June 10, John in North Carolina
Lacrosse Players' Case a Trial for Parents June 10, Washington Post, Anne Hull
The Duke Rape Case Travesty June 10, The American Thinker, Ari Kaufman
More join bid on subpoenas June 10, Newsobserver
Dreyfus, Durham, and mob psychology June 10, Classical Values
Comings and Goings at Duke June 9, Robert K.C. Johnson
New Filing in Duke Case Aims to Refute Allegations June 9, New York Times
Attorneys: At Least Six Photo Lineups Done In Duke Lacrosse Investigation June 9, WRAL
At Duke, innocent until assumed guilty June 8, New York Daily News by Sidney Zion
It's A Crock June 8, JustOneMinute by Tom Maguire
Police: Dancer Called Rape Allegation a 'Crock' June 8, ABC Eyewitness News
When the law is an ass June 7, Duke Basketball Report
Cassese sees 'new era' for Duke lacrosse June 6, Herald Sun
The Scandal of the Conservative Mind June 6, The Reform Club
Forget the facts June 6, Michael Rubin - National Review
Missing the point June 6, Robert K.C. Johnson - National Review
Duke reinstates lacrosse team under watchful eye June 6, AP
Axis tilts for black faculty June 5, Newsobserver
A Special Prosecutor In The Duke Rape Case? June 4, Just One Minute
The Duke 'Rape' Scandal June 1, William L. Anderson

May 2006
So what if the Duke accuser lied? May 31, Real Clear Politics
Second Lacrosse Party Dancer Makes Obscene Gesture In Court May 30, WRAL
Something's Rotten at Duke May 29, National Journal by Stuart Taylor
La Shawn Barber's corner May 29
Accuser's March Interview May 29, Newsobserver
The Duke witch hunt May 28, NY Times by David Brooks
Real Crime in Durham May 28, Newsobserver
Gagging in Durham May 27, Robert K.C. Johnson
Lawyer demands investigation of Duke lacrosse 'wanted' poster May 27, AP
Does Nifong know something? We don't May 27, Herald Sun
Accuser seemed OK early on, driver says May 27, Newsobserver
Embarassing LAX case May 27, Nancy Kidder, Herald Sun
Police Report: Alleged Victim Changed Story May 26, ABC News
Photo lineup made public in Duke lacrosse case May 26, Newsobserver
Lacrosse case complaint filed by attorney May 25, Herald Sun
Duke Lacrosse Players Lawyers Ask Prosecutors For More Evidence May 25, WRAL
Duke women's lacrosse to wear "innocent" bands May 24, ESPN
In need of moral clarity May 24, Mary Katharine Ham
Duke Accuser Gave Conflicting Stories About Alleged Rape May 23, Fox News
Duke's Party Line May 22, Robert K.C. Johnson
In Duke Case, A Rogues' Gallery May 22, Stuart Taylor
Nifong and the Black Vote May 19, Robert K.C. Johnson
Is The District Attorney In The Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal Turning A Blind Eye To Valuable Evidence? May 19, Jonna Splibor
The Biggest Scandal May 17, Thomas Sowell
Breathing While White May 17, Kathleen Parker
Justice Delayed May 16, Thomas Sowell
Where is the AG May 15, Robert K.C. Johnson
Duke Lacrosse Player Calls Rape Charges 'Lies' May 15, ABC News
Trustees focus on rape case May 13, Newsobserver
Study says black vote aided Nifong May 6, The News & Observer
Justice is getting lost in Duke case May 4, Jason Whitlock
Duke’s Poisoned Campus Culture May 1, by Robert KC Johnson
Committee Recommends Lacrosse Teams Reinstatement May 1, The Duke Chronicle
Report of the Lacrosse ad hoc Review Committee May 1, The Duke Chronicle

April 2006
Unequal Justice April 30, Steve Sailer, Vdare
'Sex, Lies & Duke' April 24, 2006 Newsweek by Susannah Meadows
Web Site Created in Support of Duke Rape Victim April ??, BlackPressUSA
Prejudice April 12, 2006 by Stephen Miller

March 2006
Dancer gives details of ordeal March 25, 2006 Newsobserver
DSG issues response to recent rape allegations March 3, 2006 The Chronicle


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